Sunday, February 21, 2016

Holy Cow!

I have really been busy at work and after 8 hours each day of constant telephone and computer, I just am too wiped out to turn my computer on at night....usually, I just feed my fur babies, clean the litter boxes, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on jammies and go to bed....LOL...the life of a retiree...ROFL!
Our weather has really been unusually warm for this time of year....up into the 80's already...all the plants, trees and grass are beginning to awaken.  I hope we do not have a late freeze and stunt all of them, but I do wish we would have one long enough to kill off pollen and bugs....NOT...anytime soon.  We desperately need rain again as we have had some really windy days that seems to have taken a lot of the moisture out.  I am sitting here now with all the windows open and the ceiling fans going...we awoke to the upper 60's, but supposedly, a cold front is coming in to drop us from the 80's to the 60's for highs! We will just have to see. I even washed my car in hopes it would rain...LMBO!
I did manage to get a few pages made, using free QPs, for Valentine's Day, but that is about all.  I have some really cute photos I need to work with, but they will have to wait a bit...hopefully, after the Daytona 500 I will have time to get on here and do some work.  I just did some blog visiting to friends yesterday!  I am happy all are well or on the mend! All my family seems to be doing well except for Kathy, she has had another bout of cellulitis that put her in the hospital for a couple of days! All my fur babies are about to get used to my routine again, not that they LIKE it, but getting adjusted.  They sure stick to me when I get home and on weekends.  Makes me feel guilty to have to go grocery shopping, but hey, it is for them anyway!
Ok, so that these are in my book, here are the pages I created...
 This was Penny and Weymond's 32 anniversary so created this using a frame by Neli and lace by Miriam. I desaturated their wedding photo.
This photo of me was made at Thanksgiving, can you see all the wrinkles?  I used a QP by Mirella at LTH Designs.
This is my "SIL" Inez and her hubby Larry that I used a frame by Neli on a background I created.
Amy's little darlings, Eliza & Annabeth, in a free QP by Fecnikek. Aren't they sweet?
Here's Maggie's sweeties...Hayden, Calvin and Wayne in a heart frame by Neli. They are growing too fast!
And of course, Kathy's 3 adorable grand kids, Jade, Ruby and Jayson in frames of hearts and flowers by Neli on the same background I created to match the colors...had to do something that was fast...I am lucky I got these done, I procrastinated a long time....ROFL!!
These I created before Valentine's Day, but never posted....It's been a long two weeks, y'all!
Sweet Sebrina in a page I created using a Pixel Scrappers Collaboration Kit
This is a kit I received a long time ago by Janniscrap called Embroidery that I pulled out to use with the free cluster from (?) to use on this cute photo Amy sent.
 Sweet, Sweet Wayne spending me time with Daddy, Lance, in a gorgeous freebie from Kimeric Kreations
Little Princess in her own world of  make believe magic in a page by Kyra. You can find links at the names of the designers if you so wish. I thank all of them for the fabulous time saving freebies!
Okay, enough for now...I must get up and get the floors mopped prior to the race starting!  Y'all have a fantastic Sunday and week ahead. Make lots and lots of memories to share. Chat more next time! Hugs Galore for all! Mat