Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter Blessings to all of you!

Just want to take a moment to wish Easter Blessings to all of you! May all of you know the joy of HIS rebirth and may HIS blessings shine upon you always!

I want to add my prayers and request blessed healing for all those affected by the tragedy in Brussels!

Can you believe April is knocking on the door next week? March came in like a lion this year and the wind has blown hard around here all month....will it go out like a lamb? We've had a bit of everything this month, we've already seen 90F and then had a 25 degree drop the next day, we have also seen lots of rain, wind, hail, lightning and even some funnel clouds. Today was simply gorgeous and I had all my windows open, cleaned like it was springtime, but tonight another front is moving in from the north bringing rain and cooler temps for tomorrow.  The church up the street had a huge egg hunt for the kids with lots of great music playing that I heard....went to lunch with friends and passed the park a couple of miles up the road where another egg hunt with lots of participants was going on.  Then we passed a few soccer fields that were all very active...lots of people out enjoying the lovely weather.  I am waiting until I finish at the tax office to plant flowers...actually I am so tired each week that I don't want to do anything other that what I just HAVE to on the weekends, but I only have 3 more weeks to go.  Then, I can actually get my spring cleaning and planting done (after a day or two of rest).  Surely has been a busy tax season this year.

I managed to sit here long enough tonight to plop some quickpages over photos of the great nieces and great nephews for Easter. I so want to thank all the lovely designers for the QPs, makes it so easy when I can use them. Here is what I got finished....
Annabeth and Eliza in a terrific page by Fecnikek called Brown Rabbit.
Ruby and
Jayson are all in Frames created by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli
Hayden and
Wayne are all in Frames by Neli too!  This one of me is one I created using a frame cluster and paper from Neli and creating the wordart myself.
 Okay, enough of this rambling on for tonight, I am tired and heading to bed...maybe, just maybe the fur kids will let me sleep in to at least 5:30 or 6:00 a.m.! ROFLMBO...Not, they will start on me about 4:30 to get up and feed them, then when I get good and awake, they will be sleeping again.....I may have to join them for another snooze! Y'all enjoy your day with your loved ones...have a blast making lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs to all of you, until next post....Mat

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March, March, March!

Time is surely marching on....faster and faster each and every day. I can't believe how fast! I never seem to have enough hours in the day anymore...LOL! I know that working consumes about 9-10 hours each day (counting driving back and forth) and taking care of my fur babies and their needs, a little light housekeeping, some laundry, some grocery shopping and sleeping and grooming for work for me...but it seems that is all I get to do more fun scrapbooking!  I just finished mopping floors again (2 hours ago) so thought I would catch up on some of my photo Amy has sent, but I still have not checked e-mails or been on Facebook in a week. I am surely slowing down! I managed to scrap a few photos that I want to put on here for my printed book so here, take a look...!
This was the last page I posted to Facebook.  The Frame is from Fecnikek and the photo is Margaret and her sweet little Wayne, isn't he just adorable? I love him clutching that blanket and bottle...he is 4 months old here.
Amy's Michael is in school to become a peace officer and is only home on weekends, so she took a photo of him loving on his princesses before leaving again on Sunday evening. The kit I used is called Thank You Dad by Delicious Scraps.
I have been dying to scrap this one since I got it...Amy and Annabeth had just watched the Sound of Music and she caught Annabeth singing Do-Re-Mi in the mirror....see her looking at herself?  I used a Flower Card from Neli, lace frame from Miriam's Scraps and the sparkly frame is from Raspberry Road's It's A Girl Thing minikit.
This is sweet selfie of a pretty QP by ABDesigns from her On The Farm kit.
And this is a free QP for March that I created and put on Miriam's Scraps if you would like.
Okay, this is all I have achieved in 2 hours, so...I am off here for now. Got too many things to do to sit here any longer.  Chat with all of you more next time. Hugs, Mat