Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Middle of week already?

Sure does seem like time is flying by here lately. Maybe I've just been too busy...nah, never happen! I painted the paneling on the fireplace wall finally! Surely makes it pop more now and the room looks larger too. Now to decide what I want to hang on the walls...LOL! While looking for alcohol to clean the windshield to replace my car tag, found a huge, yucky, icky, stinky mess under my sink in the disposal sprung a seal leak and it had really made a mess. Replaced the disposal and I had to clean up the goo! That put me in a whole cleaning mode again, so I scratch covered all the cabinets and my grandfather clocks too! My neck, shoulders and arms are not used to WORK...LOL! And this past weekend got the wedding pages all chosen and the books have been ordered and to be shipped on the 6th. Amy is patiently waiting as is Penny, but me, not so patiently! Now I am doing one for Margaret and Lance (Penny too)! Still got to finish Hayden's ABC book and then I want to have a book printed for each girl. Those Photobooks from Scrapbooks Please are fantastic gifts and lots of birthdays are on the way here soon. Besides, I get all the fun and relaxation of making the pages to put in the books...LOL! Well, here are a few pages I managed to make the last couple of days, hope you enjoy them and the rest of your fabulous week. I forgot to write down all the designers I used but thank you to all of you who contributed! Whatever you do make it fun and memorable....we only get one chance in this fantastic life....make it very very very memorable! Chat more later, luv y'all, MatWeymond started this by saying he wished there had been one of him and I made together, so I created this one.
Another created photo of Tony & Bessie (Michael's parents) from it too!
Created photo of Penny & Weymond from the wedding since none were taken of just the two of them.
The change in my fireplace!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Weekend is here Again!!

I have received Amy's choices of pages I have made for her photobook. Now I will be putting them all in order in the book. Penny is also selecting the pages she wants in her book, since they are having a no shipping charges sale at ScrapbooksPlease. Hopefully, she will have hers altogether this weekend and I can place the orders Monday and have the books back by Friday. I've made a few more pages that you have not seen yet so thought I would post them this morning. We are having a very warm, muggy, sticky morning again. Humidity is at 87% and is 82 degrees at 6 a.m. We did get some showers on Thursday evening late and threats of them most of the day yesterday, but all we got was darkness and thunder. Today we have a whopping 10% chance of scattered brief showers. Hope wherever you are you are having lovely summer sunshine and are able to be outside making memories to share! I'll bet Linda, Dennis and the "gang" are playing with new puppies. Scarlett and Rhett will be playing with grandbabies and great grandbabies. Miss Judy will be taking photos of girls and flowers to share the fun and Miss Carol will probably be running around topless, with Charlie taking all kinds of photos while Miss Gerri will be sipping juleps and planning her next fabulous sneak attack. Me and the girls will be lazying around soaking up AC, reading, watching movies or scrapping! Have a wonderful one! Chat more later y'all! Luv, MatJust me and my girls. The WA is from WordArtWorld by Jennifer
I took this photo of Melissa taking a photo and decided to put it together like it was in a frame, I kind of like the outcome. The frame was a freebie called LSW-Cluster Frame DSO June (that I recolored). The WA is Miss Linda's.
The kits I used here was from Teapot Lady, Creative Elegance Designs and the mask is by RB and the WA is Miss Linda's!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My page for Amy

Our own Angelscrapper Carol created a beautiful new overlay, when I combined it with her hand painted paper, I got the perfect QP for Amy's blendeded B/W photo with recolorizing the WA from Jennifer that I so wanted to use resulted in this SPECIAL page for my extra SPECIAL niece. Thanx Carol!! Hope all are having a terrific week, I as usual cannot tell you where this week has gone, cause I'm just staying in and soaking up this staid AC! LOL! Have a wonderful day all, chat more later! Luv, Mat

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hope You All have a terrific week ahead!

Well, I limited myself to 2 more pages for Amy, simply because Miriam's Scraps had such lovely wedding QP's and I finished the ABC pages for Jade's book. 2 done and Hayden's to go. I see Linda and Dennis just added 7 cuties to their family! Congrats Widge, job well done!! I even got to watch Design Star last evening, hope that WITCH Nina goes soon, she is like a bulldozing Mack Truck running all over everybody! I even watched the NASCAR races yesterday too, Jimmie Johnson won on Father's Day, his first child is due at end of this month or next! Very appropriate for his first time winning this type race, my Mark Martin did good, he finished 14th! It was so miserably hot, hot, hot I did not even open my doors this weekend, just soaked up the AC in here, but TODAY is the first day of summer and we have already hit numerous days above 100! Got to get out early tomorrow morning and water my yard, we are already on water rationing and cannot water between 10-6 so I am only watering once a week, just to keep this St.Augustine alive and well (worked too hard to get it to grow with little to no weeds)! My wish for all of you is for a marvelous week ahead, I know Louise will be running around topless, MissBoots will be either feeding puppies, flippin chicks or canning those red thingys, MissScarlett will be busy with MissFluff, keeping Rhett in line and making lots of Mint Juleps for all of us that visit her veranda and MissJudy will be baby sitting/taking photos and Thelma or Maxine will be busy drinking as many juleps as she can before the rest of us get to the veranda, but she may have to swim to get out of Ohio! I will still be making an ABC book for Hayden! LMAO!! I do hope all you all have a great memory making week. Chat with ya later, Mat

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

To all Father's, hope you have a wonderful relaxing day doing what you love most! The quote is the way I felt about my own dad and what I have witnessed from other fathers! I asked MsBoots to make this WA for me about a year or so ago! Whether you are called, dad, daddy, father, papa, grandpa or something else (:o) enjoy your memories you will make today. This is especially for my dad, my brothers-in-law, my nephews, Rhett, Al, Dennis and others too numerous to mention by individual names, but you know who you are! Luv y'all! Mat

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another week gone....

Man~~time sure does fly lately! Seems like it to me anyway! I've certainly been busy!! I had a serious problem this past week....I don't know how I did it...but I erased a lot of documents from my computer including the 75 PSD files of Amy's wedding photos!! Thank goodness I could still get the jpgs from her, Penny or my blog or FB accounts! I had done each one in 12x12 and 300 dpi format so I could re-enlarge them to be printed in her photobook. I was nearing panic when I realized what had happened....all that work just gone! But I can still complete the a matter of fact I printed off 20 of them yesterday in 8x8 format for my own scrapbook of the wedding, they turned out gorgeous! Now everything is backed up again daily on my computer....I had been doing it monthly, but not anymore. I am also in the process of an ABC book for each great niece (All Miss Boots' fault because of her WA)! I have finished Ruby's and was halfway through with Jade's...lost all my templates of the ABC's so gonna have to redo them so I can complete her book and start on Hayden's. It is so nice to be able to put in time at the computer doing what I totally am obsessed with...LOL! It is so hot and so very humid and too miserable to be outside anyhow!! I did get all my chores for work done as well as my housework, grocery shopping, laundry and "girls" all groomed this week so I would have time to just be glued here this weekend! REALLY AM ENJOYING THIS SEMI-RETIREMENT A LOT!! Well enough of this boredom for all of you...have a marvelous weekend whatever you choose to do and make it a memorable one! I will chat with y'all more next time...Luv, MatAnd this one, Amy thinks Michael's head is too big....LMAO...he is that much taller than she is!
She really likes this one of Michael.
Amy with her bouquet....I kind of like this one.
extracting this cake took a long time to do...but Amy loves this page so it was worth it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Such cutie pies

I made some pages of photos I copied from Facebook. 2 from MissScarlet of her darling Rhett and Ashton, then one of pouty Ashton that was just so adorable for Linda's wordart I just had to use it! Also I copied 2 from Christina of Jade asleep and Ruby eating chocolate donut! Hope you enjoy these pages and the week ahead whatever it may bring, make it a good one. Make some memories to share! I hope some of the humidity drops not only here, but in Tennessee, the rain stops in Ohio and Wisconsin and comes in this direction (but not as much as OK & AR got) and that the gorgeous animal photos keep on coming from Canada. Have a wonderful week ladies...Miss Boots, you gotta get well too, miss you! Chat with all y'all later! Luv, Matused older kit called grandparents by 2MrsSumners and I added some to it
the WA is Linda's & mine and #1 is from JC Father'sday kit as is BG
kit is freebie called aprilfreebie, WA is by Linda and kiss brush a freebie
from kit by Adelina called Russian Summer and WA by TLC

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a hectic week!

This week was sooooooooo hectic and busy, where did it go???? Started out with yardwork, then a new mattress (which meant all the bedding had to be washed after being replaced) a new dining table and chairs that I had to put together, then all for my boss....trip to office, bank and office supply....getting blood work regular house cleaning...etc.etc.etc! Seems like I just finished and here it is the weekend and time to start all over again...what happened to the time for me when I semi-retired??? Actually, I have been taking a little more time for me and doing some reading and relaxing and STAYING off the computer some to relax my shoulder and neck, but I also have been sleeping! Marvelous new mattress is allowing me to sleep and sleep comfortably for 8-9 hours (I was getting by with a very restless 3-4 hours before)! Sure am feeling much better too.....then it is to my office to pack it up and get it closed down, records in storage and officially move my work to my home office before the end of the year!! I think I only made two pages for Amy this week and am trying to have her narrow down the 70 pages I have made to 30 for her photobook. I also did a couple of pages of the great nieces...but I did try not scrapping or playing any games this week. With the rest from the computer and the blessed sleeping...I am much more able to sit here now! Will share what I did this week before I start my blog walking...Hope all of you have a terrific weekend (what's left of it anyhow) and make lots of memories to share! Chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

Monday, June 7, 2010


Just feeling a little melancholy this weekend with all this miserable thought I'd make a couple of pages of my sisters and I....these are pretty self explantory! Well, off to buy a new mattress, with luck will find one today! Chat later! Luv, Mat

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Somebody has another Birthday today!

Good Sunday morning and Happy Birthday Miss Linda!! Hope your weather cooperates long enough to drop some sunshine on your special day! If not, come on down the temperature here today is to be 101 but the heat index is to be 106! Not a cloud in sight for rain possibilities either and....the Indy cars are at the Motor Speedway too! We could find lots of things to do to entertain you on your day! LOL! I think I want to go share some of Carol's snow about now...LOL! I think it is stormy in Ohio and probably just hot in Tennessee too! But thank goodness I finally got all that new AC stuff working in my Tahoe as of 7 p.m. last evening. (Only been a month long project!) I made this special page for your birthday and send it with lots of hugs, wishes and even a couple of juleps to brighten your day if the sun does not shine for you! Have a terrific one (one of many, many more to come!) and make the most of it, doing what YOU want to today! Thanx so much for your friendship and your generosity in sharing your "work" too! Luv ya, chat more later! Mat

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thanx Miss Boots!!

Well, Linda, look at this lovely QP U made! It just spoke to the "girls" and they told me to make a page of them since they have been neglected for Amy's wedding photos. This is just perfect, so Thanx Miss Boots from me and the "girls" MzKitty, Oreo and Pumpkin. Have a terrific weekend all of y'all!! Luv, Mat

Thursday, June 3, 2010

U just thought I was through!

Yep, here are some more wedding photos. I am creating all these pages for Amy a photobook! Therefore, I am making more than normal so that she can choose her favorite 20 or 30 to put in the book of memories for I just have to share since that is about all I am doing....LOL! I so enjoy the creating of these pages, but....I am having to slow down some to give "Arthur" a break once in awhile! He just loves to put pain in my neck and shoulders when I sit here too long and doesn't understand that I need to do this NOW and get finished while I am feeling a little creative!! (LMAO)!! Anyhow, thanx to everyone that has contributed kits/wordart, inspiration and especially the kind comments on here, FB and by e-mail! I appreciate each and every one of you. It is definitely too HOT to be outside as we are into the triple digits already...(way too early for these now) guess this project has come at a good time. Thanx for looking and leaving your encouragement. Have a terrific weekend ahead and make lots of wonderful memories to share! Chat more next go around! Love y'all, MatThis is Amy's new in-laws, Tony & BessieMichael's brother Marcus and his wife Kayla were attendants!Amy getting ready!I named this one Dream which could be for either of them...LOL!It was so very hot and muggy, storms brewing all around and Amy was simply gasping while taking these photos, Kay, Mistie and I helped by lifting the dress and fanning a little! She loves this photo and this kit is called liquid fire! LOL!This is Amy & Michael looking in on their wedding day! That's all for today, but I do have more....LMAO!!