Sunday, August 30, 2015

August is Gone...September knocking!

This has been a very hot and steamy summer all around the world, not just us in Texas...ROFL!  I will surely be glad to see autumn arrive....if for no other reason than that the temperatures will begin to decrease.  I haven't been too busy, except at being lazy and binge watching TV!  I went with my friend Teri for her EGD/Colonoscopy on Friday....cleaned house and washed clothes yesterday and today, I hope to catch up on my blog reading!
Here's a couple of pages I created for my Cousin (by marriage) from some lovely photos she posted on Facebook that I got her permission to use.  Her family had attended another family member's wedding and these shots were taken. The one of Sugar by herself is in a free QP I created for Miriam's Scraps. The one of the family I created to go with the photo using a background from Kyra at With a Russian-Dutch Heart and frame from Miriam.
This one of Sebrina I created for her first day of her tenth year back at school! She loves being a teacher! I used background papers from Scrapiness Down Under and the cluster is a freebie from Digital Scrapbooking Studio by skd-pbs' Schoolhouse Kit
This photo I snagged of my friends Jan and Bill at graduation from high school for their neighbor's son Chance. It was such a nice photo that I created a memory page for her using a frame double layered by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli.
So, I did a few pages...but that is about all, maybe when the heat, humidity and awful air quality relaxes a little, I can muster up some more energy to do something but be lazy.  Well, guess I better get off here, headed to Jannette & Mike's house for lunch and some homemade ice cream....yummy, yummy for my tummy!  Chat more with y'all later, in the meantime, have a marvelous week of making lots and lots of memories to share! Love y'all! Mat

Friday, August 21, 2015

Yippee!! a "fall" day in August!

A weather front paraded through on Wednesday, the temps started falling and falling and falling and on Thursday we actually got 1/4 inch of rain at my house (41 days with no precipitation), almost 1/2 inch at the airport (official) and more south of us as the front marched on through.  The best thing,  we had lower 70's Thursday morning and only 78 for the high yesterday.....almost broke records for the lowest "high" temperature this time of the year! But soaring back up into the mid 90's today!  Was so very refreshing for the one "fall" day, so I got out and worked some with my flower pots...the string of days of 100+ really did a number on my geraniums and my "Live Forevers" (succulents) are beginning to bloom way too early, is the wandering Jew.  However, my hibiscus' are just loving the lower temps as they are over producing blooms...4 & 5 blooms each plant, each day and oh so pretty!  Look!!
 Some open, some just closing and others waiting to open, this one is just outside my door!
This one is on the other side where my renters are, these are redder and there is one on the back side!
My verbana is full of blooms too, which is surprising in the excessive heat...but it did survive!
I made a birthday tribute page for my mama's birthday on the 18th, but failed to post it to Facebook as I was busy with some friends (at doctor's appointments) and just flat did not turn on my computer for a couple of I posted it yesterday as TBT post. I used a Memories kit by Chey0kota.  The photo is from 1983 that I desaturated to black/white. From left to right: Kathy, Penny holding Jeff, Mama holding Sebrina, Me and Pepper with Jason.  Last time Mama saw all her kiddos and all her grandkids together (at the time Penny had not married so her 3 were not born yet)! This brings back lots of memories. Seems just a few days ago, yet seems a lifetime ago as well!  I got lots of nice comments from friends on Facebook remembering my mama and what a terrific cook she was.  Just so enjoyable to read their comments!
Last week on throw back Thursday....I posted this page from 1960 or 1961 of  "cousins by marriage" (l-r) me, Willis White, Quinton Finuff, Laura Jane White and Kathy sitting on the hood of the White car in Attapulgus, GA.  This one too got lots of comments that brought lots of memories. The QP is by Studio Manu and the wordart is Miss Boots'.
Another page I created for Kathy's grandkids for their first day of school, which started the 13th of August. Sorry I forgot to write down the information on the page...but thanks for the freebies!
This page was strictly for Amy as she wanted one of the girls with their sign she put up in their bedroom.
I used overlays from Miriam's scraps and some clusters by Arlene don't remember who the creator is for the wordart...the photos are Amy's of Annabeth and Eliza!
I also did some QPs for Miriam using her soon to be released Autumn MK21 (when she returns from her summer break) that you might want to check out.
Okay, that's about it for this post....I have changed my bed and washed the linens that are ready for the dryer and got all my trash and recycle bin out for pickup, got all my critters fed and watered, my plants all got a drink too, the litterboxes are clean and now I must run the dust mop so I can jump in the shower...going to lunch at my favorite place, Babe's Chicken with my friends Jannette and Mike! Will chat with y'all a little more later...have a terrific weekend and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs to all! Mat

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Pepper, Amy & Oreo!

Today it is only to reach 98F and heat index of 100F with lower humidity....thank goodness...we've had more than 2 weeks straight of 100+ temps during the day with it only dropping to the mid 80's at night and under a severe heat advisory for the past week...and bad air quality for the last couple of days....maybe it is gone now!  34 days since we last got any precipitation...after all the rain and flooding in May & June...we are now back in a drought situation....can this summer please end!  ROFLMBO!!  Sure am bitchy when it is too hot to go outside (cause I can't breathe that oppressive air) and with all the stagnation...allergies tried to kick my butt....however, I finally won after a couple of boxes of Kleenex and my clairitin and staying inside! We also had some electrical failures because of excessive use for AC during this past week or so....So, I have not been online very much at all and feel so "cut-off" from everyone! Now, you can LYBO!
Today would have been my brother's 56th I created a Remembrance page for him using the Remembrance kit by CheyOkota and a photo of a very tired Pepper with his baby daughter, Sebrina!
Today is also my niece, Amy's, birthday who turns 26 today.  Here she is in a QP by Arlene from Kyra's kit Sunshine Smiles.  I took this photo in 2010 in Nashville, TN on our Ladies Road Trip.
And lastly here is Ms Oreo (looking at herself in the bathroom mirror) in a page using a kit by A Space Between called Birthday Wishes...She turns 10 today and is still my sweet Oreo Cookie!
Since it has been really hot and not using too much electricity...I have laundry to do and some cleaning in the house now that I feel better so guess I will get my hiney out of this chair and get busy.  Y'all have a great week making lots and lots and lots of memories to share.  Chat more later when there is something to talk about besides the hot weather....LOL! Hugs, Mat

Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye July

Jade & Ruby in a free QP by Arlene using Kyra's (With A Russian Dutch Heart) Kit Galina
Bud (Jayson) in a lovely freebie QP from Eudora Designs.
 Little Miss Hayden in a lovely free QP by my friend Edna at Miss Edna's Place
 This QP was made using a freebie QP by Miss Boots at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place and 2 backgrounds and some flower elements from Kyra's kit Breathless.
 This photo was made by Annabeth's Aunt Hannah and place in a cute freebie frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli. The bottom photo is of sweet Eliza being held by her daddy at church in a cute free QP from My Memories by Sugarmoon called Lovey Dovey.

The bottom three pages are free QPs I created using a soon to be released kit by Miriam's Scraps if you want to zip on over to her site and pick them up.
Today is the last day of July, can you believe we are ready to start the 8th month of this year already? School starts for many in 2 weeks. Seems like it's been a really short summer, but probably because we had rain for most of June and high humidity and heat for July, so have been stuck inside a lot.  Now with all the West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes being trapped & sprayed for, you can't even enjoy going out after the sun goes down (not that the lower 90's and upper 80's at night is cool, but the sun is not beating on you)! Today we have a cold front pushing through....yippee....dropping from the 104 (heat index of 107) yesterday to only 98 today....but the main thing it will be pushing the humidity it will still be hot, but not as unbearable.  Our electricity regulator board put out a request yesterday by text messages to conserve the use of electricity between 3-7 pm so they would have enough to not have to do rolling brown, I closed all my drapes and blinds, upped the AC to 78 (from 75) and shut off everything extraneous (computer-lights-ceiling fans-chargers-lights, etc) and stayed in my cool bedroom with only the TV going...I did my part! LMBO!!
My nephew, Lamar, had to have an emergency cholescystectomy on Wednesday, all went okay and he was released to go home last evening...the doctor told Penny half of the gallbladder was green or already dead so it had to come out and he was hit with massive antibiotics.
Other than doing regular house chores and taking care of my fur and feathered has been a little dull but oh so enjoyable around here.  I did get to reorganize some of my scrapping files and clean my computer hard drive and catch up on some books as well as binge watching some things on Netflix. In other words, just being really lazy and enjoying the heck out of it....ROFL!!
Well, off here to make sure all the trash and recycle bins are out for collection...all the wash is caught up, so I need to clean 2 bathrooms and sweep, vacuum and mop and will be finished with the house chores...maybe an hour or 2, then I can settle in for another series to binge on. Y'all have a marvelous weekend ahead, make lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more with you next time.  Hugs, Mat

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miss Me?

I've taken a little break from my computer....needed to give my arthritic neck and right hand a break...seems like I have been away for a month when it hasn't been 2 weeks!  I've been binge watching a series (5 seasons of 20+ episodes each season) of Pretty Little Liars...totally addicted to this TV Crime drama...ROFLMAO! Guess I just have that kind of personality where I get addicted quickly....glad I can't do any or not!
It has been typical July in Texas with the heat and high humidity this year...not officially hit 100 at the airport, but all the surrounding areas have hit it several times already, including the one I live in, and the temps have not dropped below 80 at night in a while now....sooooooo...I am staying inside as much as I can. (good reason to watch my Netflix too...right?)
I did manage to create a birthday page for my "first" nephew Jason on his birthday the 16th...born 39 years how time flies, he is a grown, married man, father of 3 wonderful kids of his own, the one that started calling me Aunt you Jason.  Here is the page I created for him using a photo from his wife's Facebook of him "aping" for her....LOL...I used a kit from A [space] Between called Birthday Wishes.
A few days back I created a QP for Miriam's Scraps using her soon to be released Autumn kit (when she returns from her summer break) I called simply pretty...if you would like it...go to her website to download it.
Here it is with a photo of my 2 greatnieces...Annabeth and Eliza (or Ziza as Annabeth calls her)...I used a filter called canvas on it and it looks really great in a larger size...not so much in this smaller one.
Here's the same photo in a QP by (will have to find this and add later...sorry)
Here are a couple more QPs that are freebies on Miriam's Scraps that I created using the upcoming kit
Well, as you can see, not been very active, but I hope to remedy that soon, guess I will get off here and finish up some things I need to more with y'all next the meantime...make lots and lots and lots of memories to share with us. Have a wonderful weekend upcoming! Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer is definitely here now!

Hi ya gang! It's definitely summer time here in Texas, hot, humid, hot, windy, hot, sticky, hot and did I mention HUMID! Mind you, it may be that I am noticing it more because of getting older, is very, very humid this year! The temperatures have not gotten to the triple digits yet (late for July in TX), but with the heat feels more than 100! The air just seems so heavy, but....sometimes we get lucky and get a little breeze from the got it...warmer and warmer! Temps don't drop below 80 during the night.  So, this old girl is just staying in as much as possible and loving the AC (probably won't like my electricity bill...but)!  The fur babies are just loving the fact I'm totally devoted to each of their whims to play or eat or a snack or to snuggle or catch a nap with them...LOL!
It was a quiet 4th around here...I tried to keep the fur babies occupied with the fireworks on TV (Macy's was totally AWESOME) so they would not notice too much the ones going off close by.  They seemed to make it okay and I think we were all sleeping soundly before midnight...yep, a little late for us, but the fireworks didn't start until 10 and lasted 30-45 minutes since we had so many different cities going off close together. Here's the page I created for me for my FB family/friends/fans this year..! I used a photo from 2004 of me in the TX bluebonnets.
I created another page for my niece Amy of her daughters and her sister-in-law Hannah. Isn't this lovely? The photos are from Hannah's Facebook pages, used with her permission, the left side are of Blair and Brinson (Amy's husband's brother, Marcus' children) and the right side is Annabeth and her new sissy Eliza. Hannah is Michael and Marcus' sister.  She dotes on these babies. The QP is by lth designs at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
This page was for TBT for my sister Penny, her Amy, Maggie and her Hayden. This is from the "girl's trip" we took in 2012 to TN and IL to visit family.  They want to do it again, but we would need a bus now to take all of us and we have to wait for Maggie to deliver Chase first...LMBO! I created this using the free kit "Old Time" by Molemina Scraps.

My sister, Kathy, spent the 4th-7th in the hospital....again....they thought it was a flare up of the COPD, but it turns out after the stress test she has a blockage of 80% and one at 50% so they scheduled heart catherization with inserting stents...well, that fell through after a real flare up of the COPD the night before and finally decided to try some new medications at home for 2 weeks, then follow up with the doctor for what's next.  Quite a lot of phone calls, texts and loads of prayers for a couple of days kept me pretty busy too! 
Plus, I watched the USA team win the World Cup and tried to watch the NASCAR races (a 4+ hour rain delay), but I was way to tired and fell asleep about 12:30 a.m. (It didn't end until 2:45 a.m.) I caught the horrific wreck on the news the next morning.
Yesterday morning I had a few errands to do (had not even started my auto for 5 days...LOL) and had my annual well woman I need to schedule a mammogram and bone density test, visit with my cardiologist for my annual check up next week, and my teeth cleaning the week after...then I will be through for another year (6 months on the teeth).  Thank goodness, I've made it through another one.
This is about all I got accomplished as I have been updating and making additions, deletions, and corrections to my Ancestry account.  Plus I am reorganizing all my scrapping freebies, tools, etc on my computer to free up some much needed space before I run out...LOL! Lots of copying to DVD's too for backups! I have several more photos to scrap....just trying to find the right mood and the time to sit long enough...!
Okay, the washer and dryer have stopped so that means folding needs to be done and the wet ones put in to dry and add another load to the washer (I changed the bed again this morning), so guess I will hush for now, hoping all of you have a fantastic time creating memories to share.  Chat more with you next time.  Hugs, Mat

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Good Sunday Morning Y'all! Hope all of you are having a blessed weekend and enjoying yourselves! I spent way too many hours at my computer yesterday scrapping pages and enjoying the AC...LOL! Today, I will not do that (yeah right!). I've got all my chores (that I intend to do) done, have taken my shower, changed my bed linens and fed all the animals and birds, watered my hibiscus plants and cleaned all the litter boxes, so after I finish this post...I will be reading until time for the NASCAR races....Lazy right?  After all is it Sunday and that is the day for relaxing....and since my heat threshold is low, I plan to stay out of the 90+ temps outside and enjoy my book and my fur babies all cuddled up around me.
Anyhow, here are some of the photo's I scrapped yesterday and the day before...I am giving my neck, shoulder, butt and hands a rest now. I have linked the designers sites if you want to visit them, just click on the designers name.

My nephew Jeff and his bride Tiff were in Key West, Florida for his work and sent this photo of the sunset from the beach to his mom Kathy.  She, in turn,  sent it to me and asked for a here they are in a pretty QP from Manu Scraps using her kit Smell the Sea.
Sweet Sisters....Annabeth and Eliza in a template by OklahomaDawn.  Amy was trying to get photos of them together...she took the bottle of juice from Annabeth, not a happy camper in the photo on the right, so she gave it back to her, thus the satisfied photo on the left and her giving Eliza her bottle and kisses!
This photo Amy took of Annabeth coloring...the QP is a freebie from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio and is called the Joy of Art so I thought it appropriate and the colors looked good too.  The alpha is from the Shades of Summer collaboration at the Studio.
I created this page from Kyra's Kit Solange at With A Russian Dutch Heart to display sweet Eliza.

These two pages are the same...just one I desaturated the center photo...the photo is of the 50th wedding anniversary (6 years ago) of Christina's grandparents...I created the background using a free texture by HGDesigns and the wordart is by Wordart World.
This is the Sunny QP I created using Miriam's Scraps MK20 and have it for free on her site if you want it.
OK, been in this chair long enough so am off here...y'all have a fantastic Sunday and make lots and lots of memories to more next time.  Hugs, Mat