Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Friends

Can you believe another year has come and gone so quickly? It seems when you stop working so much.....your life gets even busier! Why is that?
I have been very busy making treats for friends, neighbors, and workers that assist me all year the mail carrier, garbage collectors, hairstylists, physicians...etc. Here is a photo of some of my creations this year... See the pretty centerpiece, that is from my sister Penny! Makes my table look nice and smells really great too. The "girls" like it as well, but are not trying to eat or chew on it so far! :) Here is a photo of our tree this year...usually one or two of the "girls" is under it and trying to climb into the bags....! What you don't see is all the love and hugs and wishes that are wrapped up under it! All my "girls" and all my great nieces are in ornament frames on it too! :)I've really had a bad "BUG" in my computer, but I think after several days of trying and aggravating phone calls to techs...finally caught it and squashed it really good (at least I hope so)! Anyhow, I am able to get back on here and chat with y'all! A good thing is I have all my data, photos, psd files, albums, scrapbooking kits and programs as well as my games all copied and safe if I should have to start over! LOL!
I want to wish all my family, friends and loved ones a most blessed and Merriest of Christmas' ever. I wish you to make many, many happy, enjoyable memories to share and carry you thoughout the new year! I am truly blessed with a loving and caring family and a host of wonderful friends from all over the country! Especially my blog sisters, scrapping buddies...whatever you want to call them...I am happy and pleased to call them my FRIENDS!! Always there for me no matter what! I love you all! (From Canada, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee and Louisiana) Thanx to those of you who contributed to this page. Carol and Cuddlebeez!
From MzKitty, Oreo, Pumpkin and Me....Meowy Christmas to y'all!
Gotta finish up some last minute details here, then a visit from Teri to exchange gifts and then over to Jill & Scot's to do the same this evening. Then tomorrow I will cook dinner for my friends Jan & Bill as she is still under the weather from her surgery last month and on Sunday will be meeting up with Jan & Scotty for dinner at Genghis Khan's! Busy weekend ahead...whew! So will sign off for now, again wishing all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Love you all and will chat more with you next time!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello all!

Well, seems like all my blog "sisters" are snow or ice bound. Can you believe the 15th of December and we hit 77 degrees....the "blue Norther from Canada" came through this morning around 4 a.m. dropping temps today to around 55 and lots of wind making it feel in the 30's! But nice sunshine....and the wind is beginning to die down some as the afternoon progresses. I feel for poor Louise as she has lots and lots of snow and closed roads in Canada. MissBoots is also in cold snowy Wisconsin and snow and cold for Judy and Thelma in Ohio, but Scarlett in Tennessee "bless her" is in an ice storm. Wish all of you could come to sunny Texas for a spell.
I have really been busy this week trying to reorganize my barn (storage) and the office trying to shift things of mine from the office to here and then trying to shift some stuff from the office to a storage unit close by as well. Trying to close it down by the 31st of January. Still got so very much to do (year end too), and since I don't have much time nor help yet....I don't think I can squeeze in a visit to either of my sisters for the holidays! Drat, sure was looking forward to it, but responsibility comes first....then fun! Right? Anyhow, still experiencing some computer ghosts too, so not on it very much right now. I am wishing all a very happy weekend ahead (even if you are snuggled in front of the fireplace with your honey and some snacks and all the hot toddies you can handle, lol) making as many memories as you can. I created this little page from a long ago freebie QP without a TOU, but appreciate it anyhow, using a self taken photo (lol) and my "girls" of course! Will chat more with y'all next time. Luv, Mat

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another week has flown by....

I do declare, I don't know where the time goes here lately! Seems like it was just the weekend and now here it is again. Think I am too busy, but am trying to get some organization going at the office to be able to get stuff in storage and it all shut down and closed up by January 31. What a chore! 30 years worth of stuff there, brought home another carload today! (of just MY crap) LOL!
I have been trying to play a little with creating from all these brushes, etc I have downloaded, but this neck and my shoulders are making it very limited. I did get some cards printed and sent out early this year. Even got the great nieces, the nieces and nephews and sisters/brothers-in-law all taken care of for Christmas. I have a party to go to tomorrow and then "Da Boys" play Sunday night so my weekend will go by very fast. We are rather warm right now, but the bottom is supposed to fall out tomorrow night and bring the temps back into the 20's. Think I will go raid the storage barn for some sweats to wear....LOL!
I hope all of you have a marvelous weekend, making more memories to share with the rest of us, above all hope you all stay warm and dry! Will chat more next time I can take time to get online.
Here's the card I made of me & the girls and one of silly me....thanx to Raspberry Road and Cuddlebeez for the freebies I used....Enjoy your weekend.
Luv, Mat

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to 3 Lovely Ladies

First, my friend and best massage therapist around, Kelly! Hope you had a marvelous day yesterday! I stole one of your pre-wedding photos from facebook and created this page using several designers in the Christmas Around the World blog from 2008.Next is my sister-in-law (mother of my gorgeous niece, Sebrina) Myrl! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. I created this with a photo I stole from Sebrina's facebook and placed in a page I created using Raspberry Road's Joy of Christmas kit and cluster.And lastly, but certainly not least, my blogging sister, Judy! I also stole this photo from her website a while back that her daughter Kelly created. I placed it in this lovely page created using Raspberry Road's First Frost Add On kit.I certainly hope the best for all three of you and that you have a very memorable birthday full of delightful joy and that you share many, many more to come. Later y'all! Mat

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishes for Carol

Dear Carol,
So sorry to be late with your birthday wishes, but not only was Thelma late in reminding us, my 'puter has been having lots of fits lately! My new anti virus has problems with the playlist site, so for now, will not be able to put my Christmas music on. I seem to have it fixed for the moment and I do feel like posting again. I hope your day was a most enjoyable one doing all the things that please you the most and that you have many more to look forward to. I love you and appreciate you so very much. Thanx for making my blog look so fabulous all the time. Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead! Hope you like the card made with Cuddlebeez Christmas kit and a cluster from Raspberry Road.
Chat more later,
Luv, Mat