Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ruby's First Day of Pre-K

Ruby was so excited for her first day of School....Pre-K, but it is school for her. Now she is in school like her big sister Jade and leaves Jayson with Mommy for half a day. She loves it! She has her new purple glasses and her purple outfit on and even a purple bow in her hair, so I used a template that had some purples to it since it is her (can you tell) FAVORITE color! LOL! She was still excited when she got home from school too, even had to call her grandma Kathy and tell her all about it!

I had a very unpleasant surprise e-mail address was hacked by a *&^%ing Spammer! I had to delete about 60k failed notices from my e-mail before I got hold of someone to tell me to just change my password to fix it....but the messages kept coming as so many had been sent that it might take a few days to get them all deleted. Well, my computer guru says he can fix that so after work, he stopped in to show me how to leave a command that all "failed notices" should go directly to the trash bin. Yippee, as I already had 3297 more in my inbox....they disappeared within a couple of minutes and have not had another one. Now I can get my e-mails without it being filled constantly!  I did receive an e-mail (through my gmail acct) from Miss Gerri, that my friend Linda had to have an emergency gall bladder removal yesterday and is doing well now. So I created a page to cheer her up.
This is a QP I created a while back using one of Kyra's kits....since I have so few photos that I have snitched from Linda, I had to use another purple page.....LMAO! Hope you are feeling up to par real soon Miss Boots and back home soon. Hugs!!

It is still hotter than you know what will be day 27 of 100+ temps for this summer.  We are on countdown to Annabeth Lynn arriving in Amy & Michael's household.  Amy is due the 7th....but has been having low back cramps and is so very uncomfortable.  I am praying that all goes well and mother and daughter get through this easily.  Well, got things to do, so much hush for now. Chat more with you next time! Hugs to all....remember to keep making all those wonderful memories to share! Luv, Mat


  1. Ruby looks so sweet on that layout and I bet she is feeling proud to go to school now.
    It is a special event in a child's life, first schoolday even if it is pre-k.
    I wonder what fun there is to some people to send out spam and annoy lots of people for what???
    Glad you had your guru who could take care of it.
    Hope that Linda will soon be okay again. Gall blatter things are never nice to undergo.
    Time now to go over to my blog and ramble a bit and post the freebie LOL.
    You have a great day!

  2. Love your layouts, especially Ruby. What a cutie! I can't imagine what sort of enjoyment some folks get by messing with our email. I'm so glad that you have someone who can clean up the mess for you. It is frustrating to feel so helpless against these spammers. It's back to work tonight, so I'll be settling in for a nap soon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.