Monday, January 13, 2014

Still In That Scrapping Mood....

Well, I did not spend the whole weekend scrapping....I did take out some time to visit my friend, Jan, in the hospital on Saturday, then went back on Sunday when they did a procedure on her...prayers work....and I did catch all 4 of the playoff Football games....then I watched the Golden Globes last evening until I fell asleep, but the rest of the time...I was scrapping since my last post.  The arthritis in my right hand (especially my thumb) knows I have spent way too much time doing this...LMBO!!  It's a good thing I had my housework and grocery shopping the cats would care, but I would!  I caught up with changing my bed and doing the laundry this morning before I even turned my computer on. LOL!

The weather has changed so much since my last post. We had a dreary, windy, misty day all day on Friday, Saturday was windy, but the sun was shining and it turned into a pretty nice day, Sunday was gorgeous, but then it got very, very, very windy (some gusts were 40+ mph) this was nice as it helped to gather all the fallen leaves under my carport (now if I can just get them picked up and bagged...LOL). Today started off in the 60's but a front is blowing in to drop it back into the 40's for a couple of hours, then back up into the 60's by late afternoon. I am hoping to be able to not scrap today and read instead, giving my neck, back, butt and hands a little more resting....LOL!

So, here is what I have accomplished so far for Ms. Amy, she seems to be really thrilled with all that I have made so far. I only hope I can remember all the designers who helped me achieve this for her...I am getting terrible at not writing them down. (Getting older takes your memory at times...LOL).
This was part of Hayden's CHRISTmas, she got a saddle, but she still don't want to ride a horse right now according to Mama Maggie. This is a free QP from Mariija at Fecnikek
Here's Papa (grandpa) Hawthorne with little Annabeth...I love both of these photos, in the upper one I wonder who is baby sitting who? LOL....I used freebies from Arlene, Kyra's Sweet Winter kit and combined two of Miss Linda's word arts to form this one.  Penny and Amy both love this page.
Penny simply adores this one I titled Mimi's Pride. Amy and Maggie like it too. I extracted the photo of Amy and Maggie with Annabeth and Calvin (they were in Penny's office) place them on a background from Booland Designs and then I extracted Hayden from another photo and layered her into their photo. The frame is by Miriam with a little adjusting. Now Penny has a page of all three Grandkids!  LOL!
And this photo by Amy of Hayden and "her" Papa I extracted and put on the same paper as above but with a cluster from Boo titled Party On. Isn't this a great shot?
Miss Annabeth and her Nana (other grandmother) in a pretty cluster frame by Ellen at RRD using the Christmas Romance kit. This is such a sweet photo.
Here's one I did for Nina of her grand daughter Elizabeth and great grand daughter Emorie.  Ellen did this cluster from kit called Christmas Romance by Raspberry Road Designs.
Okay, that's it for this time...I have others, but I need to find the designers so will leave them until next time. Hope all of y'all have a great week ahead....especially making memories to share! Chat more later...Hugs, Mat


  1. Great layout mat! I LOVE your blog (the background)!
    I have been wanting to change mine, but every time I do I screw something up and it takes me days to fix it. LOL
    Hugs Donna

  2. Again a lot of pages LOL!
    I just love the one of grandpa Hawthorne sleeping!!!
    I;ll see if I can do some designing again today, first have to zip and upload some great clusters i received from Arlene, but then will try my hands on a new kit. No idea what it will be, usually I try to start with a colorpalette and then I wait for a brain wash LOL.
    As we get a bit older, at times we get a bit lazy, it feels at times soooo good to be able to say: "Okay, i want this or that to be done today...........but if not, tomorrow will be a great day for it too "!) LOL!!!
    You take care and have more fun with scrapping!

  3. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Eu amo vir ao seu blog, pois, além do seu bom gosto natural, gosto de ver sua linda família!
    Espero que sua amiga tenha melhorado de saúde.Fiz uma prece por ela.
    Aqui no norte do Brasil começou o inverno, portanto, além do calor temos muita chuva. Aqui não faz frio, o frio só tem no sul do Brasil.
    Querida amiga Mat, obrigada pelas visitas e pelos maravilhosos comentários!
    Tenha um ótimo dia, abraços, Neli.

  4. Good day, dear friend Mat!
    I love coming to your blog because, beyond his natural good taste, like seeing your lovely family!
    I hope your friend has improved health. Said a prayer for her.
    Here in northern Brazil began the winter, so in addition to the heat we have lots of rain. Here is not a cold, cold is only in southern Brazil.
    Dear friend Matt, thanks for the visits and the wonderful comments!
    Have a great day, hugs, Neli. (translated by Google)