Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Weekend is here Again!!

I have received Amy's choices of pages I have made for her photobook. Now I will be putting them all in order in the book. Penny is also selecting the pages she wants in her book, since they are having a no shipping charges sale at ScrapbooksPlease. Hopefully, she will have hers altogether this weekend and I can place the orders Monday and have the books back by Friday. I've made a few more pages that you have not seen yet so thought I would post them this morning. We are having a very warm, muggy, sticky morning again. Humidity is at 87% and is 82 degrees at 6 a.m. We did get some showers on Thursday evening late and threats of them most of the day yesterday, but all we got was darkness and thunder. Today we have a whopping 10% chance of scattered brief showers. Hope wherever you are you are having lovely summer sunshine and are able to be outside making memories to share! I'll bet Linda, Dennis and the "gang" are playing with new puppies. Scarlett and Rhett will be playing with grandbabies and great grandbabies. Miss Judy will be taking photos of girls and flowers to share the fun and Miss Carol will probably be running around topless, with Charlie taking all kinds of photos while Miss Gerri will be sipping juleps and planning her next fabulous sneak attack. Me and the girls will be lazying around soaking up AC, reading, watching movies or scrapping! Have a wonderful one! Chat more later y'all! Luv, MatJust me and my girls. The WA is from WordArtWorld by Jennifer
I took this photo of Melissa taking a photo and decided to put it together like it was in a frame, I kind of like the outcome. The frame was a freebie called LSW-Cluster Frame DSO June (that I recolored). The WA is Miss Linda's.
The kits I used here was from Teapot Lady, Creative Elegance Designs and the mask is by RB and the WA is Miss Linda's!

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