Monday, January 27, 2014

Someone left the door open again!

We've had such a roller coaster week for weather!!! We had it in the teens with lots of wind, then up into the 70's and no wind, then again last night the north wind decided to blow 45mph.....dropping temps from the mid 70's yesterday to the 30's today with the wind chills into the 20's and the temps into the low 20's tonight and the teens tomorrow night, then a steady increase each day there after back into the upper 60's.  Crazy...Crazy...Crazy!! I know we are not as cold as some other places...but this yo yo effect is terrible. I'm thankful no ice (like it did south of here last week) and no snow, but get cold and stay cold or get warm and stay warm...we never know from one day to the next!  OK...enough "bitching" about the weather.....LOL!
I have been trying out new things...Like Linda is great to learn new things.  She is trying her hand at clipping masks...I am learning how to use them in Gimp.  I think I have finally learned the correct way to use some of the clipping masks I have saved.  Check these out.....
Sweet little Annabeth in the Fall Mask by Linda at Random Thoughts with the background and adornments from Just So Scrappy's kit Warm Hearts.
This is Nina's grand daughter Alyssa that I used an old Music Mask I had saved from a while back by Auntie Social Creations, the frame is from Timo and the background paper is from Chantilly by CheyOkota.
This is Linda's first attempt at clipping mask called Vines I used the photo of us 3 sisters from 2009 on a background from Krissy Scraps called Icy Grape and the WA is from Jaelop Designs.
This was my first attempt at using a clipping is from Auntie Social Creations called Happy New Year on a background from Kyra's kit called The Winter.
Some of the problems I encountered using clipping masks is the photos not being the shape I needed. Most masks are for landscape photos and a lot of my photos are portrait and/or cannot be scaled enough to use the masks and the masks cannot be transformed  to use.  Other than searching for photos to fit the masks...I had fun trying the different techniques until I got it down pat....ROFL....!! Now if I just do it often enough to remember how to use them.
I found a new site for some terrific free kits...they were Pay To Use, now she is offering them for Free on her site. Krissy's Scraps. I think I got everyone of her full kits and even a couple of her Tagger Size Kits and they are for all occasions too! Check it out and see if you might find one you like.

Guess I better get my rump out of this chair for a bit and get some laundry done. I need to move around as this cold weather makes my arthritis come to visit and I just am not in the mood for it today! LMBO!! Y'all all have a great week ahead, hope you stay warm and safe and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more next time.  Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa noite, Querida amiga Mat!
    Eu estava devendo uma visita a você, mas hoje consegui vir aqui.
    Querida amiga, é sempre uma alegria receber suas visitas e um prazer vir no seu blog visitá-la.
    Parece que o inverno está muito rigoroso aí para vocês...
    Mat, cada dia que passa você está mais bonita! Você é muito fotogênica, minha amiga!
    Eu estava um pouco ocupada preparando a viagem do meu marido para o sul, ele foi fazer tratamento de saúde e viajou hoje, está na casa e minha filha, em Florianópolis.
    Querida Mat, espero que esta semana seja maravilhosa para você e os seus!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. Transcribed by Google!

    Good night, dear friend Mat!
    I owed a visit to you, but today I could come here.
    Dear friend, is always a joy to receive his visits and a pleasure to come to your blog to visit.
    It seems that winter is very strict there for you ...
    Mat passing you, every day is more beautiful! You are very photogenic, my friend!
    I was a little busy preparing for the trip my husband to the south, he was making health care and traveled today is in the house and my daughter in Florianopolis.
    Dear Matt, I hope this week is wonderful for you and yours!
    Hugs, Neli.

  3. Those clipping masks are wonderful, but here's someone who has trouble using them LOL!
    Sometimes I am succesful and another time I struggle and nothing comes from it.
    Ah well, some day it will be better.
    Weather here is a yoyo too somehow.
    Great that photo of the 3 sisters!
    Okay, hope you will feel better today, and have a lovely week.