Monday, September 28, 2015

Last of September is here!

Can you believe it? October is already knocking on the door! This year just seems to be "flying" by! I'm hoping that Mother Nature will remember it is fall and finally turn down the thermostat here, it was 93F again yesterday! This was a very busy weekend around here! Friday, I met with a friend for some shopping and a late lunch. The State Fair of Texas opened on Friday, the Red Bull Flying team was here and the weather was very cooperative, if a little warm! At least the humidity was not so high....and the clouds stayed away so that we could have a great view of the Super Moon too! Did you get to view it?  I thought it was awesome (even if the mosquitoes wanted to bite)! I didn't get any photos of it with my cell phone, but I did watch it from about 9:10 to 9:50 and as it began to "peak" it really was a pretty shade of deep red/orange! It would have been better had I gone out of the city (lights) but with all the porch lights off in the court, it was pretty clear to see.
I got to plant 36 pansies around my mailbox on Saturday morning before it got too warm! On Sunday I took my friends to the airport to pick up a rental for their trip to Ohio for a wedding. Other than that, I pretty much just cleaned house and watched TV while snuggling with my fur was fun! I am to take my neighbor out to the airport for her trip on Thursday....and then pick her up on her return the following Tuesday, then on the 8th I take the friends to return the rental and then another neighbor needs a ride to the airport on Oct. 30th....maybe I should start a shuttle business....LOL!
Amy sent me a photo just a bit ago of Annabeth and Hayden....I just put it in a QP for her and sent it back to her phone...aren't they adorable? The QP is a freebie by Louise L called Magical World.
I also snapped a few photos of the fur babies...playing, hiding, snuggling, and of course, sleeping!
MzKitty hiding in the stacked boxes....yes, my living room is there play room...LOL!
I'm on the couch watching TV, MzKitty is on the back (above) and Sideways is on my feet (below)
 Can you find Oreo? she is hiding in the paper bag....the boxes are on the couch and MzKitty is playing in all of them...they are very entertaining...I am in the rocker across the room!

 Here I am on the bed with Sideways snuggled next to me, then Oreo (she licks her fur off from allergies), Misty is next to Oreo and MzKitty is on the brown bed...Pumpkin is asleep on the floor next to the bed...they just have to be where I am. 

Isn't this the sweetest face?  How can you not relax when you see a sleeping fur baby? Right now, I am in my computer room with Sideways asleep on the rug next to my feet, Misty is on the window sill to my right, MzKitty is on the desk just above my keyboard, Oreo is in the doorway on the floor and Pumpkin is in the box on the floor.  I am still surrounded by them....loving it!!
Sideways has finally learned to drink from the faucet....he is so funny, when he is through he needs me to dry him off...(with him being mostly blind...he cannot jump up onto the counter, so he meows until I put him up there) is a photo of him drinking and one of all the water on his face.

Can you tell I love my fur babies? Probably too much??? Nope, they love me unconditionally and rule my world for sure...they do keep me hopping taking care of them, but....I would be lonely without them!
OK....time to get my hiney out of this chair and get busy...I need to clean floors today... and I should get dressed and go to WalMart....I think the fur babies need some food and I have a RX to pick up, so that's it for today....y'all keep on making those memories to share and I'll chat more with you later! Have a terrific week! Hugs, Mat

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good Sunday Morning Y'all!

It's 6:30 a.m. on a muggy "yucky" Sunday! I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee with the fur babies all surrounding me...they just had their "bath" so it is relaxing time.  They really don't get bathed each morning, but they get wiped down with a warm wash cloth (they love the routine now...:) and it keeps the dander down for me). They have all been fed (inside and outside babies too) so now it's sleep time or let's pester "Mom" time....LOL! We had a small front pass through yesterday that brought some of us a little shower (less than 1/4 inch) creating a bit of STEAM to surround us.....this afternoon it is to recede back north as a warm front...go figure....FALL is nowhere in sight for us!  Oh well, can't do anything about it, but stay inside and crank up the AC again and hope to keep the arthritis in my hands at bay a little.  I will probably binge watch football again today (broken by the NASCAR chase races)! Rough life, right? I can hear you laughing at me!! Got my outdoor plumbing issue taken care of, all the laundry is done, folded and put away, the floors have been swept and mopped, the kitty nose art has been erased and is ready for new ones (clean windows),  the bed made and all is right with the house, so my plans are to lounge in my PJs all day and just chill. 
I did manage to get some scrap pages done of the great nieces and great nephews this week and finally posted on Facebook last evening...(before my hand just refused to cooperate)! So, here goes (they need to be in my Blog Book to be printed at the end of the year)! First is my lovely smiling niece Sebrina in a page I created using a background from ADB Designs and a cluster from SnickerDoodle at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and wordart from Ginger.
Here's the Missouri kiddos....Jade, Ruby and Jayson....the girls in their school photos and Jayson asleep in the car! Jade is in a frame by Fecnikek, Ruby's QP is from Studio 4 (Fabulous Fall Freebie Page Stacker) and the cluster frame is from djfs called Love to Learn.  Jayson looked so sweet I put him in a QP from Marzia's Place called Colorful Summer so I could use multiple views of him.
Now we go south to Georgia for the 4 down there....Calvin with his Oreo just looked so cute in this QP by mhos7jo (sorry no designer info with TOU to link to) called Fins, Feathers & Fur. Hayden is in a QP from KimericKreations called KK amix-RAK-frd.
And these 2 photos just seemed to go together although they were taken a couple of days apart. Annabeth just loving on her Eliza...I hope these sisters stay close like this for years and years to come...Amy sent these to my phone so they are not real clear, but look pretty in this lovely frame by Neli and wordart from Linda.
Okay, these only took a couple of minutes (during the week) to make....using freebies from all these awesome, talented and so very generous designers! If you hover your mouse over the names you can find links to their sites for the freebies to use. Thanks to all of you for these lovely gifts, making it easier for me and my (sometimes) uncooperative fingers ! I appreciate all of you very much!
It is now 7:30 a.m. and time to stop rambling...get off my hiney and turn this PC off....get my shower and fresh PJs on to watch some FOOTBALL...y'all have a great Sunday making lots and lots of memories to share with us! Until next time....HUGS, Mat

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Annabeth!

Can you believe a whole week of September is gone already?  AND that little miss Annabeth is 2? Boy how the time is just flying by! Here is a photo of Annabeth that Amy shared on my Facebook in a frame by Neli and the alpha is from Digital Scrapbooking Studio! She is just the cutest little thing.  She had a birthday party with the two make cousins that will be turning 2 next month....before then her cousin, Jayson will turn 4 at the end of this month...lots of birthdays...whew!  I need a secretary to be able to keep up! ROFL!!

I was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by thunder and rain.....yes, rain finally....about 2 inches of it and with the front that is pushing through it is supposed to drop our temps by about 10-15 degrees...but the humidity hasn't dropped yet.  We so needed the rain.  Not really any to speak of since the end of June.  We had triple digit temps over the long Labor Day weekend, so the 10-15 degree drop will definitely be appreciated.  Just hope it lingers a while, but....until the State Fair is over at the end of the month....we can expect some more HOT temps.  Only 16 days officially at 100+, but unofficially, more like double that many!  Just too many for comfort....!!! I know B*T*H...right? never happy! ROFLMAO....I don't like hot weather anymore.  I think there are a lot more folks saying that this year too, not just us "older" Texans....LOL!

Well, not much happening otherwise....I've been binge watching some programs I have missed and staying pretty bleary eyed...LOL! Y'all have a great rest of this week and more next time! Hugs, Mat