Friday, August 19, 2011

Same old song, different verse...still above 100 daily!

We are still in the throes of a DRY, DRY, DRY and very Hot, Hot, HOT summer. To break records here today with 107 the target. So very tired and bored with this summer. Wouldn't be so bad if we could just get some rain~lots of grass fires that are ending up taking homes and vehicles with it. Crunchy brown straw instead of nice lush green lawns...not a pretty picture! I'm soaking my lawn a little just to keep the fire danger down. Feel so for all the firefighters that are having some really busy days around these parts in all this excessive heat. I'm still trying to stay inside as much as I can, really have no energy to go outside, this just sucks the life out of you, slowly! So, while indoors what do I do???? I scrap until I can't use my arms and neck and shoulders...LOL! So think I will get a massage today (I hope) if Kelly can squeeze me in. Here's some of the pages I have made recently!

I also had a very nice surprise this week, my dear friend Judy (know as Miss Scarlett to y'all) sent me photos of some of my family's headstones from a cemetery closer to her. Her generosity and help in my genealogy research is totally amazing and so very, very much appreciated. I hope someday to meet this gracious and very giving lady and share a real mint julep with her on her fabulous veranda! Also received an e-mail from Japan from the wife of a grandson of a first cousin that I have been searching for information on for a few years now. Very exciting that we will be able to share some information as well! Been a very productive week for me! Hope y'all all share a beautiful weekend making memories with your loved ones. Chat more next time...Luv, MatLisette-Lovely miss QP #1, Wordart has no TOU with it and the photo I got from Margaret's FB

Jade & Ruby are in Gina's QP #62 and photos I took from Christina's FB

I took this photo of Mary as we celebrated her birthday and put in MMC Strawberry Sting QP

This is a QP called Vintage by Tiki

This is RRD's For the Record with a cluster by Scrappie Irene and my photos. the WA is older and no TOU with it.

This is RRD's For the Record and cluster and the Wordart is by Elegant WA

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still above 100 degrees around here!!!

Today will be day 41 straight, the record of 42 was set back in 1980, Saturday will break the record if it makes it. There is a front hovering and stalling out in Oklahoma that MAY give us some clouds (RAIN WE HOPE) that could drop our temps to 99 and not break the records. We can only hope. So far we are at 48 days this summer of over 100, but the record there was again set in 1980 at 69 total days. Certainly hope we do not break those records. Water rationing is getting serious around here now, my grass is totally dormant and so brown, the only watering I do is soaking around the foundation of the house and my potted plants that are about to burn to a crisp. :) We are having rolling blackouts of the electricity in the high peaks of the day still and still under an excessive heat warning. The humidity thank goodness is staying around 25%. But then, I am staying inside in the hottest part of the day anyway....and just scrapping away. Here are a few of what I have done in the last couple of days, lots of birthdays to celebrate. 3 of them tomorrow!! So happy birthday Oreo and to my niece Amy and a rememberance of what would have been my brother's 53rd birthday! The 10th was my friend Theresa's birthday (she now lives in OH) the grandma page is my high school chum, Libby's 5 month old grandbaby, one of my tired sister and one for coffee drinking Ms Carol and the others are my great nieces. Hope all of you have a terrific weekend, pray for rain and relief for us and make lots of memories to share! Chat with y'all more later on! Luv, MatOreo's QP is Life is Grand by Xena and photo taken yesterday.

Floressence by meldesigns QP and photos from Amy's 2007 vacation CD

Backgrounds by Cuddlebeez's Good Afternoon papers and Raspberry Road Designs Grass Stains Cluster. Photo is mine of the 4 of us recolored.

Theresa is in QP by A+Designs called A Beautiful Life. My photo.Angels Among Us by Brattys Designs, WA by 2MrsSumners and photos from e-mail Libby sent me.

Raspberry Road Designs Oopsie Daisy background and Cluster C by Ellen. My photo from 2004 I think. WA is without a TOU.Photo by Miss Judy,BG by LMS Painted Dessert BlogTrain freebie,Hot Coffee Cup by Craftyscraps and WA by Donna and Border by Kim BSeveral different designers, will get back to ya on this one.BG from Painted Dessert Blog Train, barbwire frame by Lanell at never Forget Memories and Cluster by DoubleTrouble, the WA is by Donna and photo from Margaret's Facebook.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're Melting~

We are still under the excessive heat advisory, it's gets extended daily. We are breaking all kinds of records, daily highs, highest low temps in a.m. ever recorded and dry, dry, dry. Yesterday the rolling blackouts started...hasn't hit me yet...but~and the water rationing is getting worse. I have to get a new soaker hose to put around the entire house. The ground is cracking and the highways are buckling from the excessive heat. We hit 112 degrees here yesterday and the heat is not slowing down any and the humidity is on the increase. We need rain desperately (last rained on June 20th). Today will be 34 straight days of 100+ temps and only 8 away from tying the record set in 1980 of 42 days. From all the weather forecasts I have seen, we should surpass this record. I know there are others of you out there suffering this heat as well, been a really weird year for weather records, huh? Way too many tornados and in places where they don't usually hit, the heat wave in lots and lots of places where they are not used to it too! Here, the lakes are really drying up, docks are high and dry and even finding remnants of the space shuttle from 2003, since the water is lower. Too hot for swimming in and the "parks" that are still operating are adding ice to their pools for swimming! Think I will go buy a battery operated fan and batteries to be able to keep the "girls" cool during the blackouts. :)
Too hot for outside so staying in as much as I can and been doing a little scrapping for my friend Janette. She and her mate Mike have 6 cats that I "sit" when they go out of town, they wanted some pages of them, so here are the pages I have created for her. Used a lot of older freebie kits I have and some newer ones from Raspberry Road Designs. Thanx to all you generous designers for the freebies, you make my days so much brighter!
Well, enough babbling, will get some work done and chat with all of you later. Have a marvelous weekend ahead doing just as you please and making lots of memories to share while doing it~ Luv, Mat
Janette and Mike on a trip in Amarillo.
All 6 of their cats, the large Calico is Mama to 4 of them.
This is Bear and he is a big scaredy cat for sure, loves to hide.
Petey is the only other male and he is finally warming to me.
This is MsPurple, she likes when I bring her treats.
This is Rainy, she is almost Mama's double, but so very shy.
This is twofy (for 2 Faces) and Janette's baby for sure.
This photo was taken in front of their home a few weeks back.
Well, guess blogger and or the internet are having problems too, took FOREVER to upload the images and to publish this post :(