Friday, March 28, 2014

Another week has sped by!

Can't believe it is Friday again and almost the end of March too! Boy is time flying by or what? I've stayed busy, but not hectic like last week. The house is clean, the laundry is done and put away, shopping was done earlier in the week, all my furbabies inside have been bathed, cleaned litter boxes, trash out for pickup, all animals and birds outside with full bowls and all inside are asleep, so now is my free time for my computer and what got it trouble with the server for my worldlogon account, but one phone call and about an hour and is working again. :) happy face!
I did manage to complete some scrap pages for Amy and have ordered her surprise. I really do enjoy doing the digital scrapping for her...and I get to see all the photos of the babies as they are growing and changing! Here are a few that I did this week. A few of you may have seen some of them on my Facebook account, but I want them on my blog so that when I print it out at the end of the year, I have them printed out as well.
Annabeth meets Nana (a family friend) for first was a sad occasion as Nana's hubby had just passed away, but Annabeth took to her right away Amy says! The page is a QP by Nathy using Hidden Treasures kit by manu
This is Audrey Grace the child of one of Amy's best friends, isn't she just too cute especially in the QP by Marijja at Fecnikek
This is Lance at Nana's house with both Annabeth and Calvin and then him asleep. Amy just had to have a page with her big brother in it...LOL! This QP is by
This is Maggie with Calvin in another pretty QP by Marijja at Fecnikek.

Annabeth not liking her mama's camera while Mimi is feeding her...the QP is one from Neli at Lugar Encantando Da Neli
Well, enough for today there are a number of others, hope y'all all have a terrific weekend ahead and are very busy making lots of memories to share! Chat more later! Hugs, Mat

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hectic Week!!

Good Saturday morning y'all!! Spring really is here now, because the  forecast is finally showing showers for our area....nothing severe yet, just gentle soft rains today, tomorrow and Monday. We need them like this for a few days.....not a total washout for the weekend, but showers! All the blooming trees are so pretty right now, changing from the white flowers to green leaves and all the other trees are showing buds galore. The temps have been nice and some days even very warm, but a little cool down is also coming with these showers, not much....just more normal than the mid 80's we saw this past week.
I had to have the water lines replaced in my kitchen because the hot water one sprung a leak. They were old and soldered and created a real mess, so while doing that I just had a whole new stainless sink added too! (my old enamel one was really ugly because of losing enamel...LOL!) My handyman also resealed my counter top! This meant I had to unload everything from under the sink and off the counters, thus creating a chore for me to clean out and purge and clean all my little appliances before putting anything back.  Sink is beautiful, the disposal is working as is the dishwasher, the counter tops have been cleaned and polished and all looks so terrific....then, I had to redo the that meant redoing all of them. I swept, vacuumed and steam mopped before putting down some Quick Shine....that took 2 days, but the whole house is done. Since I was in a spring cleaning mood, I changed out the bedroom curtains and spread.  Washed all that I replaced, then put them in a Ziploc storage bag. Cleaned and packed away all the sweats and flannel jammies too.....steam cleaned my sofa and washed the kitty nose art off the my gray covered and a haircut too...I got spring fever bad....ROFL.  At least all is clean for a few days!! My fur babies were upset because they thought I was moving stuff around! Now, if I can just get motivated to do my gardening....LOL!
I even ran some errands for Jan and "sat" with her for a few hours while Bill did some errands and grocery shopping.  She is still weak as water after this last weeks stay in the hospital. The visiting nurse came to see here while I was there and he thinks she is improving, very slowly, but improving! There have certainly been lots of prayers said for her. It breaks my heart that she can't get a break from all this. The radiation just totally depleted her immune system and she has nothing to fight off anything, it is just going to take time and she is not the most patient of patients!! (sound familiar?)
I did manage to do a few pages this week, but not nearly as many as I would have liked, but the days just seem to fly by so fast without me getting a lot accomplished....I think I am just slowing down way too much.
Or spending too much time spoiling my fur babies, especially Tom, he wants to be held and rocked just like a baby a lot! He will crawl up on my lap while at the computer then up on my shoulder and purr until I cradle him and rock him...spoiled you ask? just well loved! Right now MzKitty is above my keyboard and I think she is singing as her tail is thumping in is her purring.  The others have been fed and their daily wet wipe down so all are back to sleeping! What a rough life they have! LMBO!
I created this QP using Miriam's Scraps mk14. This is Amy and her sister-in-law Hannah from Christmas a couple of years ago,
Don't ya just love this photo of Ruby, Jade and Christina? I love the expressions on their faces. This is a paper by Raspberry Road Designs March Winds and some CU flowers I've had for a while.
Here's another one, but with all 3 of the kids with Mommy at the playground. I used Miriam's mk14 and am not sure who did the wordart.
This is for Amy's husband's grandmother who is fighting cancer right now. They had taken Annabeth to see her and Amy asked to make a page. I found the quote on FB and changed it to read Great Grandmother for this page. QP is from fanette mel addiction qp3

This is sweet Annabeth playing in a cute QP by Linda at Random Thoughts
Here's Mimi again with a lap full of grand-babies. This is QP3 from Miriam's Scrap kit mk14

Amy, Hayden, Papa with his lap full of Calvin and Annabeth in a love QP from Neli at .Lugar Encantado Da Neli
Well that's all for right now, y'all have a great weekend and make lots and lots of memories to share. Guess I will get up and move around a bit as my shoulders are stiff now....LOL! I have been writing this off and on for about an hour and a half. (lots of feeding the birds...petting MzKitty....loving on Tom...answering the phone....and making another cup of coffee). Think I will go make a pan of 7-Up biscuits and have them for brunch! More next time..Hugs, Mat

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring is here....not yet!!

We've had lovely spring weather for spring break week...until night before last...that is!! This morning we are at 37 F and Tuesday we were at 86F....but that old north wind decided to blow at 45+ mph on Tuesday night causing all kinds of noises and disrupting sleep.  Yesterday was beautiful in the upper 50's, but with the wind it was quite chilly....but, you guessed it we are headed back up to the upper 60's and lower 70's for the rest of spring break!  Six Flags, both the Dallas and the Ft. Worth Zoo, and all the museums are benefiting from the nice temperatures. The blooming trees are full of buds and green in flower beds is beginning to show.
I have had to curtail feeding the feral cats around here as a "new" neighbor doesn't like cats and called animal control and registered a complaint (instead of being a decent human and coming to me first). They were not very nice when they knocked on my door with a warning citation either. Now that I have 4 cats inside, they will be spot inspecting my home on the inside! I am NOT a happy person about all this, but I do have to follow the laws and be legal. That is okay as her payback will come one day.
My sister, Kathy is at home now and has a home nurse coming by to check the progress of her pneumonia, the good thing that came from this episode is her hubby is quitting smoking now...I know that will help with her breathing problems especially after the house is stripped of all the smoke. Second hand smoke is as bad as the actual smoking. I breathe so much better and have less doctor's visits since I am no longer living with a smoke and try to stay away from being enclosed where any smoking is done.
My friend Jan is still in hospital with her infection, she is hoping to be able to come home today. Poor thing just cannot catch a break with this mess, but when you have 30 radiation treatments, you have no more immune system to fight off anything. Prayers are working in her favor though. I am having to limit my visits to the hospital with her because of the infection, both for her sake and mine...:(
Been furiously scrapping last couple of days....LOL! know how it is when you get "in the mood" right? Well, I have definitely been in the mood to scrap, are a few that I have done for Amy and Maggie of their new little ones....(I so want to go visit with them and meet these sweet babies).
This is a QP from Booland Designs, the quote is one from Dave's World that was on Facebook and the photo is one taken by Lindsey Singletary that was shared with me of Amy and Annabeth.
This is another QP by Booland Designs. Sweet little Annabeth smiling so pretty!
Amy and Annabeth in a lovely QP by Linda at Random Thoughts
She has such an expressive face, this lovely QP is by Connie Prince called Brighter Days by Deanna.
Here's another of Linda's lovely QPs with Annabeth and her daddy with a quote I copied from Facebook.
Annabeth with her Aunt Hannah in a lovely frame from Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli
Here's Aunt Hannah with bot nieces, Blair & Annabeth, and nephew Marcus in another lovely QP by Linda.
Mimi with Calvin and Annabeth in a QP is by Nathy from Mzimm CT group
Mimi's babies again. Hayden just loves these babies and they adore her too. This is another QP by Connie Prince called March QP by Deanna.
Granny Enchanted is the creator of this cute QP with a photo by Amy of her hubby Michael, her daddy and Calvin and Annabeth
And here is Maggie with her lap full of Calvin, he is such a big and so sweet boy in a cute frame by Neli.
Okay, I think this is enough to bore y'all with for now. There are more, but Tommy wants some loving right now and so do I....ROFL!
Y'all have a terrific day, make lots of wonderful memories to share. Chat more later, the purring is getting louder....LOL! Hugs, Mat

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Ice is finally melting....AGAIN!

We've had another round of freezing rain, sleet, thunder and lightning and more sleet. The wind was fiercely out of the north at 30+ mph and a temperature drop of 60 degrees...yes...60 degrees overnight. On Friday and Saturday we had low to mid 80's and Saturday morning it was 27 and steadily dropped to 13 with wind chills in the sub zero range. The taxing on the electricity was so bad they were pleading with people to not use any unnecessary electric items and to keep thermostats at 68 or lower or we would have some "rolling blackouts". I was a good citizen and kept off all I did not need.  I do not like to have my computer on and it shut off in the middle of, today is the first day I have turned it on since last Saturday! They lifted the restrictions at 9:30 a.m. It is now 10 a.m. The ice and sleet has moved further south in Texas and is creating lots of havoc there now with broken tree limbs and electrical lines from the heavy icing.. We had schools closed and many businesses closed yesterday because of the freezing temps, the ice and of course the restrictions on electric and gas usage. We actually reached above the freezing point late yesterday afternoon, by 2 degrees....LOL! There is still ice around, but all the highways are clear, some of the shaded areas and the temperature is still in the 20's, but we are supposed to see 47 today with another steady increase each day up to the 70's by the end of the week. The only appliance I had running for those 2 days was the TV and not much of that...mostly I lazed around and read on my Kindle....thank goodness I had it and my IPad and phone all charged up before the icing started. I stayed in my flannel PJs under a quilt most of those 2 days with all 4 kitties helping me to stay warm. I loved the snuggling, reading, sleeping and just in general relaxing.....just don't want to do it too often. ROFL.
I completed part of Amy's project for her and now working on the second part. Got the house in order, the trash out for pickup, a pot of beans cooking and all animals/birds fed.  So, gonna check on some blogs and pick up some nifty kits I missed and then get started on her project. Y'all have a terrific rest of the week, I hope wherever you are that you are warm and safe and making lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more with ya the next time. Hugs, Mat
I did this for Throw Back Thursday on Facebook last week. My sister Kathy about 1968-9, in a lovely frame by Neli Mandel at Lugar Encantado da Neli
This is my "little man" Tommy watching the squirrels in a page using a kit by Kyra with some clusters by her CT can find lots of gorgeous free kits and clusters at With A Russian Dutch Heart
This is sweet Annabeth just laughing at everyone...Her page I created using a flower overlay by Miriam at Miriam's Scraps and the 3d wordart is by Jaelop Designs. The frame is from Neli Mandel.
This is little Calvin with his older sister Hayden at about the same age...look almost like twins don't they? This QP (plus added to) is from a kit called Baby Time by JMCreations.
This is big boy, Calvin, at 3 months old...Just adore this photo! The background paper is from Raspberry Road Designs, the frame is from Laurrie at CheyOkota and the wordart is by by friend Donna at Donna's Digital Creations.
Here's 3 month old Calvin with first cousin, 5 month old Annabeth...aren't they just too adorable? Mimi is holding them on her lap and hiding behind them...LOL. This is another QP from the Baby Time kit by JMCreations.
And lastly, here is sweet Annabeth in her Valentine's outfit in a page created using Scrapbook Flair's free kit called Sweets, Hearts and Flowers by Oklahomadawn.  The wordart is by Linda at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place. Visit all these lovely designers and see what they offer you so generously and free! Thanks to all of you for all you share with me. Hugs, Mat