Monday, March 23, 2009

For Chris

I made this feeble attempt at a Victorian type page for the Vintage Queen page maker, Chris in Louisiana. We have been "friends" since Oct 2006 from SBF. She is one very creative lady, with the vintage pages and her seek and find pages. She loves swapping recipes too. Chris is battling cervical cancer and kidney failure to one kidney right now. She will undergo a procedure this morning to have a tube inserted through her back to her kidney attempting some relief. However, she is in for a journey that will need all our prayers and well wishes, so when you get in your knee time tonight (or whenever) please keep Chris and her family in your thoughts and requests for healing! Love ya bunches "girlfriend" and hoping to hear good news later today! Chat later y'all! Mat
The page was made using several free kits, Grandma's dining room by nutinbutdezines, CJS' wordart and Miss Jenny Vintage Years Kit, Attic Treasures the Button and Happy Scrappy's Vintage Foile, Have a cup of tea, those little boxes and Victorian brooches kits. Thanx to all the designers for their generosity in sharing their work for free.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do you know

Okay, 2 in one day of the"girls", I know, but you just gotta understand how much I love them....LOL! I wanted to use this bright colorful kit of PascaleA's (Kenan, a freebie) and Linda's beautiful WordArt (also free). It just seemed perfect for the"girls"! Anyhow hope you enjoy a terrific Saturday...Chat later y'all! Luv, Mat

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just One?...No Way!!

Good Friday Morning Y'all! Just a quick page I put together of the "girls" this morning while waiting for the washer to stop and the dryer to start. I've used this photoshopped photo of the girls before, but I can so seldom get them all together...LOL! The kit was one I downloaded for free called It's A Cat's Life with no TOU sorry and the WA I got as a freebie off DigiScrapDepot, again no TOU so cannot give proper credit to the designers. Hope all enjoy a terrific SPRING weekend! Chat with ya later...Luv, Mat

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kissin' Kin

I have really been involved with genealogy for the last couple of months since finding some long lost kissin kin on I have been happily corresponding with one in NC via e-mails and blogs. Her name is Rachel and her great great great grandfather is brother to my great grandfather (I think I have it right!). Anyhow I decided to do a page for her and her hubby Dale as a surprise when she visits my blog. She now has her own blogspot to showcase her awesome talent in poetry, drawings and painting. She is very good. Visit her at Hallowkeep and see what I am talking about. I used a freebie quickpage called Serendipity to showcase their photo. Thanx for looking y'all. Will chat more later on...Luv, Mat

Friday, March 13, 2009

Beautiful Elizabeth

My best friend, Nina, sent me a graduation photo of her granddaughter, Elizabeth. Wow, how lovely she is. I've known her I guess since grade school, have photos of her on motorcycles, at Halloween parties, etc and now she is graduating this year. Since it is cold and raining today, I took the photo and played with it creating several scrap pages for Nina, but this was one of my favorites, so thought I would post it for all to see. I used a background by Kyra (With a Russian Dutch Heart) called Thinking of You, the mirror frame is by HappyScrappy, the butterfly belongs to Carol from one of her kits and the wordart is by Linda at Random Thoughts. Hope y'all like this page, thanx for visiting. Will chat later, luv Mat

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Surprise for Miss Judy

I got this wordart from Linda and had been searching for a photo to use it with, then this morning I get this adorable photo of little Gracie with her teddy bear from Miss Judy, added several embellishments and a background from different kits by Carol and this is what I came up with. I hope y'all like my little creative surprise. Have a terrific weekend y'all! Later, Mat

Friday, March 6, 2009

Surprise Sis!

Talked with my sister earlier today, she wasn't feeling so hot so thought I would make a couple of pages to surprise her. The first page is her at the hospital when both of her granddaughters were born. The other is her hubby of almost 40 years with both girls also at the hospital. The top photos on each page are of Jade, born 12-15-06 and the bottom ones are of Ruby, born 12-31-08. Both granddaughters are their pride and joy second only to their sons, Jason (daddy) & Jeff. I know the photos of Ruby were taken by Uncle Jeff, not sure about Jade's photos, they were probably taken by daddy! Anyhow, Sis, hope this will surprise you, cheer you up and help to make your weekend great. The pages were QP's that I made using CJS' kits, the one with Kathy & girls is from Celebrate Carol and the one with Jim & girls is Love Elegance kit. Both kits and QPs are freebies on the CJS Website. Have a great weekend y'all, chat later....Mat

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering still

And here's our baby, Pumpkin, who came to us a year after MzKitty. She appeared in the back yard one day as I was feeding a couple of tiny, tiny kittens that had been abandoned under the barn (I found a great home for them together). Pumpkin had half the fur on her tail missing and was so skittish, but starved and so thirsty. After I put down food and water, walked away from her so she would eat. She made a home under the barn and it took almost 3 weeks of feeding and sitting out talking to her as she ate before she would allow me to pick her up. Took her to the vet and he said she was about 3 months old. Got her shots and when she was old enough got her fixed and the rest is history. Oreo took her on as her "baby", making MzKitty jealous, but finally won all of us over. She is just now coming around to sleeping on the bed too and allowing me to pet her. She chases the other two through the house all the time, she loves to play. She has a small squeaky meow, but talks a lot when she wants to eat. She will always be the baby....LOL! Again I used all my Freebie Cat Kits by various talented designers, Kyra's Moments in a Cat's Life & Cat and Mouse Play, Pampered Cat frame by CMS, Cat Bits by Lil's Little Luxury and CJS's Cute Kit frame. Thank you to all these fabulous designers for allowing us to use their kits to make our pages a lot more fun! Well, it is time for dinner....later y'all! Mat

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Remembering

Okay, here's Oreo's collage. We got her sometime in October of 2005. Our friends Jill, Scot, Rachel and Taylor rescued her (and 2 sisters and a brother)and were looking for a good home for her. I thought MzKitty might need a playmate. i actually chose her sister, the runt, but when my neighbor and I got home with our choices, Oreo took to Me and would not let my neighbor have her back, so we swapped. She went to work with MzKitty and I until August of 2006. MzKitty mothered her a lot, they snuggled all the time. Now Oreo is the biggest and she thinks she is a lap cat here lately...LOL! She "talks" a lot too, especially when she wants to go out! She sleeps with her head on my arm at night. Now she snuggles with the baby more than she does with MzKitty. Again, I used all freebies. the BG is called Cat fur-no TOU, Cat Paws-no TOU, Cat & Dog frames-no TOU, A-liyeo's Cat on the windosill and Kyra's Cat & Mouse Play kit. OK favorite show is coming on, got to go for tonight. Tomorrow is Pumpkin's turn...Later y'all, Mat

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just remembering

I was going through some photos and thought I would collage a few of my favorites of the "girls" with a collaboration of some kits. First, of course, has to be MzKitty since she was our first. She weighed in at .75 pds when we found her near starvation and fleas dining on her. She was so tiny, but very loud with her crying. She was bottle fed and used to spread eagle in her dinner bowl when introduced to solids. She got lots of baths, but loved to be cuddled and held. She still does! She went to work with me daily for the first year of her life. She does not know she is a cat. We won't tell her any different either...LOL! I used several kits, all freebies; Kit N Kaboodle by Enaideel Scraps, Kyra's (Russian Dutch Heart) Moments in a Cat's Life and Companions of Character, Lil's Little Luxury-Cat bits, CJS's Cute Kit and Cat Paws by unknown (no Tou). Will try making Oreo's tomorrow night. Thanx for visiting and looking! Later y'all! Mat