Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Great Weekend!

My friend Debbie was in town from Panama City, Florida visiting family for the weekend. We had a little get together with some great food and lots of good "catching up" conversation on Saturday!  I made a dessert that I got the idea to fix from Facebook with all those recipes floating around (I'm guilty of sharing a lot of them myself)! I got a graham cracker crust, used White Chocolate Pudding mixed with milk and Cool Whip, then put Blueberry Pie Filling on top. Kept in refrigerator overnight, then served with Cool Whip on top. So very light and oh so tasty. It was a big hit!
When I got home I did a little scrapping of some photos of Kathy's grandkids again. Christina has shared lots of photos on Facebook and Kathy has sent me several as well so I've made a few more pages for their albums.
Here's Ruby and Jade with their sunshades on....Kathy liked both photos so I used a QP from Designs By Brigit called Sail Into The Sun. Not sure who the wordart is by, but I thank you both for the lovely work you do!
Ruby and Jayson were having a blast in the water in this photo, so I used another QP by DBB to show it!
Ruby had a pre-K interview where they determined she needed glasses, so here's the frame she chose, purple of course, her favorite color. Doesn't she look too grown up? I used a paper by Kyra from an older kit and the frame cluster is by Arlene using RDH kit All Because of You with the alpha from Granny Enchanted.
I got so very sleepy while doing these (probably from a full tummy) that I decided to take a nap. 2 hours later, Penny called and we chatted for a few minutes, so I never got back to do more pages....will do that maybe later today.....LOL!

Then I watched NASCAR from Bristol, TN and taped the Cowboys Preseason Game to watch afterwards. NASCAR was very interesting as usual from Bristol. Lots and lots of caution flags and way too many torn up cars, but no serious injuries and was okay with Kenseth winning, but sure wish Kahne had made that final boost to win (just so #18 or #2 didn't win, I don't care who wins really) LOL! Sorry that Martin Truex, Jr and Carl Edwards had such bad luck after doing so well all through the race. It was late, late when I finally went to bed after watching the Cowboys finally win a pre-season game over Cincinnati 24-18. Such an exciting life I lead right? LMBO!!!
Got up early to feed my cats and birds, then picked up my iPad to read my book, guess what? Yep, I fell back to sleep with Oreo and didn't wake up until 8:30 a.m. How lazy can you get?  Anyhow, had my shower and house is straightened up and here I am, catching up on my blogs....It is to be 100 again today (#22 for this summer) so I will be creating some after I do my visiting....y'all have a great Sunday, making lots of memories to share! Chat with you more next time. Hugs, Mat :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of First Grade~

Jade is now a first grader....her mom took some photos of first day of school so I created a page of memories for her photo album. I used an older QP from SweetPea Designs called School Daze freebie 9. I can't believe how big she is getting! Doesn't she look smart with her new glasses? Her Grandma Kathy says she is enjoying her class and teacher so far! LOL!

Here's a couple of newer photos that I snatched from Christina's Facebook of Jade, Jayson & Ruby. I think they are all from this month....LOL! I used a background from Raspberry Road Designs Rose Garden kit and the free frame cluster is by Kimeric.
And of course, cannot leave out the diva....Miss's a photo from Margaret's Facebook account from August 16th. She is riding inside the tractor with her silly sun glasses.  She is really shooting up too and is so very pretty....she loves to pose for photos.....LOL! Her QP is a freebie by lth called Happily Ever After QP.
The 18th would have been my mother's 85th birthday....I put this page on FB for some family members so just thought I would add it here so that when I have my blog printed it would be in it. I created the overlay for this photo. (I have made a series of family overlays for some genealogy shots if anyone is interested, let me know and I will share them with you).
Well, enough for today, need to get my rear in motion before I become a permanent part of this chair...LMAO! Have a terrific week of making more memories to share. Chat more with you next time.
Hugs, Mat

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Cats

I received a very nice RAK surprise by e-mail yesterday.....a page created of my outside kitty, Bubba, from  generous big hearted Kyra from With a Russian Dutch Heart. Take a look, isn't it simply gorgeous?
Thanks so much Kyra, it's nice to have friends that surprise you.  If y'all haven't visited her site for some totally awesome free kits, you are sure missing some gorgeous work and it is all given freely 3 times weekly!

I tried the recipe from Facebook for the cinnamon roll biscuits this delicious with a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee.....yum! So as I am typing....I am also having breakfast! LOL

I got an idea for some QPs (from Kyra) to share on Miriam's Scraps for all the Cat Lovers out there! The first one I used a photo of Oreo in the bathroom sink and the second one I just posted this morning is of my Pumpkin watching me at the computer. If you like cats and want the free QPs, check out Miriam's Scraps.
Here are the 2 photos I used.....

MzKitty will be next. Aren't they just the cutest....I know I am prejudiced right?  Oreo turned 7 last Monday and Pumpkin is 6. They are the best of buddies and usually can be found snuggling together when they nap!
They both love the bathroom sink, and since they are so FAT, they fill it completely! LOL!

Well, the front has come and is leaving us now, dropped some showers on our very thirsty lawns, so today, you guessed it....mowing, weeding, edging and sweeping up....but it looks so good to have a GREEN manicured lawn in the middle of August. After 10 straight days of 100+ temperatures and no rain, it was looking pretty brown and crunchy to walk on.  Now it is carpet soft again. LOL! Our temperature is supposed to be around 92 today. Still warm, but so much more tolerable!

Have a beautiful weekend making memories to share....I will be working on some pages for Jade's first day of school after the yard work is done! I will take a break during the Cowboys exhibition game at 3:30. Chat with y'all more next time. Hugs, Mat

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kitty Cats Galore!

Okay, I've promised some photos of the batch of kittens....finally cut down some of the NUMEROUS photos I have taken.....LOL! They are so very cute to watch so I take lots of photos.
This is Mommy who is only 2, isn't she cute?
This is Bubba from her first litter, he still comes around to eat occasionally and to be loved on. (About once a week)!
This is Prissy, Bubba's sister with her 2 babies that were born in June.  I did not know about them until I came back after being gone around the 4th of July. She was barely a year old herself.  She only had one survive!
This is daddy and the surviving baby of Prissy's, I don't think he could deny this one. LOL!
Here's Daddy, Mommy (Prissy) and surviving baby, they eat each morning and evening at my front door. They have a little condo unit under my carport and a litter box too!  :)
Cute little think ain't it? Not sure if male or female as it will not allow me anywhere near it yet! click on the photos to see them larger!  Real Awwwww factor if you love cats as I do! LOL!
Two of the 3 that survived of the 5 born to Mommy in her second litter.  The one on the left is the only one that will allow me to scratch her. They are fed morning and evening in my back yard.
The other one, it is here all day long, but will not allow me to touch it. They sure do love to chase after the red laser beam after each feeding. It is sitting under the little patio I had put up to give them shelter from the rain. They were born April 1st.  Okay, those are the outside kitty cats that I feed. They even have litter boxes and condos to sleep in and a large playground in my back yard. They aren't spoiled quite as much as my inside girls, but close! LMAO!
Oh well, these are a source of my enjoyment, now will try to trap them and get them all fixed. That is a chore in itself, to stop this over population some how. I don't have any rodent problems that's for sure.
Off now, to finish up some chores. Enjoy your day and the up coming weekend. Hopefully, we will get a break from the triple digit temperatures. Supposed to drop to 99 on Saturday and 98 on Sunday before returning to 100 on Monday. We are on the 9th straight day of 100+ today and to be 104 and 102 tomorrow. Yesterday was 106. So will be happy with the cooler temps if only for 2 days. We desperately need some rain, but only a 20% chance over the weekend.....that means 80% chance we will see NONE!
But......It's August and I am in Texas!  Means staying in soaking up the AC. Chat with y'all more later!
Hugs, Mat

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Fun!

It has been too hot for me to be out in the weather much, sooooo I stay in my AC and scrap. Kathy's grandchildren have been having fun this summer, so I thought I would do a few pages for their scrapbooks. Here are a couple that I have put together.
This is a brag book freebie from Just So Scrappy called Just Beachy. These were made while they were playing in the pool. Ruby, Jade and Jayson. Sure looks like they are having fun, huh?
They did a day at the Pleasant Valley Nature Preserve so I snitched a few of the photos to create this page for them.  The QP is from Connie Prince and is called Country Roads. Ruby was not impressed with walking in the woods....LOL!
And here, I put them on Neli's Green Bus for a little tour. Isn't this just the cutest? Jade is looking forward to school starting again, but Ruby is upset because she is not going, and Jayson is still too young to have both his sisters gone anyway....LOL!
Nina asked me to do a couple of pages of her granddaughter Alyssa, so here's one of her in her sock hop costume that I put in a Raspberry Road Designs QP, isn't she sweet looking?
And another of her in a cute frame by Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart (png is why bg is black). I only did about 30 pages, just picked a couple. Just to show you I have been busy and yes, I do use the freebies that I seem to hoard from my favorite designers....LMAO! I thank all of you so very, very much for your generous hearts and beautiful work!
We are under heat advisory until sometime Monday or Tuesday with really stagnant, heavy, oppressive air, so I will probably be a couch potato this weekend or I will be scrapping more memories. Hope all of you enjoy your weekend making memories to share as well. Chat more with you later! I have several photos to cut down of all the kittens so I can show you how they are growing.....LOL! Hugs, Mat :)