Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Pages

Here's the pages I created of the kiddos and kiddos of friends for Facebook for Easter, thought those of you not on FB would like to see them.
Miss Hayden in a QP by Arlene from Kyra's kit Some Day. Wordart by Mags Gfx at Scrap Wow!
Jade, Ruby and Jayson in the same kit by Kyra and cluster by Arlene and Wordart from same file as above.
Miss Emorie Lynn, my "sister" Nina's great granddaughter in a freebie by aniaw from Scrap Wow! the Wordart is old and not sure who created it.
This is Faith, the granddaughter of my high school bud, Libby! The QP is a freebie by TBAB at Scrap Wow! My own Wordart!
Aren't they all little dolls. I took the photos of Hayden and Emorie. Jade, Ruby and Jayson were sent to me by my sister Kathy (her grand babies) and Libby had sent me the photo of Faith a while back. Thanks to all of you for the photos and/or the freebie QPs or Wordart!
My sister Kathy is in the hospital in St. Louis with a serious infection and high fever. Also now Her COPD and Pneumonia are causing problems so they are sending her to ICU.  She is having trouble breathing and her oxygen levels are way toooooo low and they can't get it to stabilize. So, please add her and her family to your prayers that she will soon be well and back at home. Thanks to all of you!
Got things I must get done, so will chat more later. Luv, Mat

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Blessings to all of you!

My "girls" and I want to wish Easter Blessings to all of you! We hope you have a blessed and wonderful time with your egg hunts, fantastic meals and camaraderie with family and loved ones. Most of all remember the reason for this time of celebration. HE IS RISEN!!  Luv, Mat
This lovely page was made especially for my girls by Neli Mandel. We thank you my friend for a lovely and very special QP. Here is another of her creations that she offered as a freebie to all on her blog. You can find her very generous gifts here.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is here!

Actually springlike weather has been around here since about the middle of February, but the vernal equinox was yesterday, so officially the first day of spring.  We are expecting a little cool front to move in on Sunday that might bring us back into the upper 30's but will only last a day or so. There is supposed to be some rain as well on tomorrow and Saturday that we desperately need. I had my yard mowed on Monday, looking really pretty and green, but I do need to get out some weeds.  I seem to be fighting a losing battle since I weed and feed during the winter, where others around do not (they are renters) and their dandelions just ship seed over to mine grrrrr....!
Got some photos from my sister Kathy of her grand children getting haircuts for Easter and spring. So, I decided to make a page for each one with the before and after photos. You know how Grandma's are!
This first one is Jade, since she got her hair cut first.
I used a free kit by Laurrie at cheyOkota called Love Birds. I did some recoloring of the background paper and the frames. Red is Jade's favorite color. The wordart is Jaelop Designs that I recolored.
This is Ruby. The top photo she is telling her Grandma she doesn't want bangs anymore. Too bad, Chris left her with bangs and shorter hair too.
This kit is a combination of 2 from Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart. The background paper is from A Smile Works Miracles, the rest is from All Because of You. The cluster is from Arlene and again the wordart is from Jaelop Designs, recolored. Ruby's favorite color (as is Grandma's) Purple!
Last but not least, is the cute baby boy longer a cute baby with lots of red curls, now he is a Big Boy with a Big Boy Haircut. Look at the photo of his curls the day Jade got her haircut, he had to have a barrette too since she was wearing them. That caused the second photo of all his curls lying on the floor. Mama gave him his first hair cut. Now he is a cute Big Boy.
This layout is done using Kyra (WRDH) kit Skyhigh and with a cluster from Arlene from the same kit. This word art is from Jaelop and is recolored. Isn't he just the cutest? He looked so much like his daddy with the curls at the same age, now he doesn't look like him any more. He is growing so fast.
Just e-chatted with Amy (Penny's baby girl) she is doing well, finally beginning to show, has her first sonogram on the 28th. Hope she finds out what she is having so I can start buying baby stuff for her...LOL!
Well, been on this computer too shoulders are aching, so guess I will shush for now. Y'all make lots of great memories to share and I will chat more with you next time. Luv, Mat
PS I have some new freebies over at Miriam's Scraps if you want them...stop by and pick them up! Hugs!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day To Y'all

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
And may the hand of a friend always be near.

These are the lyrics to Irish Blessings by The Priest...and my wish for you this glorious St. Patrick's Day! That you are always able to make memories and have your family and friends near.

Today is also the 24th anniversary of working with the same physician. We have become more like friends and family than employee/employer! It has been a truly great experience for me with a multitude of memories that just keep flooding in.

There were lots of celebrations around our area today, but my "sister" Nina and I did a little shopping today at some garage sales, estate sales, shops (old & new), ate some awesome Chinese Stir Fry and got in some exercise as well as good companionship! We did NOT have any green beer since we were driving! LOL! So, guess I will just drink some since I am home and not going back out or at least I can have one while I watch NASCAR in Bristol tomorrow! Yes, that is what I will do! Whatever you do to celebrate this happy holiday....make it fun and full of memories to share! Be safe at doing it! Chat more next time! Hugs, Mat
This is a QP by Raspberry Road Designs and a photo taken about two weeks ago! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Here's my lucky fur charms...MzKitty, Oreo, Pumpkin my "girls" and my outside protector, Bubba Boy in a freebie from a blog train!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Flowers for 2013

I've had Spring Fever so bad last few along with cleaning windows, weeding the grass, etc...I decided to put out my pots and put new plants in them. I made a cute little bed around the new mailbox and planted marigolds hoping to kill the fire ant beds that like to form there! The rest of the plants, yellow dwarf snapdragons, multicolored pansies, red geraniums and my live forever succulents are all in pots along the front walkway. My little cat family pots have a really small plant with a teeny tiny white flower on them. I took photos of them yesterday about 4 p.m. when the sun was already casting shadows (my house faces south) but they look pretty good. I used a kit from Lesley at Scrapiness Down Under called LM030213. I used her background, but used a photo of my front entryway (with cats and artificial flowers) as an overlay then put individual photos in the frames. These are the first ones for 2013 until my favorites are ready for planting. The pots surround my yellow Hibiscus that I hope comes back this year. I followed instructions for winter by keeping it watered daily and cut back and really stacked the mulch on it, so hope it survived. It should start awakening really soon if it did (fingers crossed). It certainly was beautiful last spring and summer.
Well, enough for now, just wanted to show you why I have been so busy and away from my computer! Chat more next time. Luv, Mat

Saturday, March 9, 2013


We live in a world of constant change don't we? The weather, food, clothing styles, vehicle, day, night, time, and especially people! Our weather is finally changing into spring although not officially until the 20th, it has sprung on us fairly early.  I have even started my flower "garden"! Washing windows, clearing and cleaning out stuff not used in a know the drill! LOL! Foods are going to fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and lower calories!  The let's see how much skin we can show and stay out of jail dark clothing is changing to longer shirts and skirts and vivid bright colors! Our transportation is slowly going from individual gas hogs to tiny hybrids or mass transit routes. It's time to spring forward and change to daylight savings tonight until the end of October, giving us more time to play, do chores or whatever in the evenings! Don't like something? Stick around a few and it will change! We are constantly evolving!!
Speaking of evolving...I think the older I get, the better I am becoming....ROFL here! Conceited, right? Nope, just an observation!! I was going through and cleaning up some files on my computer (ya know ya have to do that once in awhile and save stuff, etc.) and ran across some photos of myself made a couple of years ago. I know I have dropped a couple of pounds...started taking better care of my diet and my skin...and just being a happier person in the long run, but look at this page I made and you decide. I have not changed my hair color (although it looks it in these photos just in one my hair has been straightened the other is the natural curls...LOL), but I have changed my glasses.  What do you think? Sometimes change is a good thing, huh? I think so!! LMBO!
This page was made using Fabuloso kit by Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart and the border is by Arlene using the same kit. You should check out WRDH site for some really terrific FREE kits! Leave her a big thank you for all she shares so freely with us. Wishing all of you a terrific weekend of making memories to share. Chat more next post..going to do a little reading now...soon to be wet and stormy outside, so I may take a nap with the "girls"! Luv y'all! Mat

Saturday, March 2, 2013

This year just keeps on March"ing" by!

We are having chilly and very windy weather for March, but the sun is shining nice and bright. Poor trees and plants are so confused, couple of days of 60-70 even 80 degree days, then back to the 20's for a couple of nights and only low 50's during the day....but is to be 80 again on Monday! Strange weather patterns this year all over...excessive in one area, not in it snow, rain, wind, or just plain cold! So glad spring is only 18 more days away! :)
I have had a busy couple of days, so I sat down to organize my computer and found these recent photos of the 3 stray kittens that I feed, play with and love on, thought you might like to see them. The diva MzKitty is sitting on my desk watching the screen as I type and is swatting me with her tail. She wants to be scratched! Hang on a minute...let me get her satisfied so I can finish this post.
Well, that took a lot longer than expected....took the roast out of the oven after washing up from scratching MzKitty, then she wanted to eat as well as the other two! Fur kids are so demanding when they want something, they persist until they wear you down. Then Nina called and we chatted a few minutes, then I decided to eat while it was hot...LOL! It is so easy to get distracted isn't it?
Well, here the photos of Prissy (she is untouchable, but loves to play) Sissy (very lovable and the most playful) and Bubba (he is the sweetest and most loving of all of them). The top two photos were taken in the dark so their eyes were very dilated. Wish I could bring them inside, but I have built them a condo outside with beds and blankets, shelter from cold and rain, and a caboodle of toys that we play with and they have 2 scratching posts too.  My handyman is going to help put a pad outside in back for me to put a couple of chairs on so I can go outside more during spring! Can hardly wait.
Well, off here, going to do another cluster to put up on Miriam's Scraps...drop on by and see if there is something there you might like to scrap with. Have a terrific Saturday night and loverly Sunday too! Chat more with you next time. Remember keep making those memories to share! Luv, Mat