Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Week everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, been busy with lots of birthday lunches and breakfasts and with the realtor, and trying to find missing paper work! I took a day off to go to the Botanical Gardens with a friend....missed a step and kissed the cement pretty hard. Hurt my hand, arm, shoulder and my artificial knee, but the worst thing was scratching the lens in my glasses...of course, all this over a holiday break, so I just kind of lazed around all day on Sunday watching the 3 races and icing down the hand and knee. Then on Monday, all the sore muscles screamed at me so didn't do anything, not even a shower or get out of my pjs....just rested and relaxed and took my Aleve.  Anyhow, today I feel pretty good, but it has been a busy day of playing catch up with missed housework, etc.  Had to have an electrician come fix a couple of plugs that died...in both bathrooms....go figure! That just finished and I am getting ready to watch AGT and crash early AGAIN...yes, I am learning to be quite lazy...LOL!
Hope your long weekend was a good one and that you made lots and lots of memories to share AND that you got in lots of thanks to all the service men and women...past and present and those that paid the ultimate price. I thank all of you each day in my prayers for my freedom.
I did make a page, but that was way before doing the kissing the pavement in the Rose Garden. Today is Kathy's birthday and just want to say Happy 65 sister dear...we have many more to come. Will cut this short for this time. Have a fantastic week and I hope to be back in here in a day or too chatting with all of you again. Many Hugs! Mat
 Here's a cluster frame I created on Miriam's Scraps if anyone wants to go there and download it for free.
 I did this for Throw Back Thursday on Facebook before my birthday, this was made in 1967 in Yalova, Turkey and the frame is by Miriam from her awesome Wedding Kit 2 that is free on her site...It is HUGE!

This page I just did for a book for Amy of her immediate family, this is her dad's parents and is in the gorgeous free QP by Linda at Random Thoughts.
 This is my friend Liz at the Gaylord Texan the Sunday before my birthday just cause she had never been out there and we wanted to get out of the house on such a gorgeous day. The frame is by Laurrie at CheyOkota
And finally the birthday girl....I know I have put this one up before, but just not up to making a new page for her right now, besides I have some very limited amount of photos of her....LOL! This is a frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to All

Wishing ALL (who read my blog) you mothers a very happy Mother's Day, may you share it with loved ones and make lots of memories to share. My mother went to her heavenly home in 1992, still miss her every day. I've made a collage of photos wishing Mama and her 4 (Me, Kathy, Pepper & Penny) my sisters (Kathy with Jeff & Jason & Penny with Lance, Lamar & Amy), sister-in-law (Myrl with Sebrina), nieces (Amy with Annabeth, Chris with Jade, Ruby & Jayson, & Maggie with Hayden & Calvin)  and even grandmas (Penny with with Annabeth, Calvin & Hayden) (Kathy with Jade, Ruby & Jayson)  a happy day of memories. Chat more with y'all next week, have a terrific weekend~Luv, Mat

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gardening....what fun!

Our couple of days of Spring happened so fast that I didn't get the chance to put my pots out, let alone get them filled with fresh dirt and new posies of any kind.  So, I got to do that when the temperatures were in the mid to upper 80's, low and upper (96F) 90's.  I got some rather great deals on the flowers though by waiting a bit. These high temps and very high winds we have been having is taking it's toll on some of them, but the front of my house looks pretty nice. What do you think? Look at the size of those blooms!
 I just love the color of the Hibiscus and the Impatiens in the large pot....I have a red and a hot pink Geranium, the multicolored Marigolds, the lovely light pink Periwinkles are in the hanging pot at the door, the Begonias are white, the Kalanchoe is gold, I have Bluebells in the cat pots and the multicolored Calibrachoa in the other pots, Tickseed is also yellow and the Dianthus is pink, the Live Forever is in the pot with the artificial white daisy (so you can see it) and around the base of the mailbox are the Sweet Potato vines and the Celosia.  I think there might be some trouble with those this year as I think some cats like to lay in them....LOL!
 I can't keep the bird feeders filled for some reason...must be too many birds coming to feast! I still have a couple of squirrels that come to feed on the acorns, but the bunny rabbits haven't been around with all the cats in the area. I think the opossum in the back has quit coming too, must be because it is so hot so quickly.
 I have been watering the grass and put a soak-er hose around the foundation of the house because of the winds and the dryness, but can only water for 1 hour on Wednesdays and Saturdays and not between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. We are on stage 1 water rationing as we are 8 inches below normal rainfall for this year already and were at a deficit from the previous year. Boats can't get into our lakes because they are down so drastically. We are under high fire danger warnings as well, but....we are supposed to get some rain (maybe up to 1/2 inch) tomorrow....just hoping it doesn't pass us by this time like it has lately! I sure feel for all those whose homes have been destroyed by the fires in Guthrie, Oklahoma this past week.

Well, enough for today, got things to get accomplished and cannot do them if my behind is sitting in front of this computer...ROFL! Will chat more with y'all a little later, keep on making those marvelous memories to share with us. Hugs, Mat