Friday, August 19, 2011

Same old song, different verse...still above 100 daily!

We are still in the throes of a DRY, DRY, DRY and very Hot, Hot, HOT summer. To break records here today with 107 the target. So very tired and bored with this summer. Wouldn't be so bad if we could just get some rain~lots of grass fires that are ending up taking homes and vehicles with it. Crunchy brown straw instead of nice lush green lawns...not a pretty picture! I'm soaking my lawn a little just to keep the fire danger down. Feel so for all the firefighters that are having some really busy days around these parts in all this excessive heat. I'm still trying to stay inside as much as I can, really have no energy to go outside, this just sucks the life out of you, slowly! So, while indoors what do I do???? I scrap until I can't use my arms and neck and shoulders...LOL! So think I will get a massage today (I hope) if Kelly can squeeze me in. Here's some of the pages I have made recently!

I also had a very nice surprise this week, my dear friend Judy (know as Miss Scarlett to y'all) sent me photos of some of my family's headstones from a cemetery closer to her. Her generosity and help in my genealogy research is totally amazing and so very, very much appreciated. I hope someday to meet this gracious and very giving lady and share a real mint julep with her on her fabulous veranda! Also received an e-mail from Japan from the wife of a grandson of a first cousin that I have been searching for information on for a few years now. Very exciting that we will be able to share some information as well! Been a very productive week for me! Hope y'all all share a beautiful weekend making memories with your loved ones. Chat more next time...Luv, MatLisette-Lovely miss QP #1, Wordart has no TOU with it and the photo I got from Margaret's FB

Jade & Ruby are in Gina's QP #62 and photos I took from Christina's FB

I took this photo of Mary as we celebrated her birthday and put in MMC Strawberry Sting QP

This is a QP called Vintage by Tiki

This is RRD's For the Record with a cluster by Scrappie Irene and my photos. the WA is older and no TOU with it.

This is RRD's For the Record and cluster and the Wordart is by Elegant WA

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