Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Jayson!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my great nephew, Jayson! Can't believe he is already 2! Hope you have a most wonderful day young man! Love you to bits! Hugs, Aunt Neenie! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nice Surprise!

Wow, look at how pretty my background looks!! That Blog Fairy ( aka Miss Boots) sneaked in and redecorated for Autumn. I just love it....thank you Miss Boots! So happy you feel up to doing this for me and my "girls". Sure wish the fall weather would cooperate and come down to stay in this area. We are about 10-20 degrees higher than normal this time of year....yep, still in the middle 90's in the afternoons. But....when that little front came in and dropped some much needed rain on also moved out some of the humidity so the mid 90's is not as sticky as it has been.  The mornings are really nice in the upper 60's so for the mornings, I open doors and windows for a couple of hours...and turn off the AC unit. The "Girls" love it, they each take a separate window sill to stretch out in and sniff the fresh air....LOL....and leave lots of "nose art" when I shut I have a daily chore of washing the inside lower windows....Love it!

I have taken a couple days sabbatical from this computer....LOL! I needed to give my shoulders and neck a little rest.  I think it has been since Friday that I did not even turn my PC on...I did check a couple of things on e-mail and Facebook on my iPad, but not the laptop nor the PC.  I did get a lot accomplished with work and just about have everything ready to transfer to the storage unit and my shoulders and neck feel rested again, so I'm baaaaaack to disturb all of you....ROFLMBO!!!  I think the "girls" have missed lying on this computer desk irritating me.....Oreo is on here now as I type and just "talking" away as I am not scratching ears....LOL!

I got a couple of new shots of Annabeth from Amy, so here's a look at her at 3 weeks old...she sure has a lot of hair doesn't she? I used a free frame by Neli. It just seemed perfect for this photo.
Well, gotta get up from here for now....washing the "girls" lounging blankets and having to do them in shifts as it is nap time for them...LOL! One in the dryer and one in the wash and I had to dig out an older one for the Diva and Pumpkin to share. Maybe I can get Oreo off my desk if I move...y'all have a great day making lots of memories to more next time. Hugs, Mat

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

See how the kittens have grown...

Miss Edna wanted to see how my kitties have grown, so took some photos on Sunday, finally cropped them down they are!
The 3 older ones in the back yard...they were born April 1, 2013. 2 boys,  Buddy, Shadow and Patches (the little girl).
Buddy Boy just loves for me to scratch his belly and hold and love on him, he follows me everywhere, Shadow is still very skittish and runs away, but Patches will finally allow me to pet her, but not pick her up.
Patches, she is a lot smaller than her brothers, but has such a cute face, right?
Buddy wanting in to play with MzKitty who was NOT happy that I was outside playing with the 3...LOL!

Buddy in front looking at Patches in the rear of the new scratch house I got them to play in! Shadow will only play if I am not outside or if I have the laser playing in the early morning or early evening when it is dark. Now to the kitten and her baby in the front yard....LOL!
Prissy and Baby, Prissy is a year old and very small herself, the baby I think is a boy he was born in June of this year.
Baby is still very tiny and he stays at my front door all day now...he gets to come inside once in awhile, Oreo and MzKitty will put up with him, but NOT Pumpkin, she hisses at him.
Baby on the back of the couch...he loves to be held and snuggle under my chin.  I think I may have to take him to the vet and keep him as my little inside kitty...he is just so adorable and lovable.

Well, off here, my TV shows are starting so will chat more with you later! Hope you enjoy these Miss Edna!
Y'all have a great week! Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Do you remember this day 12 years ago?  I will never forget where I was, how stunned and what I did that day! I am sure that is true for all of you.  It was a horrific, unbelievable day! My heart still hurts for those lost and yes, for those of us that are still here trying to understand how there can be such hatred and cruelty in this world! God's blessings are wished for all of us! We will NEVER forget!
Nina and I took a little road trip to Bryan, TX this past weekend to visit a very dear friend of mine. I haven't seen Kathleen since 1987 and it was so great catching up with her. She has a "working" Great Dane named Maximus (Max) that weighs in around 180+ that fell in love with us.  LOL! He wanted to sit in my lap a lot. We visited the George Bush Library while there, very nice legacy there! The Aggies were playing too, so there were many, many folks visiting. Here is a photo of Max trying to sit in my lap at the museum much to the delight of other visitors....LMBO!
Here's Nina in front of the library as we were going in!
We really had a great visit, a nice little break from home and household chores, and even got to eat some catfish and see a few rain showers. Now we are back to the daily routine!  My "girls" are sticking to me like glue, you would think I was gone for a month instead of 2 nights...LOL! It's so nice to be loved and missed!

Finally, our temperatures are dropping below the triple digits. We are in the mid to upper 90's still, but by the weekend we should be around the lower 90's....LOL! I captured this sunrise yesterday morning, isn't it lovely? I thought it was a gorgeous sight that reminded me of Gone With The Wind!
I chatted with new mommy Amy last evening for about 2 hours.  She is so happy and in love with Annabeth as is her hubby Michael.  They say she is a really good baby, wants to eat about every 4 hours, sleep and leave her alone until time to feed again. Amy says Michael just holds her to look at her while she sleeps, can you say "wrapped" already?  LOL! I got to coo to her over the phone and of course, Amy wants me to come home to see her, but can't right now, guess I will have to wait until around Thanksgiving, then I can see both Annabeth and Calvin at the same time. They have moved Maggie's delivery date to November 9th now, this is the third time they have given a date for delivery.  Amy's other sister-in-law, Kayla, is due on the 11th of November.
Okay, enough some floors to vacuum and I need to dust so better get off this duff of mine and get something done, the clothes dryer just stopped too, so need to fold and hang up clothes. Y'all have a terrific day making lots of memories to share....Chat more with you next time.  Hugs, Mat

Sunday, September 8, 2013

ANNOUNCING....Annabeth Lynn

She's here and right on time......Announcing Annabeth Lynn to all y'all. This is my niece Amy and her husband Michael's first child. Born yesterday afternoon (on the actual due date) about 5:18 p.m.  She is a big girl at 7 pounds 14.8 ounces and 20.3 inches in length. Mama, Daddy, Baby and all 4 grandparents are doing well. This photo was on the hospital nursery announcement site, so just had to do this so all of you can see how gorgeous she is...! LOL! (Not too proud of her, am I?) Can't wait to go and visit and get to hold her! 
I was out of town for a couple of days visiting with a friend.  Just back, unpacked and did this really quick, will post more later with some photos from that visit! Had a blast. Will chat with you more next time, gonna sneak in a nap before Da Boys play tonight! Luv, Mat

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ruby's First Day of Pre-K

Ruby was so excited for her first day of School....Pre-K, but it is school for her. Now she is in school like her big sister Jade and leaves Jayson with Mommy for half a day. She loves it! She has her new purple glasses and her purple outfit on and even a purple bow in her hair, so I used a template that had some purples to it since it is her (can you tell) FAVORITE color! LOL! She was still excited when she got home from school too, even had to call her grandma Kathy and tell her all about it!

I had a very unpleasant surprise e-mail address was hacked by a *&^%ing Spammer! I had to delete about 60k failed notices from my e-mail before I got hold of someone to tell me to just change my password to fix it....but the messages kept coming as so many had been sent that it might take a few days to get them all deleted. Well, my computer guru says he can fix that so after work, he stopped in to show me how to leave a command that all "failed notices" should go directly to the trash bin. Yippee, as I already had 3297 more in my inbox....they disappeared within a couple of minutes and have not had another one. Now I can get my e-mails without it being filled constantly!  I did receive an e-mail (through my gmail acct) from Miss Gerri, that my friend Linda had to have an emergency gall bladder removal yesterday and is doing well now. So I created a page to cheer her up.
This is a QP I created a while back using one of Kyra's kits....since I have so few photos that I have snitched from Linda, I had to use another purple page.....LMAO! Hope you are feeling up to par real soon Miss Boots and back home soon. Hugs!!

It is still hotter than you know what will be day 27 of 100+ temps for this summer.  We are on countdown to Annabeth Lynn arriving in Amy & Michael's household.  Amy is due the 7th....but has been having low back cramps and is so very uncomfortable.  I am praying that all goes well and mother and daughter get through this easily.  Well, got things to do, so much hush for now. Chat more with you next time! Hugs to all....remember to keep making all those wonderful memories to share! Luv, Mat