Friday, January 27, 2017

Where did January Go?

I can't believe February is already knocking on the door! Time flies when you are having fun, right? I've had a busy month, but for the life of me, I can't tell you doing what! Other than normal day to day routines...I have scrapped some (not enough), watched TV (bingeing), listened to music (love my Echo), Ancestry research for a friend (so much fun), coloring (very soothing), printing my blog book (it's on it's way to me now), making my yearly calendar (so fun this year), creating some for Miriam (she sure is taking a long break), talking on phone a lot with my niece Amy (she loves to talk until my cell phone dies), scrapping still some more....and most importantly, loving on and being loved on by my fur babies. We so love snuggling together on the electric throw on the bed to watch TV! (especially in this crazy roller coaster weather)! I am so blessed that I am retired and do not HAVE to go out in it if I don't want to or mingle with the crowds and come home with a bug I've caught!! So many down with some virus or other allergy (Mountain Cedar has been astronomical this year)!
Monday the foundation guys were here to lift the corner of my house some more (gosh I hope they don't have to do this again, it messes up the ground and the inside of my house). I did all my grocery shopping on Tuesday. Yesterday my little 93 year old neighbor came home from the hospital and I am checking on her quite often today! I made a huge pot of Cowboy stew yesterday (that gets better each time it is warmed up) and a big pan of cornbread so I am set as far as cooking goes.The laundry is done, the floors are swept and mopped, I checked my to do list before I got my shower...all done so I have the weekend to do nothing of importance, but watch the ProBowl game! YAY!!
Here are the few pages I have done (these are for my next blog book...LOL)!
This is a QP from Mirella at LTH designs with Amy's 2 sweet girls, Annabeth and Eliza enjoying a day outside in the sunshine.
Maggie's young ones playing in the mud after a rainstorm....they sure had fun. Used a Template from Kimeric Kreations for this one.  Love Wayne splashing the water!!
I've got several more I am working on, but this is all for now.  If you want some Valentine's Check out Miriam's Scraps for some that I will be offering...this is the first cluster frame and QP!

That is all for now, check back later! In the meantime, y'all have a fantastic weekend making lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My 2017 Family Calendar

I got this absolutely wonderful calendar from Kathryn Estry as Gotta Pixel was closing and I am thrilled to death with it...since I want it in my published Blog Book (I am having it printed as well)...I am putting it here!
This template calendar comes with the image and the same image with the clear openings over the dates so you can put the photo or info or whatever between them. I simply adore it and it is so easy to work with, I have her name linked to her facebook account if you want to contact her! That is all for now, chat more later! Many hugs, Mat

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy 2017 Y'all!

Yes, I know I should have posted this about 17 days ago, but for one reason or another, I haven't been able to sit at my computer long enough! First off, the holidays were hectic (with lots of clean up to do) and then we had gorgeous weather so spent some time outside doing a few projects, then it got incredibly cold (x 2 days) before spring came back around. Checked on all my plants that I put inside to protect from the freeze, wrong....they all froze anyhow! New Year's day I spent cooking for myself and an ill and shut in friend (pulled pork, black eye peas, steamed cabbage, cornbread).
Then I came down with a case of bronchitis that left me dragging and not wanting to post...then my 93 yr old neighbor had another mini renters had family members visiting....we had another round of freezing temps (x4 days this time) even a light dusting of snow and again spring came back by and yet another round of bronchitis (Mountain Cedar was horrible), this time sending me to the doctor's office. I've also been doing a family tree for another friend and trying to visit with her and lots of phone calls with my sister or my niece, tree trimming with a lot of clean up, bad storms with lots of wind and rain (3.9 inches) (some flooding) and 6 tornadoes, the Cowboys losing to my second favorite team the Packers and, and, and....blah, blah, know how it is...I was simply lazy and didn't want to do it! Go ahead laugh at me, but...I am so enjoying this being retired and not having to account for my time (or get dressed)! LOVING IT REALLY!
This is a birthday page I created for Miss Ruby who turned 8 on the 31st of December. Purple is her favorite color!

This was a collage of the Christmas pages I created to say Happy New Year! Can you believe it is already over half way into January?
I did a couple of pages for Amy of her girls using a QP I created....aren't they cute?
Then had to do one for Papa and Mimi of their 5 grand babies. If you look closely at the ones on Papa's lap, Wayne is lying on a sleeping Hayden. They are simply growing too fast!
 Today is my SIL's, Inez, big day and I had found this photo from 1979 of her with Kathy's Jason and Jeff on her lap and the neighbor boy, Dewayne Preas that I put in a QP by Miriam and posted on FB for her!
Okay, the washer has quit and I need to put the load in the dryer, so think I will cut this short and chat with y'all later, I need to do some blog reading, (if I can stay awake) because I am so behind! Anyhow, we are supposed to get more rain this afternoon and most of the evening. I have been up since about 2:45 a.m. and am beginning to drag...trying to stay up and not nap so I can try to kick this insomnia in the butt....LMBO!! Y'all have a fantastic week and keep making all those memories to share. Hugs, Mat