Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kitty Cats!!

Since I have been occupied so much lately, I haven't had a chance to put any photos of my kitties up. Today I took the time to cut some of them are a few to share with you (plus I want them in my blog book at the end of the year...LOL)
The day after Tom's surgery (16th), he was still doped up and glassy eyed, poor baby! Was a real experience for him, first time in a carrier, in a car, around a lot of strangers.  Since he had a problem they had to open his tummy. He's sunning in the east side window in his favorite spot.
Oreo sunning in the south window just across from Tom, she watched over him like a mama. She is such a good girl.
MzKitty is in my massage chair between the two windows. She is the alpha kitty and boss.
Pumpkin on the couch beside Oreo...they were all asleep or resting in the living room where the fireplace was lit. They knew Tom was hurt so they were all supporting him. Maybe they were remembering their time after their surgeries....ROFL.
In the computer room with me and sunny spot is right in front of my screen. I like this one since it shows all her pretty colors.
Sunshine in the window and the fireplace heater on, Pumpkin is sleeping in the computer room while I scrap.
Tom is also snoozing in the computer room, he is gonna be where I am. Oreo was in the closet asleep when I took these photos, sometimes when I scrap and the music is playing kind of loud...she disappears on the rest of us.....but that's how I like to scrap....sorry Oreo. LMBO!!
Well, it is time to feed all of them inside and outside so guess I gotta get it in gear and get it done, it will be dark before long and I need to shut all the blinds and close the curtains. Chat more with ya later. Remember, keep making lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Monday, January 27, 2014

Someone left the door open again!

We've had such a roller coaster week for weather!!! We had it in the teens with lots of wind, then up into the 70's and no wind, then again last night the north wind decided to blow 45mph.....dropping temps from the mid 70's yesterday to the 30's today with the wind chills into the 20's and the temps into the low 20's tonight and the teens tomorrow night, then a steady increase each day there after back into the upper 60's.  Crazy...Crazy...Crazy!! I know we are not as cold as some other places...but this yo yo effect is terrible. I'm thankful no ice (like it did south of here last week) and no snow, but get cold and stay cold or get warm and stay warm...we never know from one day to the next!  OK...enough "bitching" about the weather.....LOL!
I have been trying out new things...Like Linda is great to learn new things.  She is trying her hand at clipping masks...I am learning how to use them in Gimp.  I think I have finally learned the correct way to use some of the clipping masks I have saved.  Check these out.....
Sweet little Annabeth in the Fall Mask by Linda at Random Thoughts with the background and adornments from Just So Scrappy's kit Warm Hearts.
This is Nina's grand daughter Alyssa that I used an old Music Mask I had saved from a while back by Auntie Social Creations, the frame is from Timo and the background paper is from Chantilly by CheyOkota.
This is Linda's first attempt at clipping mask called Vines I used the photo of us 3 sisters from 2009 on a background from Krissy Scraps called Icy Grape and the WA is from Jaelop Designs.
This was my first attempt at using a clipping is from Auntie Social Creations called Happy New Year on a background from Kyra's kit called The Winter.
Some of the problems I encountered using clipping masks is the photos not being the shape I needed. Most masks are for landscape photos and a lot of my photos are portrait and/or cannot be scaled enough to use the masks and the masks cannot be transformed  to use.  Other than searching for photos to fit the masks...I had fun trying the different techniques until I got it down pat....ROFL....!! Now if I just do it often enough to remember how to use them.
I found a new site for some terrific free kits...they were Pay To Use, now she is offering them for Free on her site. Krissy's Scraps. I think I got everyone of her full kits and even a couple of her Tagger Size Kits and they are for all occasions too! Check it out and see if you might find one you like.

Guess I better get my rump out of this chair for a bit and get some laundry done. I need to move around as this cold weather makes my arthritis come to visit and I just am not in the mood for it today! LMBO!! Y'all all have a great week ahead, hope you stay warm and safe and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more next time.  Hugs, Mat

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy, busy, busy....and loving it!

I have really been very busy the last couple of weeks and I am certainly enjoying the scrapping, but now I am hoping to slow down a little friend Jan (72) that had the not doing well at all. Two weekends in a row she has spent in the ER to only be admitted for more tests and a few days stay before going home....this last weekend she had a mild non-debilitating stroke that really has her and her hubby (74) scared. They have no immediate family close by and since they were so very good to me when I had my last surgery and therapy, I am helping out as much as I can with fixing meals, cleaning, visiting and explaining things. She is so confused with so many different doctors and not just one telling her what is going on.  Her son, a college professor (who has MD) in Louisiana, is taking a 2 week sabbatical to be with them and this weekend a sister and niece are coming in from Ohio for the weekend to check on her. I know her faith is helping her through this, but she is still scared and needs a close friend right now.
I also have been constantly working on a project for my niece Amy that is about to come to closure and has been a great source of fun for me...I love to scrap pages for her new baby. I am waiting now for some canvas prints I ordered from ArtsCow (taking forever, ordered on the 4th and still not here) to see how one of them looks before ordering more (maybe from a different company)! We have a plan in place for a few special surprises with Mother's Day, birthdays and anniversaries coming up....shhhh!
On the 15th, I took little Tom in for his neutering, wound up they had to do it abdominally as he had one testicle that did not drop and they had to search for it. Poor baby was so scared, he has never been in a carrier, a car or around people before.....he is now coming down from the Tramadol high and is not feeling the best yet, but doing rather well. He is certainly a Mama's boy, he wanted me to cradle and hold him a lot the first 2 days (and I really hated that, right?) but now he is becoming a little more independent, but still very lovable at bedtime (he sleeps on my head). I hope this does not change his disposition.  In the meantime, I am trapping the ones outside to have them spayed and/or neutered since they are running a special for feral cats at the Coalition for Animal Protection. I want to get this done before spring arrives and another set of kittens come with it. (after all the 11 outside are ENOUGH now).
My handyman was just here, got all my leaves gone, the top reinforced on my "kitty patio" and some minor things done this morning....feeling good about it looking so much better out there now. We have had such lovely mild (70 degree) weather that this front that just moved in this morning dropping it at least 20-25 degrees is gonna catch a lot of folks off guard. The wind has picked up and is quite chilly today and by Friday morning it is to be in the teens. Winter is back for a few days. Hope not many will have to go to the hospitals as they are full around here with flu victims. We have had 50 deaths just in this area alone this winter. (I really had a hard time making myself go to the hospital for Jan as I am trying to stay away from crowds because of it)
Well, got to get a move on, need to run over to Jan's and see about lunch for them. Will post these few pages I have done and get after it.  I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. Will chat with y'all more next time, in the meantime, make lots and lots and lots of memories to share. Hugs, Mat
Sorry I cannot find my list of designers I used, will "fix that" when I get back home, thanks to all of you designers so much for all the freebies. Hugs, Mat
OK found the designers responsible for these lovely pages all except the Cousins (still looking). Christmas wrapped is by Linda at Random Thoughts, Aunt Hannah is Holiday Memoirs qp1 by Patty at Over The Fence Designs and the one of Grandpa's Boy is Hopelychek Fecnikek's Winter QP. Thanks to all of you for all you share.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Inez!

Just a short post today to wish my sister-in-law Inez a most wonderful and happiest of birthdays.  Since Penny sent her a party in a box to jog her memories.....I thought I'd do a scrap page with an old photo to jog more memories....REMEMBER Inez? 
I used an older kit (Aug 2013) from Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart called Bridge Over Time with some help from Arlene's cluster (changed the flower) and page overlay!.
Check back with y'all in a day or two, been really busy this week with having my new "baby" fixed, working on a special project for Amy and my friend Jan needing some assistance...things will slow in a couple days! Y'all make lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Monday, January 13, 2014

Still In That Scrapping Mood....

Well, I did not spend the whole weekend scrapping....I did take out some time to visit my friend, Jan, in the hospital on Saturday, then went back on Sunday when they did a procedure on her...prayers work....and I did catch all 4 of the playoff Football games....then I watched the Golden Globes last evening until I fell asleep, but the rest of the time...I was scrapping since my last post.  The arthritis in my right hand (especially my thumb) knows I have spent way too much time doing this...LMBO!!  It's a good thing I had my housework and grocery shopping the cats would care, but I would!  I caught up with changing my bed and doing the laundry this morning before I even turned my computer on. LOL!

The weather has changed so much since my last post. We had a dreary, windy, misty day all day on Friday, Saturday was windy, but the sun was shining and it turned into a pretty nice day, Sunday was gorgeous, but then it got very, very, very windy (some gusts were 40+ mph) this was nice as it helped to gather all the fallen leaves under my carport (now if I can just get them picked up and bagged...LOL). Today started off in the 60's but a front is blowing in to drop it back into the 40's for a couple of hours, then back up into the 60's by late afternoon. I am hoping to be able to not scrap today and read instead, giving my neck, back, butt and hands a little more resting....LOL!

So, here is what I have accomplished so far for Ms. Amy, she seems to be really thrilled with all that I have made so far. I only hope I can remember all the designers who helped me achieve this for her...I am getting terrible at not writing them down. (Getting older takes your memory at times...LOL).
This was part of Hayden's CHRISTmas, she got a saddle, but she still don't want to ride a horse right now according to Mama Maggie. This is a free QP from Mariija at Fecnikek
Here's Papa (grandpa) Hawthorne with little Annabeth...I love both of these photos, in the upper one I wonder who is baby sitting who? LOL....I used freebies from Arlene, Kyra's Sweet Winter kit and combined two of Miss Linda's word arts to form this one.  Penny and Amy both love this page.
Penny simply adores this one I titled Mimi's Pride. Amy and Maggie like it too. I extracted the photo of Amy and Maggie with Annabeth and Calvin (they were in Penny's office) place them on a background from Booland Designs and then I extracted Hayden from another photo and layered her into their photo. The frame is by Miriam with a little adjusting. Now Penny has a page of all three Grandkids!  LOL!
And this photo by Amy of Hayden and "her" Papa I extracted and put on the same paper as above but with a cluster from Boo titled Party On. Isn't this a great shot?
Miss Annabeth and her Nana (other grandmother) in a pretty cluster frame by Ellen at RRD using the Christmas Romance kit. This is such a sweet photo.
Here's one I did for Nina of her grand daughter Elizabeth and great grand daughter Emorie.  Ellen did this cluster from kit called Christmas Romance by Raspberry Road Designs.
Okay, that's it for this time...I have others, but I need to find the designers so will leave them until next time. Hope all of y'all have a great week ahead....especially making memories to share! Chat more later...Hugs, Mat

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Scrapping we will do....!

We had 70 degree weather, next day it was 12 with a windchill of 0, next day it was 19 with a windchill of 2, then it hit 30 the next and yesterday it was cloudy and rainy, but in the upper 40's, today we have rain and to be near 60, forecast is for 80% rain tomorrow and in mid 60's, but come Saturday, back to 70 "they" say, if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a day...ROFLMBO!!!! This was coldest spell since the Super Bowl was in town....! I know we did not have it as bad as some of the folks up north or even in the northeast, was bone chilling here.  Thank goodness I didn't have to get out in it....not with all the flu going around....we have already had 19 deaths from this flu and another very contagious stomach virus is hitting as well.  The hospitals are full and the Emergency Rooms are non stop. The hospitals, churches, schools and businesses are advising folks to stay home and even separate from any family member that might be contagious as families are being admitted to the hospitals together! Some serious flu this year. Hope all of you have or will get your flu shot as it is not only attacking the very young or seniors, it is hitting healthy folks and not discriminating against age, gender or race.

I haven't been feeling the best lately, mostly allergies I think (probably to the but have been hibernating because of that and the nasty what have I been doing?  Sleeping, reading, watching TV, playing games, reorganizing my closets and my computer and......SCRAPPING! O yes I have! LOL.

My niece, Amy, sent some photos from CHRISTmas of Annabeth and asked for some scrapped for 3 days now have been doing just that.  I even did a couple pages for her sister-in-law, Kayla and her sister-in-law Margaret. (Kayla and Margaret had their baby boys just 24 hours apart. Those of you on Facebook have probably seen all these, but I want them on my blog to be published again at the end of the year! Here are some of the pages....hopefully I can remember which designers I used (didn't write them down as I was having too much fun), if I forget someone and it is yours, please let me know and I will give you credit. I so appreciate all the wonderful and generous designers that gift us with freebies, making scrapping so much easier and a lot more fun. Thanks to all of you!  Here goes....
Annabeth in a frame from Neli at Lugar Encantado de Neli
I created the background using a freebie embossed overlay by PM, the alpha is called Sugar and Spice by Crazy 4 Monograms the side cluster is from Amanda's kit called Traditions  and the bubbles are from Miriam's Scraps
Amy's in-laws holding her Annabeth and Kayla's Brinson in front of the tree, just had to use both shots as it looks like Annabeth is saying boo and the next shot Brinson is crying....I used the cluster frame freebie # 3  from Cocoa Cuties kit by Sweet Pea Designs.
Annabeth and Daddy CHRISTmas morning....Rudoph was peeking inside, the QP freebie is on of Neli's at Lugar Encantado de Neli
Nana & Grandpa with Annabeth, Brinson and big sister Blair in a Joyous QP by Random Thoughts at Linda's Place.
Annabeth in her little zebra outfit is so cute! I used a freebie starter paper by ct at Cheyokota Digital Scraps using her kit Happy Holidays. The frame is a freebie by Marijja at Fecnikek.
Annabeth's first CHRISTmas with Mommy & Daddy!  In a frame from Miriam's Scraps.
Annabeth in a framed QP from theStudio's collab kit called Winter Wedding...this one is from Diane at ADB Designs. 

Try visiting some of these sites for awesome freebies.  Okay, that's it for today's post...will post the rest in a day or so, right now, while there is a break in the rain, I need to go to the pet store for kitty food...they are getting restless that they will have nothing for in the morning if I don't go today....and besides I need to check my post office box, I haven't been out of this house since last Saturday.  I also need to stop and check on Jan a minute or two as she has finished her radiation treatments, but has no voice now and we can't talk on the phone.  Will chat more with y'all later.  I have got to check on some missed items when I return...LOL! Love to all of you and remember to keep making all those lovely memories to share! Stay safe, warm and away from the flu! Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 Y'all!

My fur babies and I wish all of y'all a very Happy, Safe, Healthy & Prosperous 2014.  May this be the best year for all of us and our country! May God richly bless you and yours, me and mine! Today starts our new journey, make it a very memorable one. Bring on the ham, cabbage, black-eye peas and cornbread for lunch! Love all y'all! Hugs, Mat