Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hello All!

Hello All!
I downloaded a free template the other day from Oklahomadawn that I simply had to stop everything I was doing and make a double page of all 6 of my great nieces and nephews. I posted them on Facebook and got lots of interest in them, so thought I would put them here along with her information so you could visit her site, she has LOTS of lovely templates and kits that are yours free for the downloading! I met her on Scrapbook Flair sometime back and am glad to see that she is now into designing! You can find a link to her blog on the right. 
Another designer I found (via Linda at Random Thoughts) that has beautiful kits for free is Molemina Scrap. I used her free kit called Tenderness Feel on these two pages. I hope you enjoy looking at both these new sights.
When you visit all these very generous designers and download their freebies, please leave them a thank you for sharing with all of us.
Y'all have a terrific rest of the week. I will try catching up again real soon, but am really busy right now with all the paperwork involved with this purchase.  I even have some interested parties to rent it, but cannot do anything until after the closing! Chat more next time. Hugs to all, Mat

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Sale is in Process!

But not what you think....LOL....I am the buyer of the other side of my duplex!!! Yep, you heard me right!! I will not be selling my side and moving back to Georgia (not right now anyhow)!  After speaking with my CPA and a few others...right now is not the time for me to be making any major financial decisions as big as moving. ($6k to move my furniture-storage until I get settled-buying something else-etc) so I asked about me buying it and renting it out....that makes more sense as I have lots of equity in my side (the place has been paid off since 2010) and I get a tax break and extra money to pay not only the refinance loan, but the taxes and the insurance for both sides (and the homesteading and freezing of taxes for seniors to boot)! Plus, when I do decide in a couple of years to move....I will have the whole price of the place or rent from both sides! That makes more financial sense for my future. OK...win-win here, but the emotional turmoil has really been a roller coaster ride. The contract is signed and executed (not giving them a chance to change their minds) and the first meeting is Tuesday at noon and all should go off without a hitch (fingers crossed here) and closing in 30 days! Say a prayer that all goes well.  I am busy this weekend pulling together a long list of things I need for the meeting.  Most all I have together, but for the life of me....I cannot find my SS card. I have looked everywhere it could be....so, gotta get off here and look some more or again...LOL!
Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share. I am glad it is to be such a HOT one so I will stay inside and get this done, plus the races are at Bristol tonight and the preseason Cowboy game is too...one will be taped to watch later! ROFL!!  Oh well, I did sneak in a couple of scraps that I put on FB (not been able to be on my computer very much with all these meetings and papers to fill out)!  Chat more with y'all next time! Hugs, Mat
This was for mama's birthday that was on the 18th! The page is one from Arlene using With A Russian Dutch Heart kit.  Both ladies do awesome work.
This was for Throwback Thursday. It's from my trip to Hawaii in 1999, my friend Sandi was there at the same time, we met on the beach, had a blast! My friend Mary went over with me. This was taken at the Hale Koa hotel. The page and cluster is also by Arlene, but from her own BabyBear site,
This QP by Janet from PixelScrappers and Alpha from C4M Monograms holds a scan of a Polaroid snapshot of my mother's first trip to Texas in 1970. Her niece Nancy made the trip with her along with my brother Pepper and sister Penny. We did a day trip to Mexico for mama to buy a leather purse. We all laughed until we hurt on that trip, so I used this for Flashback Friday on Facebook yesterday!
Thanks to all the designers that so generously supply us with their gorgeous freebies!! :)

 Page border and a page overlay in 300 dpi png format I created.
Both of these are freebies I offer at Miriam's Scraps if you are interested in them! Click on her name and it with take you there!

Friday, August 15, 2014


Man the joy of trying to sell a duplex that you co-own with another couple that do not live in the same state you do!  That alone will stress you out, right, but when it finally gets listed on MLS (took 4 months to get this done), the couple decide to go to SWITZERLAND for a month and be TOTALLY incommunicado with anyone here! The offers are coming in (vastly different too) but cannot make any decisions until they return to the states (and the decisions have to be all or none).  I am going to get a haircut today, so as not to pull it out by the roots!!  ROFLMAO~~~~~it really isn't quite that bad, but as usual....I am having to take care of all the details....AGAIN!! (This was a very hard lesson learned to NEVER EVER purchase anything with friends)

OK, enough about that for now, but it does explain why I haven't blogged much lately, nor have I been able to scrap or create much. I am now taking a little time to do just that. I snitched some photos off Facebook of the great nieces and nephews and did these few pages but they took me all week to do them as we have been having electricity "brown outs" that has created some problems with my computer shutting down in the midst of creating them and having to start over.  Good thing I am a patient person....LMBO!
OK, enough belly aching....here are the ones I've completed so far....
My lovely niece Sebrina had to return to teaching duties this week and got a new shorter hairdo and posted it so I decided to make a page using Kyra's background, a cluster by Irene at Raspberry Road and the wordart is by Ginger.
Cutie patooties Ruby and Jade started back to school this week, Ruby is in Kindergarten and snaggle-tooth  Jade starts 2nd grade.  Chris made photos while waiting for the school bus and I put them in a cute frame from Just So Scrappy called School Rules on a background freebie by Oklahoma Dawn. 
And poor "Bud" had to stay home but he wanted to go with his sisters so badly, poor baby had real tears that almost did mama in.  So I put him in this cute frame from Neli. He will soon realize that he now has his Mommy all to himself, as well as the birds, the cat and all the toys...at least for a few hours each day!
This photo is from May of Calvin's first time on the beach. Daddy is holding him up so he can put his toes in the sand. The kit I used is Kyra's with a cluster by Arlene and sorry I don't have the TOU for the wordart, I have had it for a long time.
Little miss model, Hayden's cute pose in another QP by Linda at Random Thoughts, I just adored the layout and it goes so well with her dress.  She also started kindergarten last week, but I don't have any photos yet!

Mr. Calvin in his float in the pool at the beach, doesn't he look terrific in this QP by Linda? She created this using Kyra's At The Beach kit and is free on her site.
Here's a freebie cluster overlay I created and am offering for free on Miriam's Scraps if you would like, hop on over and download it.
And finally, this is my attempt to follow along with Diane at ADB designs as she offers tips each week on creating an Interactive Journal. She offers questions in order to get you journaling about your family's history thus making it a little easier to start your tree. I think I used a kit from Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart to create this first page....I am a few behind, but I am hoping to catch up soon.
Guess I better get the trash out and ready for pick up, get my shower and dressed and off to the Salon for my haircut. Got all my babies fed, the bed is made, ran the vacuum and cleaned litter boxes before I sat down in this chair! I will chat with y'all a little more later. Will try catching up with my blog reading when I return home. Make lots of memories to share today! Hugs, Mat