Monday, May 9, 2011

It sure is Monday~

Good Monday morning....I think! Other than being a typical, rushed, busy is the beginning of a new week~and I wanted to wish all of you a fantastic week ahead. Here it is so very hot, humid and o so windy! The 3 fires still burning in Texas are about 95% contained now, but the areas are still under a SEVERE RED FLAG WARNING for the next 4 days. With the temperatures above 90 in the western portions of the state, low, low humidity and extremely dry conditions with the 20+mph sustained winds, it doesn't take long for another outbreak of wildfires. With 2.2 million acres already burned and loss of over 200 homes and some livestock....we are NOT considered a disaster area. Our Governor has asked for assistance in DEC, JAN, FEB, MAR, APR and finally received the rejection for assistance this month. The Prez is coming to our state tomorrow for a fund raising...think we ought to leave him hanging for 5 months before declining to contribute~let him see how it feels! Anyhow, we are supposed to see some relief in temps in next week or so with a chance of some scattered showers, but not to the areas in desperate need. Then we have the Mississippi flooding over it's banks big time and the tornado clean up in the south, the unusually cold wet winter still hanging on up north. We surely need a concentrated effort of prayer for this nation. I'm doing my share!
Hope all of you had a marvelous Mother's Day celebration. Me, I did what I wanted to do, made some pages for my sisters and a page for Amy/Michael's first anniversary~watched movies~played with my "girls" and read~totally relaxing day! I loved every minute of it. Here are the memories I made...hope you will be sharing yours soon!Kathy with her two sons, Jason/Jeff in a page from Raspberry Road's PansyGarden kit.My brother's daughter Sebrina with her mother Myrl in a page made from freebie by PascaleA. Penny and her 3~Lance/Lamar/Amy in a page using RR's Peaches and Cream cluster. And lastly, a page for Amy/Michael to celebrate a whole year of married life in a freebie QP with no TOU. Thanx to all for the beautiful freebies, I appreciate your generosity! Y'all all have a good week ahead and I'll chat more when I can...Until Next time....Luv, Mat

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all!

I guess I have been MIA...I've missed all of you so much...been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. Work related as well as family related...just one of those things! The bank was sold and had to get new routing info to all the automatic withdrawals, order new checks and stamp. Boss lady has really been swamped too making it hard to get her to the bank with me. My friend's boyfriend's dad passed away and they had to go to Amarillo for the funeral, so I traveled to their house daily to take care of their 6 scaredy cats (and I thought my 3 were a lot of trouble~just kidding~I love mine). My friend lost her job and needed some know how it is...seems to hit all at once. Seems like I haven't been at my computer more than a couple of minutes a day. We finally got some much needed rain and the grass just took off, grew about 3 inches overnight~got it all mowed and edged and even got it all cleaned up yesterday. Now I can relax and enjoy the weekend. MayFest is here this weekend and for the first time in quite a few years the weather is going to cooperate and I would really like to go down and see what all is going on there. I just watched Idol and both my Scotty & Lauren are in it for another week. So I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a pomegrante margarita while blogging. I think I will turn in early very tired....just wanted to take the time to wish all of you a very happy Mother's day and hope all make lots of memories to share. I made this page for my mother~gone but by no means forgotten~wish I could talk with her every day even after 19 yrs. I love you Mama!I used a paper from the freebie naturalbreeze and a cluster freebie from Raspberry Road and the last known photo taken of her in her police department uniform. Chat more with y'all later. Luv, Mat