Monday, September 28, 2015

Last of September is here!

Can you believe it? October is already knocking on the door! This year just seems to be "flying" by! I'm hoping that Mother Nature will remember it is fall and finally turn down the thermostat here, it was 93F again yesterday! This was a very busy weekend around here! Friday, I met with a friend for some shopping and a late lunch. The State Fair of Texas opened on Friday, the Red Bull Flying team was here and the weather was very cooperative, if a little warm! At least the humidity was not so high....and the clouds stayed away so that we could have a great view of the Super Moon too! Did you get to view it?  I thought it was awesome (even if the mosquitoes wanted to bite)! I didn't get any photos of it with my cell phone, but I did watch it from about 9:10 to 9:50 and as it began to "peak" it really was a pretty shade of deep red/orange! It would have been better had I gone out of the city (lights) but with all the porch lights off in the court, it was pretty clear to see.
I got to plant 36 pansies around my mailbox on Saturday morning before it got too warm! On Sunday I took my friends to the airport to pick up a rental for their trip to Ohio for a wedding. Other than that, I pretty much just cleaned house and watched TV while snuggling with my fur was fun! I am to take my neighbor out to the airport for her trip on Thursday....and then pick her up on her return the following Tuesday, then on the 8th I take the friends to return the rental and then another neighbor needs a ride to the airport on Oct. 30th....maybe I should start a shuttle business....LOL!
Amy sent me a photo just a bit ago of Annabeth and Hayden....I just put it in a QP for her and sent it back to her phone...aren't they adorable? The QP is a freebie by Louise L called Magical World.
I also snapped a few photos of the fur babies...playing, hiding, snuggling, and of course, sleeping!
MzKitty hiding in the stacked boxes....yes, my living room is there play room...LOL!
I'm on the couch watching TV, MzKitty is on the back (above) and Sideways is on my feet (below)
 Can you find Oreo? she is hiding in the paper bag....the boxes are on the couch and MzKitty is playing in all of them...they are very entertaining...I am in the rocker across the room!

 Here I am on the bed with Sideways snuggled next to me, then Oreo (she licks her fur off from allergies), Misty is next to Oreo and MzKitty is on the brown bed...Pumpkin is asleep on the floor next to the bed...they just have to be where I am. 

Isn't this the sweetest face?  How can you not relax when you see a sleeping fur baby? Right now, I am in my computer room with Sideways asleep on the rug next to my feet, Misty is on the window sill to my right, MzKitty is on the desk just above my keyboard, Oreo is in the doorway on the floor and Pumpkin is in the box on the floor.  I am still surrounded by them....loving it!!
Sideways has finally learned to drink from the faucet....he is so funny, when he is through he needs me to dry him off...(with him being mostly blind...he cannot jump up onto the counter, so he meows until I put him up there) is a photo of him drinking and one of all the water on his face.

Can you tell I love my fur babies? Probably too much??? Nope, they love me unconditionally and rule my world for sure...they do keep me hopping taking care of them, but....I would be lonely without them!
OK....time to get my hiney out of this chair and get busy...I need to clean floors today... and I should get dressed and go to WalMart....I think the fur babies need some food and I have a RX to pick up, so that's it for today....y'all keep on making those memories to share and I'll chat more with you later! Have a terrific week! Hugs, Mat


  1. Goodness, what a beautiful family of fur babies you have!! Isn't it just wonderful how they love to be close to you? My little Pogo loves to cuddle, but his favorite thing is to snuggle into lots of fuzzy blankets. Obviously, this means that I have a house full of fuzzy blankets. haha.

    We are enjoying two gorgeous days of Fall temps, but starting tomorrow night we are supposed to be getting quite a few days of rain, some of it quite heavy. Hmm, I don't think I like that so much. Ah well, we will get what we will get.

    Pogo and I are getting ready for bed now. You and your fur babies have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. It might be an idea to start a kind of "shuttle "service OL!
    Oh my, your cats are adorable and yeah, we all might be a bit crazy as it comes to our pets, but why not?
    Our Brodski lves to be arund us at times in the evening, but also spends a lot of time in the garden at his own chair! Yes, he has his own LOL. But I think we will have to look around for a new one, this one is really falling apart slowly. Oh well, this one we found at the street, and we might find another one just in the same way, or for a few bucks in a charity shop.
    Looking to be another lovely day with sunshine I should get busy around here, but i will wait for an hour or so, still want to do some designing before starting the ironing and bedwash change.
    Have a fantastic day and week ahead!

  3. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Muito obrigada pela visita!
    É tão bonito ver você com seus gatinhos!
    Eu tenho 2 poodles que eu amo muito e elas são muito lindas também. Elas estão sempre comigo.
    Hoje a cidade aqui está coberta de fumaça das queimadas que estão fazendo nas matas. Está difícil respirar... Essas queimadas são contra a lei, mas não sei se estão tomando alguma providência.
    Querida amiga, um fim de semana maravilhoso para você e sua família! Abraços, Neli.

  4. translated by Google.....

    Good night, dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for visiting!
    It's so nice to see you with her kittens!
    I have two poodles that I love very much and they are very beautiful as well. They are always with me.
    Today the city here is covered in smoke from forest fires they are doing in the woods. It's hard to breathe ... These fires are against the law, but do not know if they are taking some action.
    Dear friend a wonderful weekend for you and your family! Hugs, Neli

  5. Hi Mat, I love the pictures of the fur babies. I only have one and she has gotten so mixed up emotionally with this menopause stuff. She's 13 yrs for me and I guess that's about 91 for kitties. And I've changed her lliving quarters twice in the last 4+ months. It's no wonder she's cranky and then she has a small terrier puppy that wants to play. She doesn't play well with puppies so she smacks her on the head, nose, or whatever part doesn't move away fast enough. Since she doesn't have and front claws it doesn't hurt the puppy so Serenity (the puppy) wants to run right back at Mrs Beasley (my cat). She looks a lot like the one you call Sideways except Mrs Beasley has larger white markings which she enjoys rolling in the dirt and coming inside almost all black.