Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stress Relief and to stay warm

OK, Here's a few pages I did yesterday and early, early, early this morning! Enjoy!! Later y'all! Luv, MatMzKitty in a freebie cluster frame with no TOU
Oreo in a freebie cluster frame with no TOU
Alas, the baby, Pumpkin in a cluster frame with no TOU
My lovely niece Sebrina in a QP by CAJOLINE called Amour de Perles
My nephew Jason(Photo by his brother Jeff)using a freebie kit called Bling In the New Year by ABS and Wordart by Miss Scarlett.
Miss Ruby and Miss Jade in a cute freebie kit by Jaelop Designs called Made With Love
Jason's wife(Ruby/Jade's mommy) Christina in a QP I made a while back using CJS kit called Celebrates.
That's all for right now....many more on the way....have a terrific Sunday afternoon!

Holy Cow, What a Blue Norther!!

Sakes alive, I've not been this cold in years. We went from 65 degrees to 11 degrees in about 36 hours. I turned up the heater, built a fire in fireplace, dressed in heavy sweats and socks and was STILL COLD. Finally turned the electric blanket up real hi and went to bed with the "girls" snuggled up to me before I got warm. Must be getting old....Nah, never happen to me....LMAO!!! Since I went to bed way before dark, I awoke way before the made my coffee and started scrapping. I want to thank Verony and Rose for my most recent blog awards, you are both so very, very talented that I am honored you thought of me. The award from Verony is to be passed on to 7 others so...I pass it to Angelscrapper, Miss Boots, Miss Gerri, Miss Scarlett, Judy, Queenie, Pauline and Rose!( I know I picked 8, but) Here you are ladies!! Luv you all!I am also giving you all the one Rose sent too! So here it is! Verony this one is for you too!Will be back in a few to upload some of my scrapping from this morning! Later....Mat

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett

Happy Birthday my lovely hometown friend!! I hope it is a wonderful day filled with all your heart's wishes! Will chat later, Luv ya! Mat

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New photos of Ruby & Jade

I got some new photos of Ruby and Jade that Jeff took at Christmas, just thought I'd make a few pages to share. I've been really busy with year end paperwork, etc so am very far behind on commenting, blog walking and challenges on SBF but will be back in full swing soon. Hope y'all are all beginning to thaw like we are, but now the clouds are moving in with rain, so it is one thing after another. Hope all is right in your corner of the world and that you are busy making memories. Chat later, MatThis is Ruby reading to grandpa Jim. This is for the one adult, one child under 5, one kit challenge on SBF. The kit is a freebie called Jasper by Cuddlebeez. Thanx Jeff for the awesome photo.This was done for the challenge of one adult, one child and one kit challenge. It is Jade at the circus with her Mommy Christina.Don't remember who this freebie kit is by, sorry!This is for the b/w page with a pop of color challenge on SBF. If you can enlarge it enough, I colored Jade's eyes as well as the quilt, used a freebie kit by Jaelop called Black Night.An the one to die for...just adore this look, this QP had no TOU, the wordart is Miss Linda's at Random Thoughts. Thanx to all who provided the free kits and Jeff for the awesome photos.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bitter Cold!!

Let's see, we had over 250 school closings yesterday and several businesses closed because we had a shower go through here just before the temps startting dropping below freezing causing ice on the overpasses! The temps were 26 with a fierce wind chill of 17. By 10 a.m. the dewpoint had dropped so the wetness disappeared as did all the ice that was "treated", but the temps just kept on dropping and dropping still. This morning, the temp was 17 with a windchill of 0, not gotten out of the 20's today even with some sunshine now. It is to drop to 14 tonight and maybe get above freezing by tomorrow afternoon, just before the Cowboy playoffs, then right back down to 19 degrees. Wednesday we will be back to 60! Ya think I am a cry baby???? Nope, even those "yankee's" that live down here now say "it was never this COLD up north with all the snow". Yep, that wet cold with the 30 plus mph winds goes right through the clothes, thermals and YOUR BONES! I've been so very good, just staying in and in front of the burning fireplace. LOL! Yep, I am a wuzz when it comes to cold weather, so...not going might ask what I have been doing?? Duh! Scrapping!! Here's some proof. I made a wedding album for my friend Nina's daughter Tammy. We took all the photos back in April of 2006. We had a Photobook made from ScrapbooksPlease of these. You can tell I used a lot of kits and a lot of Linda's beautiful wordart. I thank all designers for the use of their freebies, without you I would be lost. Hope you are in and staying warm, if not come this way by Wednesday when the heat wave comes in. At least all the snow and ice is gone, now if we could just slow down those winds....LOL! Chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

Friday, January 1, 2010

My wish for you!

I think this is self explanatory!! My wish for my Blog Sisters! Luv y'all!! Mat