Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hectic Week!!

Good Saturday morning y'all!! Spring really is here now, because the  forecast is finally showing showers for our area....nothing severe yet, just gentle soft rains today, tomorrow and Monday. We need them like this for a few days.....not a total washout for the weekend, but showers! All the blooming trees are so pretty right now, changing from the white flowers to green leaves and all the other trees are showing buds galore. The temps have been nice and some days even very warm, but a little cool down is also coming with these showers, not much....just more normal than the mid 80's we saw this past week.
I had to have the water lines replaced in my kitchen because the hot water one sprung a leak. They were old and soldered and created a real mess, so while doing that I just had a whole new stainless sink added too! (my old enamel one was really ugly because of losing enamel...LOL!) My handyman also resealed my counter top! This meant I had to unload everything from under the sink and off the counters, thus creating a chore for me to clean out and purge and clean all my little appliances before putting anything back.  Sink is beautiful, the disposal is working as is the dishwasher, the counter tops have been cleaned and polished and all looks so terrific....then, I had to redo the that meant redoing all of them. I swept, vacuumed and steam mopped before putting down some Quick Shine....that took 2 days, but the whole house is done. Since I was in a spring cleaning mood, I changed out the bedroom curtains and spread.  Washed all that I replaced, then put them in a Ziploc storage bag. Cleaned and packed away all the sweats and flannel jammies too.....steam cleaned my sofa and washed the kitty nose art off the my gray covered and a haircut too...I got spring fever bad....ROFL.  At least all is clean for a few days!! My fur babies were upset because they thought I was moving stuff around! Now, if I can just get motivated to do my gardening....LOL!
I even ran some errands for Jan and "sat" with her for a few hours while Bill did some errands and grocery shopping.  She is still weak as water after this last weeks stay in the hospital. The visiting nurse came to see here while I was there and he thinks she is improving, very slowly, but improving! There have certainly been lots of prayers said for her. It breaks my heart that she can't get a break from all this. The radiation just totally depleted her immune system and she has nothing to fight off anything, it is just going to take time and she is not the most patient of patients!! (sound familiar?)
I did manage to do a few pages this week, but not nearly as many as I would have liked, but the days just seem to fly by so fast without me getting a lot accomplished....I think I am just slowing down way too much.
Or spending too much time spoiling my fur babies, especially Tom, he wants to be held and rocked just like a baby a lot! He will crawl up on my lap while at the computer then up on my shoulder and purr until I cradle him and rock him...spoiled you ask? just well loved! Right now MzKitty is above my keyboard and I think she is singing as her tail is thumping in is her purring.  The others have been fed and their daily wet wipe down so all are back to sleeping! What a rough life they have! LMBO!
I created this QP using Miriam's Scraps mk14. This is Amy and her sister-in-law Hannah from Christmas a couple of years ago,
Don't ya just love this photo of Ruby, Jade and Christina? I love the expressions on their faces. This is a paper by Raspberry Road Designs March Winds and some CU flowers I've had for a while.
Here's another one, but with all 3 of the kids with Mommy at the playground. I used Miriam's mk14 and am not sure who did the wordart.
This is for Amy's husband's grandmother who is fighting cancer right now. They had taken Annabeth to see her and Amy asked to make a page. I found the quote on FB and changed it to read Great Grandmother for this page. QP is from fanette mel addiction qp3

This is sweet Annabeth playing in a cute QP by Linda at Random Thoughts
Here's Mimi again with a lap full of grand-babies. This is QP3 from Miriam's Scrap kit mk14

Amy, Hayden, Papa with his lap full of Calvin and Annabeth in a love QP from Neli at .Lugar Encantado Da Neli
Well that's all for right now, y'all have a great weekend and make lots and lots of memories to share. Guess I will get up and move around a bit as my shoulders are stiff now....LOL! I have been writing this off and on for about an hour and a half. (lots of feeding the birds...petting MzKitty....loving on Tom...answering the phone....and making another cup of coffee). Think I will go make a pan of 7-Up biscuits and have them for brunch! More next time..Hugs, Mat


  1. Gosh, I thought I had a couple of hectic weeks, but you have had your share too LOL!
    Also a leak, what a disaster! Glad all is fixed and working well now again. But yeah, have tio admit, that such a thing urges you to do a firm cleaning at that spot and yes, most of the time we girls take more upon our shoulders and do the rest too LOL.
    We both needed a very lazy weekend (and that's what I did from Friday evening on).
    Glad you still found a bit of time to realx at the computer and make some pages, and had some fun with your cats(they sometimes take a lot of our time too, aren;t they?)
    No gardening done yet? Naughty girl, ROFL!
    But very understandable after hte lot of things you did achieve.
    Perhaps you will have a bit of new energy next week, and if your weather is still improving, perhaps you are able to do some gardening then.
    You take care of yourself too, dear, we both tend to do too much at times, so we really should slow down at times too(but we often have trouble doing so!).
    Still, I am learning step by step to do just that, once in a while, hahaha.
    Have a wonderful quiet weekend, and not a real hectic week, talk later again.

  2. I've just got caught up on your blog posts, and wowee, you have been a busy busy girl! Your new neighbor sounds really awful. What will happen to all the feral kitties that were counting on you for food and shelter? I would be awake all night worrying about them. I did not realize that inside your house had to be inspected from time to time because you have four kitties. Governments are getting pretty snoopy these days.

    I loved all your wonderful scrap pages. The recipients should be very happy with all of them. I especially loved that layout of Tommy watching the squirrels. Did you have your blog printed after the end of 2013? If so, how did your book come out? I still have to order my last volume from last year (Sept - Dec). I've just been so busy that I haven't done it yet.

    Well, I just home from work a little while ago. Pogo and I have had our breakfast so I do believe it's time now for a nap. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Passei uma semana meio atribulada, com muita chuva, perda da conexão, exames na clínica oncológica e também cuidando da minha neta e da minha bisneta q ficaram em minha casa enquanto faziam a mudança das coisas dela para um apartamento maior.
    Querida amiga já fiz uma prece pela mãe do seu marido, pois já tive câncer e é uma doença horrível.
    eu estava vendo suas fotos e vi que seus familiares são muito bonitos!
    Mat, lavar a louça do almoço, agora.
    Para você um forte abraço e votos de paz e felicidade!
    Mais um abraço, Neli.

  4. (translated by Google)

    Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    I spent half an eventful week, with heavy rain, loss of connection,
    examinations in oncology clinic and also taking care of my granddaughter and my
    q granddaughter stayed at my house while they were changing her stuff
    to a larger apartment.
    Dear friend already said a prayer for the mother of her husband, since I've had cancer
    and is a horrible disease.
    I was seeing your photos and saw that his family are beautiful!
    Mat, Dish washer lunch now.
    For you a big hug and wishes for peace and happiness!
    One more hug, Neli.

  5. Escrevi um longo comentário e caiu a conexão e o comentário não foi publicado...
    Aqui tem chovido muito e a conexão falha.
    Querida Mat, tenho estado em uma roda-viva, fazendo meus exames clínicos e laboratoriais, há dias que saio de manhã e só chego à noitinha(por-do-sol),
    Minha neta e bisneta passaram 3 dias comigo pois ela mudou-se para um apartamento maior e ficou aqui enquanto a mudança era feita...
    querida amiga, já fiz uma prece pela mãe de seu marido, pois já tive câncer e esta doença é terrível.
    Eu estava olhando a beleza de seus familiares nas fotos, sua família é toda muito bonita!
    Agora vou lar a louça do almoço.
    Um dia de muita paz e alegria para você.
    Forte abraço, Neli.

  6. (translated by Google)

    I wrote a long comment and dropped the connection and the comment was not posted ...
    Here it has been raining a lot and the connection fails.
    Dear Mat, I have been in a wheel-living, doing my clinical and laboratory examinations, there are days when I go out in the morning and I only get the evening (for sunset),
    My granddaughter and great-granddaughter spent three days with me since she moved to a bigger apartment and stayed here while the change was made ​​...
    dear friend, I have done a prayer for mother of her husband, since I've had cancer and this disease is terrible.
    I was looking at the beauty of their relatives in the pictures, your family is all very beautiful!
    Now I'm going home the dishes from lunch.
    A day of great peace and joy to you.
    Sincerely, Neli.