Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings!

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, me and the fur babies really did! I cooked a little (which I don't do too often anymore, hard to cook for one)! We had a friend deep fry a turkey for us, I made a pan of cornbread dressing (I made herb cornbread to use and dang near ate all of it before using it for the dressing), green beans and deviled eggs. I also made a Caramel Apple dump cake.....yummy! We've had leftovers today that was just as delicious as yesterday.  ROFL!! We had rain for most of the afternoon and evening, just after midnight we broke all time records for wettest year at 55+inches has rained most of today and to rain tomorrow and Sunday too before it is to move on out.  At least we are staying above freezing and no ice storms like it is in the panhandle. We had almost 80F yesterday, tomorrow will not get out of the upper 30's they say!  Oh, well, great day to stay inside and finish the wedding book I am creating for a Christmas present...the ABC books I am working on for Annabeth and Calvin...and trying not to work at this computer too long at a time because of the arthritis in my neck and hands....LOL!
It was really dark at 5 p.m. This is Oreo on the sill (you can barely see her) and Misty and Sideways looking out at the rain....we are in the computer room.
This is on the bed (Sideways is almost blind so it's hard to take photos with his eyes)...they are always snuggled together...
Oreo has her spot and uses all of it...LOL, she is comfy for sure!
Pumpkin on the floor beside the bed...she doesn't always want to be on the it gets crowded with all 5 of them on there with me...LMBO!!
Ms Diva likes to lie on the pillow above my head to be looking over all of us...she can be a real B*^%* sometimes....but I love all my fur babies and am happy they allow me to live with them and pay the bills and feed them....ROFLMBO!
OK, time to get off here and get some work done, y'all have a great weekend and make lots and lots of memories to more later! Hugs, Mat

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Calvin & Penny!

Another year and another birthday for Calvin on the 14th and Penny today! I did a page for both of them...Calvin turned 2 and Penny is the whopping double nickel today....she's gonna get even with me for that one, I guarantee!
This cute free frame is by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli with a photo of Calvin in his John Deere green shirt eating his John Deere Tractor cake...(Can you tell he is crazy about tractors and trucks and cars?) He is so stinking cute...just like his daddy was and has the same devilish grin too! LOL!
This I made for Facebook and since she hates, hates, hates her photos, I made it very ghost like so she would not complain too much. I created it using the free kit by Kyra at With A Russian-Dutch Heart called Afternoon in September and free cluster using the same kit by her CT Arlene.
So, I got a few more photos of all Kathy's and Penny's grand babies...just had to scrap some of them too as they change so rapidly at this stage in their little lives...I wish I could visit with them more, but since I can't, I have to visit through photos...Right?
This adorable photo of Annabeth and Eliza just begged to be put on a scrap page. The page is from Neli, the sisters alpha is from Crazy-4-Monograms and the wordart is by Miss Boots aka Random Thoughts at Linda's Place.
This photo of Jade and Ruby was posted as Fancy Dress Day at school, so I decided to put them in the page and instead of trying to make separate photos, just leave it together and enlarge it to fit both frames. Sorry do not know who the designer is as it had to TOU with it and I have had it a while.
Isn't this the sweetest photo? don't you just want to squeeze him? I do!!  This is Jayson who fell asleep watching a video on his kindle...sweet dreams little one! The page is created using the free mini kit called Little Dreamer by Raspberry Road Designs with the cluster by the CT Ellen.
Sweetness overload here...Miss Hayden in a lovely QP by Fecnikek called Vanilla Mint, just love the pop of hot pink with this layout!
Ok, so Mr handsome, Calvin got 2 pages this was special for his birthday, this one is just because he is so stinking Cute, Cute, Cute! This is also a free QP by Fecnikek
The two littlest ones, Ms Eliza and Mr Wayne are sharing the baby room frame by Fecnikek. They are just too sweet for words...right?
And finally, sweetness overload here...Miss Annabeth in a cute frame titles Sweet Little Girl also by Fecnikek.
I really do enjoy doing these and I really, really appreciate all the freebies that these awesome designers so generously give to us to make the process fun. If you want to visit their individual sites, just place your mouse over their names for the links, or find them in my friends list on the right of this post.
Was so very sorry about all the killings in France, it is a real shame that people get so brain washed by lunatics and will not let this world live in peace. Why innocent folks have to die for some idiot to prove they can so easily be led to hate is beyond my scope of reasoning! Pray that healing takes place soon for those loved ones left behind as well as those that left us too soon and a healing for the country as well.
We have been having lovely Fall weather (except for last Monday when all the storms and tornadoes came through around 3 a.m.) Today we are going to reach 70, but overnight the bottom will fall out again and we are expecting a freeze for our area on Sunday morning! So, I guess I better get my rear out of this chair and get stuff together to put on my plants or take in the ones in danger of the colder weather.  Thankfully, I have taken precautions for all my outdoor fur babies that visit...they have electric heating pads in their condos and soft clean blankets to snuggle in away from that cold north wind.  The yard guys were here yesterday (finally got the ground dry enough to mow) and my lawn looks lovely and free of leaves....LOL! won't last long as the Live Oak next door still has lots of leaves and my Red Oak is still full of green leaves and acorns, and acorns, and acorns and acorns...lots and lots of them. ROFL!  I've also cleaned all the bird feeders and have fresh new seed and suet blocks and Miss Edna's Peanut Butter Bread too! The squirrels just love that as much as the birds do!
I had a lovely weekend visit with my sweet niece Sebrina...we ate way too much Mexican food and talked, and talked before bed, then I let her sleep in and made her some biscuits and sausage gravy before she left to go back home. She was in Ft. Worth for a Science convention that ended on Saturday so she spent the night with me. I get to see her so seldom, it is always a real treat when she visits. My fur babies were not happy with a stranger in the house and didn't want to visit with her until just before she left on Sunday, little stinkers...! So I did her a page as well....she is in a free QP by Miss Edna, doesn't she look lovely?
Okay, just heard the trash truck come by so gotta put the cans back up and get to moving a little so will sign off for now and chat more with you next time.  Make lots and lots of memories to share with us, have a marvelous weekend! Hugs, Mat

Monday, November 9, 2015

Stormy weather AGAIN!

We've had spring weather, 80F on the 7th that spawned an EF-0 tornado(here's link within 3 miles of my home, scaring all the fur babies inside and outside, then the front moves in with the Fall temps finally....yesterday morning woke to 45F, this morning it was 50F and headed back up.  We had rain on the 7th, and 8th, but the races got to run...with Jimmy Johnson winning again....YIPPEE!!....and the Cowboys lost in overtime to the Eagles while playing in the stadium here with the roof open and got hit by a surprise shower!! No rain is forecast for today or tomorrow (to be back in the mid 70's), but Wednesday another front is coming in that could bring more severe weather.  I think the fur babies and I trained real well in the Spring for storms, cause they were no problem getting into the inner bathroom away from any windows or outside walls!
I want to wish my first cousin, Nancy, a very happy birthday today. I sent her a scrapped page on Facebook using a frame by Neli at Lucardo Cantado Da Neli.....
Maggie sent me some photos of Mimi (Penny) and all her grandbabies, so naturally, I had to make some scrapped pages using them...Check these out!
This is also a framed card from Neli, Penny is holding Eliza on the left and Wayne, next is Annabeth and Hayden with Calvin in the front. She is one blessed Mimi for sure, bet Papa was jealous she had all of them in her lap!
While holding Eliza and Wayne, Eliza grabbed his hand to hold and Annabeth was trying to hold the other one, the close up shows how she grabbed it...poor Wayne is the youngest...just a month old now. I used a freebie QP called Lazy Days from DigiDesignResort. Can't remember who the wordart is by, I have had it a long time.
This photo Maggie snapped of Calvin loving on a friend at Mimi's office. The QP is QPA from Raspberry Road Designs Hello Fall kit. The wordart is by Marisa Lerin at Pixel Scrapper
Two oh so sweet photos of Wayne sleeping, created this page using the Vintage Baby megakit freebie by Miriam at Miriam's Scraps with the bottom wordart by Crazy4Monograms.
This adorable photo came from Amy to my phone of Annabeth and Eliza....this page was created using an overlay from Snickerdoodle at Digital Scrapbooking Studio, the Monogram Wordart is by Crazy-4-Monograms Sister Set, the frame is from SBF-Fall Memories by Horsedreamn and the autumn leaf is from one of Miriam's kits.

And finally, got the photo of Jayson at pre-school...don't you just love his adorable smile? This is a QP created using background and overlay and mat by OklahomaDawn at SBF called School Is Cool and the cluster is a freebie by Kimeric Kreations.
 I think that is all since my last post....can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? I haven't even begun to make any plans, sure would love to go to Georgia, but with the taxes and insurance on the duplexes due, I probably won't be able to go.
Well, think I will hush for this time and get some things done around here, got my grocery shopping done and lots of food and litter in for the I think I will mop my floors, I swept earlier and ran the vacuum, but they need to be mopped, while the babies are all asleep and I won't have them tracking it up while it's wet...LOL!
Y'all all have a great week ahead, make lots and lots and lots of memories to share. Chat more later! Hugs, Mat