Thursday, October 27, 2011

Go Rangers!!

Well, the World Series got rained out last evening in St.Louis, but watch the RANGERS tonight! Series is now Rangers 3 games to 2 games for the Cardinals. The rain and cold front that hit St. Louis area yesterday is trying to come in here today....dropping temps from the uppers 80's to the 40's by nightfall! Brrrr! No rain as of yet, but threatening! Since I have been glued to the TV watching the series, I have been using some of those freebie kits I have downloaded making an enormous amount of QPs on my laptop in Photoshop. Here are a few I have added some photos to! This is from Cuddlebeez's A Season kit. Jason with Ruby and Jayson, Jade holding Jayson, Jayson, and Ruby loving on Jayson, aren't they cute, cute, cute?I made these cute photos of Margaret and Hayden when I went home in March. The kit I used was one of Cuddlebeez's and the cluster is from Farmer Lisa. I know I have used this photo before, but it is such a good one of Maggie that I put her in this page from Russian Dutch Heart Beloved Memory kit.
" />This is Jan's greatgrandson, Jaydan on a BG from Tea for TwoThis is Ruby eating her ice cream again in a QP by ElkaRomeroAnd lastly, me and my "girls" in a QP using Raspberry Road and a freebie by Marzen Designs called Autumn Dreams.
Been all day trying to upload this. Blogger kept kicking me off the internet. Now the rain is starting to softly fall, my chicken and dumplings are ready, the game starts in about 90 minutes, so outta here and going to feed my face and root for the RANGERS to win! Chat more later, luv y'all! Mat

Friday, October 21, 2011

Texas State Fair

I went to the Texas State Fair with Nina and Chuck this year. I have not been in a few years and they had never been...can you believe it? We picked the coolest, windiest day, but oh, it was so much fun. We took the TRE train and then the DART train right to Fair Park. That was a first for all of us. We enjoyed the whole day, eating corny dogs, corn on the cob, funnel cake, fried brownies, fried cheesecake and cold beer. (no one was driving). We rode the Big Star ferris wheel, the Skyway tram, watched a few demos (ate vita soup and ice cream), walked and walked and walked. Sure was fun and we so needed the exercise and a break from everyday stuff! Here's a photo that Chuck took of Nina and I as flowers. I created the QP using an older freebie kit called inspired by nature and word art by Ginger.This photo is of me as we were waiting for the train to head east to Dallas. I made this QP using freebie kit by zlatadesigns called Autumn Kiss.These are pages I added for Jan's great grandson Jaydan. This is from a freebie by clareydesigns called denim and daisies and the wordart is by Miss Linda at Random ThoughtsThis is a QP I made using Linda Lou's kit Ain't Life GrandForgot to write this one down, I created the QP will get the info and correct it for the kudos.This is my "girls" from my Blackberry camera. Not the best, but cute shots of them with me in the bathroom...LOL! They had just gotten their morning baths too! in a freebie kit called Yellow and Gray!I'm involved in a rivalry with my sister Kathy over the world series. She says her St. Louis Cardinals are gonna beat my Texas Rangers. Ain't No Way, we're gonna do it this year. Anyhow, been watching the games for the last two nights, both been nail biters and we are tied at 1-1 each. The next 3 games are here in Texas!! GO RANGERS!!! Well, got to get myself busy, so will hush for now. Hope y'all all have a great weekend ahead making lots of memories to share. Chat more next time. Luv, Mat

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pages for my friend Jan~

I'm making a scrapbook to be printed for my friend Jan's great grandson Jaydan. I've created a few QP's using RDH's (With a Russian Dutch Heart) kit From Earth to Sky. This kit is so lovely and so versatile to use, I thank you Kyra for your generosity in sharing your beautiful work. I have kept all of these QPS to use at some time in the future too! Hope you enjoy these pages ladies! Have a wonderful week ahead. Chat more later! Luv, Mat

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More photos of Jayson~*~

Been snitching some photos of Jayson off Christina's FB account. Just had to make a few more pages...LOL! He is a Big Boy already....sent him some 6-9 mo clothes. I have been busy gathering birthday presents for Hayden (3 in Oct), Jade (5 in Dec) and Ruby (3 in Dec). I have also been Christmas shopping for all 4 of them too. Next comes Christmas for the nieces and nephews...whew...lots to do! Then comes the sisters (real and "adopted")!! Maybe I will be through by Christmas....LOL! Anyhow, weather is finally cooling down into the upper 80's now. Got to keep my windows closed though as I have been having them opened, had to visit the doctor for vertigo, ALLERGIES acting up because the ragweed is so high. Taking a medrol dosepak and some Antivert. Seems to be helping a little. With the fatigue and swimming head I didn't feel like being at the computer....LOL! Today, I made up for it. Got that new kit from Kyra (With a Russian Dutch Heart) called From Earth to Sky....have created 10 QPs with it and finally scrapped some pages for my friend Jan of her great grandson and a couple of Jayson and even one of my friend Nina. Will not share all of them with you...LOL....but only a couple. Well, tired for sure now, so gonna close early and settle in for a NASCAR and FOOTBALL tomorrow...LOL! Whatever you choose to do for this long weekend...have fun...enjoy each other and make lots of memories to share. Chat more next time y'all!! Luv, Mat
All 3 of Kathy's grandkids at about the same age...LOL
This is a QP from 7th Heaven's birthday celebration
I think this was the day they took him home. I created this page from RDH kit.
Ruby with Jayson. I created this page from RDH kit

My Friend Nina and I created this page from the RDH kit.