Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me as Betty Boop

There is a challenge on SBF of taking a friend and making a caricature of them without saying who it is to see if anyone will guess. Betty Boop knows that I am a BB fan as well and made this page for me, I just wanted y'all to see it. I got a real kick out of it. I actually have this (the original) on several T-shirts. Thanx so much Betty. Later y'all, Mat

Indian Paintbrushes

There is a challenge on SBF for wildflowers so I just had to make a page of one of my favorites, the Indian Paintbrush. In the early spring you can find fields and fields of these beauties all along the roads. Next to the bluebonnet I think these are so lovely. Just thought I would share my page with you. I used several freebies in the making of it, Lavendel Creations, 2MrsSumners, CJS, WA by Miss Linda and font is A Yummy Apology. Thanks for looking. Chat later y'all. Luv, Mat

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here's my family history book

Here's My paternal Family History Book done for the SBF challenge. I used Kyra's (With a Russian Dutch Heart) Old Photo Album and Precious Old Paper kits, WA for Alicia and Linda and partial tree page from 2MrsSumners. Enjoy this one too! Luv, Mat

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Get Well Soon Al

Heard Miss Gerri's hubby, Al, had an accident. Here's hoping he is on the mend soon. Just made a little page all for him from a QP I made for CJS kit called For The Men. Hope you get the tender loving nursing you so deserve. Luv, Mat

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just scrapping away

Today was a fun day, since it was too hot to do much of anything else but soak up the AC,(I had breakfast, washed 2 loads of clothes, cleaned 2 bathrooms,clean litter boxes, took out the trash, colored my hair, vacuumed, grocery shopped and pulled weeds in half the flower bed all before noon) I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon scrapping my girls and a camping photo for a SBF challenge. I love time when I can spend looking at pages, getting ideas and looking at kits until something springs to mind. Here's what I came up with this time! Hope you enjoy them. I'm now tired and my shoulders ache, so think I will grab a book and go to bed to read for awhile. Hope all of you have a great Sunday and happy celebrations for Father's Day. I am going to do a brisket, pot of pintos and coleslaw for later in the day! Later y'all! Luv, Mat I used Miss Carol's Summer Kit background and her # 6 Overlay from an earlier kit. Wordart is by Miss Scarlett.
Again this background is from Angelscrappers Summer Kit and the Wordart is by Random Thoughts own Miss Linda.
Pumpkin's background is also from Angelscrappers Summer Kit, the Flowered corner is from Tails' (SBF)Mabon Magik kit wordart is Miss Linda's from Random Thoughts.
The background here is the ground squirrel on our cabin porch and all photos are ours including the extraction of the ground squirrel, this is for the camping challenge on SBF.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Well, I took a couple hours to sit down and make a couple of tribute pages to remember both our father's this weekend. I know I have used the photo of my dad before, but I have so few of him to use. We miss them both daily. We lost my dad in 1998 to Alzheimers and Mike's dad in 2005 to Diabetes and congestive heart failure. We wish all fathers a great day on Sunday and hope you get to enjoy it doing what you want to do. To both my sister's husbands you are both terrific dads, husbands and brother-in-laws, I love you. To my other BIL's you are both terrific guys and I am happy you are part of the family too. Y'all All have a great Sunday. Later, Mat
I used a freebie kit by Jaelop Designs called Daddy #1. wordart is by Miss Linda at Random Thoughts.
I used a freebie from Creekside Cottage Designs called As Time Goes By and wordart by Miss Linda at Random Thoughts. Thanx to all you wonderful designers for the great gift of your freebies.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


There's nothing like sunning yourself in comfort while watching what's going on outside. This photo I snapped this morning as all 3 of them were sunning together. (Not an easy task to get all 3 in the same place at the same time!) :) This tower is in the master bedroom that has 2 large arch shaped windows and they face the front of the house where they can see all the action. You will see MzKitty always has the highest spot, Oreo takes up the bottom portion while Pumpkin is on the window sill. They looked so comfy and cute, I just had to snap this memory. I used a background by Jaelop Designs from her Country Side kit and I did the wording! Thanx for looking and visiting my blog. Later y'all, gotta get the chicken ready for Mike to put on the grill....LOL! Luv, Mat

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Boots!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Linda, Happy Birthday to YOU! I really hope my Wisconsin sister (Linda aka Miss Boots, aka Mrs Farmer McBrown) has a most wonderful and memorable birthday! I really hope she gets her ill computer back soon cause I'm sure her random thoughts are piling up too! Anyway, when you get your puter back you will find my wishes waiting there for you! I used a kit by Angelscrapper called Always and Forever and she even helped with the photo too! Happy Day my friend. Love you! Later, Mat