Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary Rhett & Scarlet

Another year shared together! Terrific! Hope you have many more to come. Here's a little card of wishes for your special day! The kit is from LCD-called Country Kitchen with a cluster by Pasko called Summer Dreaming and of course, the Wordart is Miss Linda's! Have a beautiful day you two! MWAH and lots of hugs. Chat more next time, we are in for a stormy day and weekend, after all, Mayfest is in town and that is usually when we get the severe stuff, so off to get my chores done before they hit.....Luv ya much! Mat and the furbabies...LOL!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy, busy, busy weekend

We had a busy weekend around here. Got the yard mowed, the Tahoe under the carport, all things buttoned down before the severe storms were to come in on Friday night. Thank goodness they did not actually come through here, but just south and east of us a lot of wind damage and a small tornado and some lightning and some loss of power, but then the storms moved on and gained too much power as it left our state. Feel so badly for all the damages and loss of lives in and around Yazoo, Mississippi where it hit the hardest. It also dropped lots of rain delaying the races in Talladega on Saturday too, but what a fabulous race they had on Sunday! I don't think I missed very much of it. My boss and her granddaughter Maithili came by about 10 and stayed for a couple of hours. First time I had seen her since birth. She is just the cutest thing and was totally captivated by my "girls", even chasing them under the bed...LOL! I took a couple of photos of her too. On Saturday I put 4 book cases together to organize some of my photo/scrap albums and materials in the closet of the computer room and emptied up 6 more boxes...yipee, now I can close the closet doors! It looks a lot neater in there too! During the race yesterday, I put together a small media case to hold the DVD's and emptied another box. Slowly but surely getting them all emptied. I made a page of Maithili, one of Hayden with her Papa and another using a template (still not sure I am using them correctly) and Lynne's newest kit. Then I watched the Apprentice and went to bed to read. Up again about 5:30....seems like this weekend just flew by! Hope you all had a great one and are all fresh and ready for a terrific week. I will be getting all my wash done, the house cleaned and start my packing. Yep, taking a little break on the 5th as I head to Georgia for Amy's & Michael's wedding. Get to spend Mother's Day with Penny too! Will be back home on the 11th! Will take loads of photos of Hayden that I will NOT have to steal off Margaret's Facebook site! Whatever you do today, make it memorable and have fun at it! Chat with ya more later! Luv y'all! Mat This is Maithili! Look at all that curly hair! I used Miss Linda's wordart and a Cluster by Ellen using RR kit.I got this photo off Margaret's Facebook of Hayden with her Papa in the yard. I used the kit A Comfy Spring Day by Teapot Lady on this one.These were also snitched of Hayden...LOL! I used template5 by huguytom120 (RR CT Team) and Pretty Potties kit by LCD (Lynneboo on SBF), the WA was a freebie from Craft Crave but with no TOU sorry!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You Carol

Carol, thank you is really not enough for all you do for me as my blog fairy! So I created a Mother's Day page for you! Hope you like it! Thanx so much for your friendship, encouragement and just for being you! Love U much! Mat I used photo I snagged off your blog/facebook and BG from Moms are Special freebie by Inspired Mommy at SBF, the cluster frame is by RR-EK called Wedded Bliss Cluster 3, WA is by Poogy!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I tried that free Shape Collage Creator, liked it and now have purchased it...I like playing with the different shapes. Here's a couple of scrap pages I made using the cat shape and the star shape. The one of MzKitty is all photos of her at different times in her 5 years and the background is her gorgeous fur! The one of the star is all my photos I took at the Japanese Tea Garden and used freebie by Cuddlebeez called about the man! The rain has finally stopped, but the clouds are hanging around this week, the races are to run today! Gotta run, got things to do besides sit here...LOL! Chat a little more later with y'all! Luv, Mat

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Japanese Tea Gardens

Here's a couple of pages from our visit to the Japanese Tea Gardens last Saturday. I have been so busy making my ABC BB pages (using Linda's WA) of Ruby, I have done much of nothing else...LOL! Finished hers, now starting on Jade's. When I return from Amy's wedding next month...I hope to bring home enough photos of Hayden to do hers. I've made both sisters a surprise PHOTOBOOK from SBF for Mother's Day and even been doing some genealogy research...need I say....been in front of this computer way toooooooo much and my back and shoulder is screaming at me...LOL! Anyhow, hope you enjoy these photos. The one of me, Jason took on the bridge that you see in the background photo (I used photos for the background then a photo for the insets)and the one of Jason and Teri, I took of them looking at the waterfall. They were so unaware of me taking was so quiet and serene and peaceful sitting there listening to the falls. Will chat with ya more next time...Luv y'all, Mat

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day

Went to a bistro for lunch with Teri and Barbara on Friday, too pretty a day to be inside so we went to stroll through the park. We walked all around the pond, fed the ducks, watched kids climb trees and just enjoyed the breeze. I took a few photos so had to make a few pages...yes I know....ain't making memories fun? On Saturday, Teri, Jason and I went downtown for the Art Festival, then over to the botanical gardens that was full of wedding parties and no place to park, so we went into the Japanese Gardens. It was pretty peaceful and grabbed a few photos there too, have not downloaded them yet, but will after a bit. It got a little crowded there too when the girls in their pretty prom dresses and professional photographer came in to snap some memories for them. Today is another pretty day, but have been busy working this morning, so thought I would upload some of the park pages then get outside and do something, will get back to you on the kits involved when I find the paper where I wrote them down. So cutting this short and will try chatting more with y'all later! Luv, Mat Teri in the tree
Yours Truly!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brina is celebrating again!

Another year added under your belt! Congrats! Hope you have many, many more to come and this year will be your best one to date! Love you bunches Aunt Maryanne!

Friday, April 9, 2010

And here is cutie patootie Hayden's Easter page

Found photos of Hayden made on Easter on her mom's Facebook, so had to snitch them and make a page of her for Easter too. Got a lot of stiffness in my shoulder/arm and neck and my back hurts like a trying to stay off here a lot...LOL! Hard to do, but just had to make her page as well. I used some freebies from the Egg-citement blog train, old freebie by Brooklynns Mama and # 4 Cluster from RR Basket & Bunnies kit. Chat with ya more next time y'all! Luv, Mat

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the cute Easter Chicks

Today my dad would have been 94 so looking up and saying I KNOW you are having a happy day and thanx for watching over me! Been a busy week trying to get my auto running! I had a date with my boss for lunch on Monday, but my car failed to start! Called my trusty mechanics and they began to diagnose the problems. After a new rotar, cap and distributor module, it is running like a top again. I know I should probably get a newer more energy efficent vehicle, but I just adore driving that Tahoe (and the NO car payments, higher insurance payments..LOL). Anyhow, while I was stuck here cooling my heels for 2 days, I backed up, saved and organized my folders in my scrapping sections of my computer, as well as made a couple of Easter pages of my "girls" and my great nieces Ruby & Jade with the Easter photos from their Grandma and Grandpa (and even from mom's facebook...teehee)! I've had all the windows and doors open and MzKitty,Oreo and Pumpkin have been loving it with the squirrels, birds and rabbits in the front yard....MzKitty really talks back to those loud black fun to watch and listen to! Today is a little chilly, but as of right now, no more clouds and no wind...yippee! Gotta drop a friend off at the airport in a couple hours so better get my shower and hair done. Y'all have a terrific day and make lots of memories while your doing it! Chat more later, Luv-Mat

This is a QP mde by BR of Raspberry Road's CT team using the new Baskets & Bunnies kit, the pawprint brush was a freebie.

Everything on this page (other than the photos) are from the blog train called Egg-citement. Thanx to all who share their awesome work with me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Cajun friend Chris!

Before I start painting baseboards, thought I'd wish my Cajun friend Chris a very happy birthday with this big package of love. I hope you have many more birthdays to come and this is your happiest yet. I am so glad we are online sisters, sharing e-mails, games, jokes and recipes! Some of the recipes are gonna make me FAT(ter)!!! LOL!!! I really do miss your scrapped pages and your blogging though. Have a blessed day! Luv ya much! Chat more later as I gotta get these baseboards finished...Yuck!! Mat

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Y'all!

Hi Y'all! I've been super busy here lately so haven't been on here much! Trying to get this spring stuff, like yard cleaned up, other people's trash, ANT hills destroyed, grass cut, mowed, edged, some weeding etc done while we have no RAIN and temps in the 80's. The wind sure has blown lots of trash around this year. It is still blowing hard out there this morning and a front is moving through to bring us some storms, but should all clear out this afternoon and leave us with a beautiful Easter weekend. I've made this Easter page to share with all of you! Hope you have a terrific one and remember all your blessings! Chat with y'all more next time.I used a photo of my painting hanging in my bedroom in the frame from Cuddlebeez's kit called Spring Portrait Add On (BG's and ribbons/lace too), Wordart from Linda at Random Thoughts and Alpha from Spring Blog Train of 2008 and some flowers from Grannyart. Thanx to all of your for your freebies.