Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett!!

Happy Birthday to my southern belle sister, Scarlett! (aka as Judy)I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Save me a toddy and a seat in the parlor, I'll stop by after I finish at the office tomorrow! (that is weather permitting :o)for the trip) I used Angelscrapper's Ivory & Lace with a touch of recoloring to make this page and snitched a photo from FB. Lots of love and great big wishes are sent from Texas to Tennessee from the "girls" and I! Luv, Mat

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thawing out here!

This was a very cold week, stayed in a lot, getting out only on Friday. But it is finally warming up again, even if the Fat Stock & Rodeo Show is in town (this is usually when our weather is so wet & cold). It did rain some yesterday and again today, but is moving away to the east and we need the rain. The FS&RS is here until Feb 5th and then Superbowl is here the 6th...gonna try staying out of all the traffic...LOL!
I still have PSCS2 on my laptop, but I can't create as well on it as I can my PC! However I did try my hand at a couple yesterday :o) See?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Me!

WOW, half of this first month is gone already! Time surely flies when you are very, very busy! Although, today was my first foray outside my home since last Saturday! It has been toooooooo cold to do anything but stay inside and stay warm! :o) Thankfully, I can do that! :o)
I have finally gotten some programs reloaded, however, some of them are not wanting to load and I am having to research for drivers, upgrades, etc to make the programs compatible with Windows7. One that will NOT load is Scrapbook Flair, hopefully, that will be resolved soon. I am still experiencing problems with my Photoshop CS2 as well. LOL!
I do still have PS CS2 on my laptop, (that is very, very, very slow) and decided to play with it a little today! I came up with this from a QP that I had made for Angelscrapper (I did some color changing to it) and decided to use a more current photo of me and my long hair and increased wrinkles....LMBO!! I really need to get a haircut. I am using that WEN products for hair that you see advertised on late night TV ;o) and it is making my hair grow faster (it's either that or the vitamins or a combo of both)! My hair has stopped falling out and I am having to color the roots more frequently! The WEN and the InStyler (to keep it straighter) is really making it silkier and easier to manage too. Now if I could only find something to fill in the wrinkles that really worked....LOL!
OK, 'nuff 'bout me...the office is really under control now. Tomorrow the boss and I will be renting the storage unit. Then next week (when it is supposed to be a little warmer) will get the movers there, the shredders and the folks to pick up the furniture. Will clean the blinds/bath/kitchen and vaccuum and all will be done. They will disconnect the utilities the 1st of February. I will officially be working from home full time in my jammies...whoopie! Can't wait.
Well, best hush for now, got some letters to finish folding and envelopes stuffed with our change of address/phone number! Then I think I will snuggle with the "girls" while I read my book. Hope you and yours are able to snuggle before a fire and enjoy a hot toddie from the parlor while you wait for the snow, blizzard, ice to melt or the wind to stop howling. Create some memories to share with all of us. Have a terrific weekend ahead and will chat more with you next time. Later, Mat

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy New Year

Have you missed me? Sorry I cannot come out 2 play right now! All is okay here...just busy with month end, year end and closing the office. I am officially working from home now. The office will be fully shut down by the 31st. Had to sort through 30+ years of stuff...took 2 extra fullllllll loads of phone books, manuals, magazines, old unused claim forms, old stationary, etc to the recycle dump. Gave 4 large trash bags full of stuff to a resale shop. Got most of my scrapping and genealogy stuff out of there (after all this was my home away from home for 22 yrs). Got the PO Box and now sending out letters of change of address and phone number. I've had to cancel phone and utilities as of the 1st...will rent the storage unit for the records we have to keep for 21 yrs on Tuesday (if boss has time) and still got to call movers and a company to come shred all the records that we can destroy...and have to find someone that wants all her when I get home after 5 hours there each day...I just sit in my massage chair and fall asleep I'm so tired.
My "girls" are very unhappy with me too, cause I'm not here 24/7 at their beck and call! My computer is reloaded with Windows7 which does not like SBF or my version of I'm not busy...I cannot do anything since all my programs have not been reloaded yet(just don't have the time right now). I will be thankful when all this is over...over...over! Sending hugs to all and letting you know all is okay this way for now, miss all of you! A nice warm toddy sounds good right now, we got a good dusting of snow today...LOL! Thanx 2 all of U 4 missing me!Chat more later! Mat ^..^