Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Friends

Can you believe another year has come and gone so quickly? It seems when you stop working so much.....your life gets even busier! Why is that?
I have been very busy making treats for friends, neighbors, and workers that assist me all year the mail carrier, garbage collectors, hairstylists, physicians...etc. Here is a photo of some of my creations this year... See the pretty centerpiece, that is from my sister Penny! Makes my table look nice and smells really great too. The "girls" like it as well, but are not trying to eat or chew on it so far! :) Here is a photo of our tree this year...usually one or two of the "girls" is under it and trying to climb into the bags....! What you don't see is all the love and hugs and wishes that are wrapped up under it! All my "girls" and all my great nieces are in ornament frames on it too! :)I've really had a bad "BUG" in my computer, but I think after several days of trying and aggravating phone calls to techs...finally caught it and squashed it really good (at least I hope so)! Anyhow, I am able to get back on here and chat with y'all! A good thing is I have all my data, photos, psd files, albums, scrapbooking kits and programs as well as my games all copied and safe if I should have to start over! LOL!
I want to wish all my family, friends and loved ones a most blessed and Merriest of Christmas' ever. I wish you to make many, many happy, enjoyable memories to share and carry you thoughout the new year! I am truly blessed with a loving and caring family and a host of wonderful friends from all over the country! Especially my blog sisters, scrapping buddies...whatever you want to call them...I am happy and pleased to call them my FRIENDS!! Always there for me no matter what! I love you all! (From Canada, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee and Louisiana) Thanx to those of you who contributed to this page. Carol and Cuddlebeez!
From MzKitty, Oreo, Pumpkin and Me....Meowy Christmas to y'all!
Gotta finish up some last minute details here, then a visit from Teri to exchange gifts and then over to Jill & Scot's to do the same this evening. Then tomorrow I will cook dinner for my friends Jan & Bill as she is still under the weather from her surgery last month and on Sunday will be meeting up with Jan & Scotty for dinner at Genghis Khan's! Busy weekend ahead...whew! So will sign off for now, again wishing all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Love you all and will chat more with you next time!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello all!

Well, seems like all my blog "sisters" are snow or ice bound. Can you believe the 15th of December and we hit 77 degrees....the "blue Norther from Canada" came through this morning around 4 a.m. dropping temps today to around 55 and lots of wind making it feel in the 30's! But nice sunshine....and the wind is beginning to die down some as the afternoon progresses. I feel for poor Louise as she has lots and lots of snow and closed roads in Canada. MissBoots is also in cold snowy Wisconsin and snow and cold for Judy and Thelma in Ohio, but Scarlett in Tennessee "bless her" is in an ice storm. Wish all of you could come to sunny Texas for a spell.
I have really been busy this week trying to reorganize my barn (storage) and the office trying to shift things of mine from the office to here and then trying to shift some stuff from the office to a storage unit close by as well. Trying to close it down by the 31st of January. Still got so very much to do (year end too), and since I don't have much time nor help yet....I don't think I can squeeze in a visit to either of my sisters for the holidays! Drat, sure was looking forward to it, but responsibility comes first....then fun! Right? Anyhow, still experiencing some computer ghosts too, so not on it very much right now. I am wishing all a very happy weekend ahead (even if you are snuggled in front of the fireplace with your honey and some snacks and all the hot toddies you can handle, lol) making as many memories as you can. I created this little page from a long ago freebie QP without a TOU, but appreciate it anyhow, using a self taken photo (lol) and my "girls" of course! Will chat more with y'all next time. Luv, Mat

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another week has flown by....

I do declare, I don't know where the time goes here lately! Seems like it was just the weekend and now here it is again. Think I am too busy, but am trying to get some organization going at the office to be able to get stuff in storage and it all shut down and closed up by January 31. What a chore! 30 years worth of stuff there, brought home another carload today! (of just MY crap) LOL!
I have been trying to play a little with creating from all these brushes, etc I have downloaded, but this neck and my shoulders are making it very limited. I did get some cards printed and sent out early this year. Even got the great nieces, the nieces and nephews and sisters/brothers-in-law all taken care of for Christmas. I have a party to go to tomorrow and then "Da Boys" play Sunday night so my weekend will go by very fast. We are rather warm right now, but the bottom is supposed to fall out tomorrow night and bring the temps back into the 20's. Think I will go raid the storage barn for some sweats to wear....LOL!
I hope all of you have a marvelous weekend, making more memories to share with the rest of us, above all hope you all stay warm and dry! Will chat more next time I can take time to get online.
Here's the card I made of me & the girls and one of silly me....thanx to Raspberry Road and Cuddlebeez for the freebies I used....Enjoy your weekend.
Luv, Mat

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to 3 Lovely Ladies

First, my friend and best massage therapist around, Kelly! Hope you had a marvelous day yesterday! I stole one of your pre-wedding photos from facebook and created this page using several designers in the Christmas Around the World blog from 2008.Next is my sister-in-law (mother of my gorgeous niece, Sebrina) Myrl! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. I created this with a photo I stole from Sebrina's facebook and placed in a page I created using Raspberry Road's Joy of Christmas kit and cluster.And lastly, but certainly not least, my blogging sister, Judy! I also stole this photo from her website a while back that her daughter Kelly created. I placed it in this lovely page created using Raspberry Road's First Frost Add On kit.I certainly hope the best for all three of you and that you have a very memorable birthday full of delightful joy and that you share many, many more to come. Later y'all! Mat

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishes for Carol

Dear Carol,
So sorry to be late with your birthday wishes, but not only was Thelma late in reminding us, my 'puter has been having lots of fits lately! My new anti virus has problems with the playlist site, so for now, will not be able to put my Christmas music on. I seem to have it fixed for the moment and I do feel like posting again. I hope your day was a most enjoyable one doing all the things that please you the most and that you have many more to look forward to. I love you and appreciate you so very much. Thanx for making my blog look so fabulous all the time. Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead! Hope you like the card made with Cuddlebeez Christmas kit and a cluster from Raspberry Road.
Chat more later,
Luv, Mat

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All Y'all~

This has been a very WARM week. It has been back up into the 80's so, I got the barn all sorted and organized, all the leaves have been picked up and the plants have been put away and the hoses are all put up and water faucets are covered. All the Christmas decorations are at hand for displaying and putting up after Thanksgiving. It is supposed to rain tomorrow night into Thursday morning, then the bottom will fall out and temps will drop to below freezing. The house, car and I are ready!! LOL! Watch, 2 days later it will be back into the 60 or 70 range again! Crazy weather around here.
Anyhow, the "girls" and I are wishing all of you a very blessed, happy, and thankful Thanksgiving for you and yours. Hope all of you are able to enjoy family time together making more and more memories. We made this page for all of you! I'm gonna be busy for the next few days (as are all of you) so thought I'd get this posted before I forget it! Luv U all and will chat after the turkey day! Go Cowboys!! (They play again on TDay)! Later, MatI used a background from Cuddlebeez, the clusters #8&12 are from RR's Enchanted Fall by EK, WA is by Linda at Random Thoughts and DBS from Giving Thanks kit!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Penny

My sister Penny is 50 today! Hope you have a very happy birthday. I love you so much.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Generations pages.....

I have surely been busy creating templates (12x12 in 300 dpi) for a generations book for each of my sisters.... I just e-mailed Kathy & Jim 20 pages of 3 generations per page of photos. I did grandfathers-fathers-sons; grandfathers-fathers-daughters; grandfathers-daughters-sons; grandfathers-daughters-daughters; grandmothers-fathers-sons; grandmothers-fathers-daughters; grandmothers-mothers-sons; grandmothers-mothers-daughters; fathers-mothers-sons; fathers-mothers-daughters! I coordinated the pages so they could face each other in a book. Here is a sample of each type (2) of page. I used all Cuddlebeez kits and several types of fonts. I got the idea from a photo in a Christmas catalog. Now comes the fun part of seeing how many photos I can scrounge up to fill all the pages. I have all of these in .psd or .png if anyone would like to use them for a quick generations family book, just let me know where to send it to you. Have a great weekend ahead making lots of memories. As for me, I am tired and going to relax a little. Chat more next time. Luv, Mat Our dad, my sister Kathy, her son Jeff. our maternal grandmother, our mother, Kathy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Have a great week ahead y'all!

Here we are in the middle of November already! Man, time sure is flying by at break-neck speed! The weather is simply gorgeous right evenings/mornings and beautiful afternoons of raining leaves as the trees are preparing for winter. Today we have a chance of some showers, that are always welcomed. DA BOYS finally won again in a most enjoyable game to view, however, very scary for all when the lights went out! I changed the furniture around in the living room this weekend to do some extensive cleaning (cat fur, ya know! and to make ready for a Christmas tree) and decided to paint the mantle of the fireplace. Looks so very different and I have added an electric fireplace stove (heater) to it so that I do not have to worry with the wood burning this year! I love a fireplace, but the smoke just gets into everything and then I have to worry with the chimney and ashes, etc....not this year!
Today is payday, so I need to get busy with writing checks, go by the office, make a deposit and then pay bills. I hope all of you have a great week ahead making marvelous memories to share. I will hush for now and chat more on the next visit. Luv, MatThis is my "new" fireplace & Mantle.
I did this of Christina and Jade from a template by Teapot Lady called cut up round photo and kit by Jaelop Designs called Saving this Moment.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Back!!

Sorry I have been offline for a little over a week....some nice "friend" sent me a worm that was very hungry....McAfee quarantined it so that I could get rid of it. I definitely did not want to send it on to my real friends. It took me 4 days to back up all the files I did not want to lose. Of course, I only lost a couple of things I will have to put back. I sure did feel out of touch though. I did some pages for my ancestry books I am creating, so my time was not totally wasted....and I do have a complete back up too!
We had a blue norther come through here yesterday....was 68 yesterday morning this time....not this morning it is 45. Lots of cold wind too, but it sure feels better than the muggy crap we have had lately! We got about .25 of rain too! Surely needed it!
I did a couple of pages here...of my "girls" and my greatnieces! I used photos of my "girls" that they did NOT want me to take....LOL! I used a QP with no TOU of Hayden riding with her Mom and just adore the one of Jade & Ruby playing. I used some freebie brushes and a cute kit by jltis called Nostalgia add on. I also used a WA freebie from S.O.digitally Me! Thanx to all you creative designers who so selflessly share your work with us. I appreciate you and your kindness.
I had better hush for now, got company coming later today and I have to finish the floors and get my shower, fix some snacks and be prepared! Whatever you choose to do today, make it fun and memorable so you can share your memories. Until next chat....Luv, Mat

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Boo Day 2 all!

Got my candy ready for all the little thought I'd play around with some actions and brushes...etc....make a few more pages until I get some photos of the great nieces to share later....LOL! Hope all of y'all have a terrific time today making lots of memories to share....Later! MatOh No, I forgot!! I got this terrific Wicked QP by sahmscrapper that I just had to torment the "ladies" that got me started on this scrapping and blogging so blog sisters~love y'all really! Really! Really I do!!:o)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morning y'all!

Boy do I ever enjoy a good book, ya know the kind ya can't put down until your eyes just will not stay open any longer? I read 'til about midnight and then back up and to the rest of the book about 5. Finished it about 7, fed and bathed the "girls", cleaned litterboxes, made the bed and now having some hot tea as I sit and chat! Great start to a great weekend of gorgeous fall weather (finally)! It is 44 here this morning...loving, loving, loving it!
Will chat more a little to get some errands done early, so will be back when I can...have a marvelous day y'all! Luv, Mat
I downloaded Miss Linda's Boo 2 U QP and just had to make a few pages using it, hope you enjoy these of my beautiful "girls"...LOL! Cute page Linda, really love it and I thank you so much for sharing it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today the twins are a quarter of a century old~

Lance and Lamar, my twin nephews, turn a quarter of a century old today! O what memories are flooding me now from when they were born and on the occasions I got to see them as they grew into young adulthood! They are such total opposites of each other! Lance is now married to Margaret and the proud father of Hayden. He works as a manager doing what he loves best, working outdoors and with animals. Most of all, he is living close to assist his daddy. Miss Hayden is really having a blast with her Papa and Mimi close too! Lamar on the other hand, has no interest in anything outdoors, except playing his trumpet in band at the football games....LOL! He is at Troy University in Troy, AL obtaining his degree in music. He is very good at playing that trumpet and gets spotlighted in solos. He hopes to be an educator! Anyhow, here is a page I did for them (using a QP from Cuddlebeez) with a photo of the 3 of us when they were small and one I created of us a while back of them today! Hope you both have a most wonderful birthday full of memories to share when I see you next! Luv ya bunches!
Aunt Neenie...MWAH!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today~~Jade's & Ruby's grandpa, Jason's & Jeff's dad, Christina's & Tiffany's FIL, John's brother, Kathy's husband and Penny's and my BIL (way 2 many nieces/nephews 2 mention), JIM, officially joins the rank of senior citizen. He is joining this special club with some of the rest of us~LOL! So I made a celebratory page to share this most memorable occasion with him! Luv ya bunches and we all hope we get to share many more of these happy times with you! Have a wonderful day and make lots of memories to share. Save me a piece of that Pecan Pie that Kat is baking ya! Happy Birthday!
(I used a freebie QP called Liberty Free QP by Sophie Davies and a photo from...ummmmm...30 yrs ago~Remember?)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whew, some of the tornados got really close!

On Saturday, an F-0 tornado hit North Richland Hills just about 5 miles sw of me....then on Sunday when they came around again we had a bad one hit Rice, TX se of Dallas and then 3 others along a ne line from Dallas towards the AR border. Nasty skies so I did not turn my computer back on until yesterday! We had some power outages around, but not here, was not taking any chances with my 'puter though! Yesterday, clear sunshine and O so very warm and windy! We hit 88 officially, but it said 90 on my vehicle thermostat. Today, the windows are back open, the wind has shifted from the north and a lot less of it....high today 77! Loving I sat here last evening before DWTS & Castle to make a page or two. Here is my friend Debbie in a QP from Edna....This is a couple of photos for my Friend Inez...all the kiddos are now grown with their own children...the kit is a freebie from Cuddlebeez and the WA is of course, Miss Linda's, Thanx all!Well, I got some errands to run and guess I had better get after them. Chat more later y'all, keep making those memories daily! Have a terrific week ahead! Luv, Mat

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wet Saturday...yippee!!

We so need some rain, the air is filled with moisture and it is really trying to reach us, but so far, not really enough to wet the ground, but....supposedly we will get some rain around noon before it blows on through. Sure hope so, the grass is desperate for a nice drink. I cleaned out the dreaded storage area under the carport this 4 huge bags of trash for the truck on Tuesday. Needless to say, I needed to cool off and take a shower....while I was cooling down, I made a page for MzKitty as I do not want to hurt her feelings of being left out~LOL~(poor baby)! I used a blog train called Me Time (one item from each of the 11 designers) and a photo of MzKitty, taken by my friend Scotty, relaxing (showing off) on the living room rug. She so does not know she is a cat! LOL! Well, since the skies are darkening up some more, think I will cut this chat short and disconnect before the storms hit. Y'all have a terrific Saturday making those memories! Luv, MatThanx to Me Time Blog Train scrappers; AHartline~AnDiDesigns~deliscraps~digilicious~darlene houghin~NS~Kimberkatt~TwinMomScraps~jwds~llc~Let me scrapbook for your terrific freebies!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday is here...weekend is near!

How can anyone accumulate so much Christmas stuff? I think I could open my own store...LOL! It has been fun going through boxes and remembering though, but I AM GETTING RID OF SOME OF IT!! I have to....running out of storage in that 16x9 barn out there. I took a few minutes break and of course, I needed to scrap a page, what else? I am still limiting my time at this computer for a few more days of relief on my neck and shoulders (it's pure &%^$ having to do it too)! I created a page for Oreo this time...hope you enjoy it! LOL! Anyway, got to get back off here, just wanted to wish all of y'all a terrific weekend! Should be a good one here, the Rangers are playing the Yankees for the championship, Nascar is in town this weekend as well as the Giants coming in to play the Cowboys on Monday night. So glad I don't have to be out in traffic anywhere around here. I can stay inside with the windows open and sort through more boxes and visit more memories while making some new ones!! I am sure you will all be making some memories to share as well...until the next chat...Luv, Mat(used a freebie kit called Green by Bea Creations, Autumn Mask by Mini-Renne, Sleeping cats medallion by TLC and the WA is by Jennifer at WordArt World)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just chillin'

(the kit is called green scrap by R11)
Hi y'all! I've been going through boxes of Christmas stuff and sorting, keeping, just been chillin' from this computer for a couple of days! LOL! I just made a quick page of Pumpkin doing the same thing so thought I'd post a quick update. Not ignoring anyone, just really giving my shoulders a much deserved rest :o)! I have committed the cardinal sin though, I've only scrapped one of my "girls"....LOL! Y'all have a terrific day! Chat more next time, Luv, Mat

Friday, October 15, 2010

Woo Hoo, look who's 2 today!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Hayden....Aunt Neenie hopes you have a wonderful birthday, wish I was there to celebrate with you!...Love you very much!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Weekend is almost here!!

Man, is time flying by or what? I think it is because we are enjoying the weather so much! It is simply wonderful here with the 50's in the a.m. and upper 70's, low 80's in the afternoon. Simply gorgeous! All the windows are open and the house smells so fresh and clean. The leaves on the huge oak tree next door are beginning to slowly rain down and makes for a beautiful sound as they dance along the driveway and a messy yard...LOL! The squirrels are furiously busy with the small acorns off that tree and the huge ones off the Red Oak in my yard! The "girls" are having so much fun running from window to window to chase all the "Geicos" in the fun for me to watch too! We also have a few bunny rabbits that like to cavort with the "Geicos" and really drive my "girls" to a frenzy as they want to get out there as well. The big black birds really drive MzKitty up a wall, she "talks" back to them, really!! When I am at the computer, I leave the TV/Radio off and all you hear is the outside world or the clicking of my keys and MzKitty talking! Should make a video of it, huh?
I was in a scrapping mood again yesterday after all my chores were done, so I created a page of my great nieces again. Hayden is on a BG from A Simple Day by Jaelop Designs as is the swirly elements. The WA is from Miss Linda and fits life with Hayden so perfectly.
The page for Jade & Ruby, I dug into some old freebies of Miss Carol's called A Cute Kit and a Fun Kit for the BG & frame. The flowers are from Kreative Expressions Summer Day kit and the WA has no TOU with it. I thank all the generous designers who so selfishly share their hard work. I truly appreciate all of you!
Well, since the weekend is almost upon us, I hope all of you have a fantastic one and that you create a lot of memories to savor and share. I will be rooting for the Rangers and of course DaBoys this weekend! Chat more next time...Luv, Mat

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Been busy couple of days here.....

Had a nice visit and lunch with my boss on Friday at the Olive Garden where we ate too much soup, salad and breadsticks....only meal I had that day...was so great! Then went to Garden Ridge to walk off some it...LOL! Saturday...I deep cleaned my kitchen, stove/oven/refrigerator/micro/toaster/coffepot/cabinets and floor, fixed some lunch, then settled down with a book. My friend Nina called, we went to Sam's where I found an electric fireplace just the right size for the bedroom, then we went to Kirkland's as they had a big sale going, found some things for the wall in the dining room and kitchen...then we went to Steak 'N Shake for a buy one/get one free milkshake to introduce their newest flavors...we chose Butter Pecan since it is our favorite! Yummy! Again nothing else needed for dinner. When got everything unloaded from the car and she headed back home, I just left everything where it was, went back to my book...finished it about 11 p.m. Did not even turn my computer on yesterday! Wow, that is a first in a long time :o)!
This morning, I got up early (4:45), fed and bathed the "girls", took a HOT shower so I could loosen up, then I lay back down to watch that wonderful Mike Holmes on HGTV, fell back to sleep! When I finally dragged my hiney back out of bed...I put the "fireplace" together after moving my exercise bike to the other side of the room so I would have a place for it! Put all the wall hangings up and have all the trash ready to go out on Tuesday! Also on Tuesday, I will be mailing out the photobooks to my sisters and they came in yesterday too! They are simply gorgeous books and hope all enjoy them that receive them as Christmas gifts!
On Thursday, I had nothing to I sat my butt in front of this computer and played with some element making fun. Here are 3 pages (one for each "girl") that I created all the cat elements using cat freebie brushes by Lisa's Designs and a few Autumn elements from Fall Magic Kit & Early Fall Kit by Scrap and Tubes, ADSD's Crisp Days by DCS and some BG pages from Cuddlebeez and Sooze's Labor Day SBF freebie kit. What do you think? O I created the polaroid frames with freebie brushes too. All the photos are mine but one of MzKitty on the floor, it was taken by my friend Scotty!
Hope all of you are having a terrific long weekend and enjoying the extra day for Columbus Day and you Miss Carol are enjoying your Thanksgiving. Make memories to share! Chat more later...Luv, Mat!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another year together!!

Man, the years just seem to be flying by don't they? Can you believe it? Another year together for this fabulous couple! Of course, I am speaking of Miss Gerri and her Al. Seems like I just made them a page a couple of months ago to wish them Happy Anniversary and here I am....with another one and with lots more wishes for a fabulous day and many more of them to come! Hope the memories you make will be shared for a long, long time. Love ya both! Chat more later! Luv, Mat This is a freebie QP called Elegant by Diana, WA is by Miss Linda and the photo from Miss Carol...I recolored the photo some.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary Kathy & Jim

October 3, 1969....Remember? My sister, Kathy, and her husband, Jim, are celebrating 41 yrs of marriage today! I wish you a very happy anniversary and hope you get to share some or part of it with your sons, Jason/Jeff, daughters-in-law Christina/Tiffany, and grandbabies, Jade/Ruby! Made a memory page for you using some photos taken by Jeff and a freebie QP called Whisper of Rose by Butterflies & Bluebells and some wordart belonging to Miss Scarlett! Have a terrific day making more and more memories to share! Love ya both bunches! Mat

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a glorious weekend!

Great temperatures around here finally! Have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned with all the windows open daily and the "girls" and I are just loving it! I have had a busy week with cleaning, a little work, put together and ordered 17 photobooks from ScrapbooksPlease for my sisters, nieces and I as Christmas presents (there was a 2/1 sale)! Sure was hectic trying to get all the approvals through e-mails...but was so much fun...they all had a hard time choosing the exact pages they wanted in each book....LOL! I had a lot of FUN trying to find all my pages on the computer to make sure I had the right sizes of them uploaded for printing! Sure feels good to have that out of the way, now I can make some new ones for more later :o)! The books are to be shipped on the 6th!
I took time off yesterday to visit my pal, Nina! We just sat on the back veranda enjoying the swing and great weather while we chatted for 2 hours~LOL~it was so relaxing! Also got to chat with Inez on another hour long phone conversation. She is in Massachusetts where it has been so very wet! She has a bad "summer" cold and is so ready for fall to come up there! Today I have to get the shopping done that I did not do yesterday and then, I plan to just play on this computer until I get too tired! LMAO here (this is what I do daily)! Actually, I am trying to make some Christmas cards and I need to get my design finished up so they can be ordered soon, can't believe it is already October!
I did the page for Inez with a freebie QP by Jaguar Woman and I played with the photo to make it look more like a portrait painting than a photograph...not too sure I am happy with it, but when I put it on facebook everyone commented it was lovely and Inez surely loves it, even if the photo I took at the botanical gardens is 25 yrs old!This page I did for my ex-husband's granddaughter with a gorgeous black and white photo she had taken for her graduation photos. The QP is a freebie called Serenity by GoldenSun Design and Miss Linda's wordart.
Well, off to do my dreaded chores at the grocery store! The "girls" gotta have some treats, food and litter! Whatever you choose to do today, make it memorable so you can share the memories! Chat more next time y'all! Luv, Mat

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is Fall finally here??

Good Saturday Morning!! Woke to rain, rain, rain...with not one...but two fronts moving through today DROPPING temps! Love it! Love it! Love it! Supposed to rain most of the day here, reach about 84...but tomorrow's high is to be about 77! Finally!!
The "girls" and I are spending a lazy, lazy thought I would make another page for them before we snuggle in to read or watch a movie. I am taking some time off from scrapping to give my "abused" shoulder a rest...LOL! (from playing too many games!)
Since you always see my "girls", here is some of my real family ties, my nieces, nephews and great nieces.
Hope whatever you do this make so very many, many memories to share! I will chat more with all y'all later! Luv, Mat All the photos were taken this month by me and I created the frames with a freebie polaroid brush...the BG and cat toy is from CatLovers Kit by Annie and the WA this time belongs to TLC. Thanx to all for your generosity in sharing!I created this template too and just had to use it...the tree is from Nothing But Freebies, not sure about the WA as no tou with it and the rest is all mine...LOL!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Weymond

My fabulous BIL, Weymond, is having a birthday I took a photo of him from his DIL's FB site to make a Happy Birthday page for him since I could not be there to hassle him in person. He was just in from the fields, dirty, tired and wanting a cigarette, but when his precious grandbaby, Hayden, yells "Papa" it really brightens his day....hopefully this reminder from me will also brighten his day! Love you bunches and hope you share many, many more birthdays as great as this one surrounded by your family and friends!I used a freebie minikit by KBS called Southwestern Sample and the remarkable quote is from Paulette at TLC Creations and the Happy Birthday WA is from Lynn at ScrapEmporium! The photo is one of Margaret's from her FB account! Thanx to all of you for sharing!! Been really busy weekend and now it is FOOTBALL SUNDAY so gonna get caught up with a few things, a little blog walking and answering e-mails....then snacking and watching the games for me! Hope y'all all enjoy your fantastic Sunday and make lots of memories. Chat more later, Luv, Mat 'n "girls"