Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Learning new techniques....

Goes to show you are never too old to learn new things, I've actually had time to sit and watch a few Photoshop tutorials and tried my hand and some of them. Still trying to perfect, but here are a few samples of what I did on Monday! This is my "other sister" Nina's lovely granddaughter Brittany.
Here's the original photo!
Here I made a mask, then put her on a canvas!
Then I framed her in a freebie frame by Marijja! (This is lovely when not compressed so much)

Then I turned her into an oil painting and re framed in a frame from Miriam!
If you click on the photos to enlarge them, they are clearer!....Not sure which I prefer the best, but Nina loves the one on canvas in the antique frame by Marijja! Which one do you prefer? All I know is I had fun with trying out the new techniques.

Well, today is a work day, so must get busy. Thanks for stopping by! Chat more with y'all next time! Hugs, Mat :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just wasting time!

Hi y'all! I think our reprieve from the triple digit temperatures is over.  Our rain cooled days are gone and July in Texas is back with a vengeance!  Not only is it creeping back towards those triple digits, the humidity levels and bad air quality levels are rampantly increasing as well!  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I hope all those NOT accustomed to the muggy excessive heat find relief real soon!All of you should really take extra care since you are not used to any of it! LOL!

I have been staying inside and trying to organize and clear out stuff...not really succeeding as once I stop and sit down at this computer....that is all I want to do....create pages and/or play games! The "girls" make me get up and move about every hour! LMBO!! Anyhow, here are some pages made with some photos I was sent by my sister and/or sister-in-law and/or nieces! (I hope you can keep all that straight!!)

First, here is photo of Amy and Maggie with their pregnant bellies.  I just adore these photos. Amy is due in September (girl) and Maggie is due in November (boy). They are not only friends but sisters-in-law! The page is from several different designers, Kyra (With A Russian Dutch Heart) Frame by Marijja at.fecnikek, extra flowers are from Miriam's Scraps and the wording is all mine.
Here is Maggie with her hubby Lance....isn't this the cutest? This is another cute frame from Marijja and a word art arrow from Raspberry Road Designs. (Lance is Amy's brother) !
Here's Maggie, Lance, Hayden and Chevy! That is the sweetest dog in the world and minds so well. Hayden is excited about her baby brother coming. This quick page is by Linda at Random Thoughts and another wordart arrow by Raspberry Road Designs.
Here's a photo of Jade that was taken at the zoo day before yesterday. She is really growing isn't she? Love her little smile in this one. The QP is by Arlene using With A Russian Dutch Heart kit More Than Words.
Here is Ruby made the same day as Jade's. Her QP is by Neli at Lugar Encantado de Neli
And just had to do one of Jayson too, made at the zoo.  He is really growing as well. They sure don't stay little long do they? He is in a page by Neli at Lugar Encantado de Neli as well
Here's Myrl (my sis-in-law) at the Flint River Park in Bainbridge, GA. The red vehicle has Penny sitting in it! No QP here, just the photo put on a colored background.
And one of Sebrina at the Big Oak Tree in Thomasville, GA.  She was fascinated by the size and the living moss on the tree. Look how big around the tree is, you cannot get a good photo of the whole tree since it covers a full city block. This too is just the photo with a smaller photo of the tree info set in it.
Well, enough for today, got to get moving before I get glued to this will wish all of you a terrific weekend, make lots of memories to share and have lots and lots of fun doing so! Will chat with y'all more later! Hugs, Mat :)
(all the designers info is linked if you want to visit for some awesome freebies for scrapbooking)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My nieces.....

Here's Amy & Margaret....Amy is due with her first, a daughter Annabeth Lynn on the 7th of September and Margaret is due with her second, a son Calvin Turner on the 16th of November. My sister Penny will have 2 more grandchildren before Christmas...!  Hayden just can't wait for her little brother to come! LOL!
This is my niece Sebrina and her mother Myrl at the Big Oak Tree in Thomasville, GA. I so wish I could have been there for this photo. Sebrina sent these to me from her first visit to her dad's home since she was a small baby, she is now 30 yrs old.
I used kits by Russian Dutch Heart, Amy & Margaret are in Long Ago Childhood with the frame by Arlene of the same kit and the one of Sebrina & Myrl it the QP by Arlene using Ciao Bella kit.
I hope all of you had a great 4th of July celebration and enjoyed your family and friends making memories. Since I have been gone for 6 days, I am trying to play catch up, so this post is short! Chat more next time! Hugs to all! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Have a Happy & Safe 4th y'all!

Wishing all of you a fun, happy and safe 4th of July celebration! Saying thanks to all our service personnel for the sacrifices they have made to protect and keep us free! I hope all of you have lots of family, friends and loved ones near to help make lots of memories to share! Enjoy you BBQ, fun in the sun and all your loved ones! Stay safe! Will chat more with all of you after this long weekend! Luv ya! Mat

(Thanks to Just So Scrappy for the free alpha and PandaDezigns for the Wiz Bang Fireworks. The frame is one I created and offered on Miriam's Scraps)