Saturday, January 31, 2015

Crazy Winter!

I know what you are thinking...really I do! ROFL! We have been on the worst roller coaster ride ever this winter! On Wednesday we had 84F, almost tied a long standing record for warmest January day (85F) then Thursday it was 60F, Friday it was 54F, today the winds and some very, very much needed soaking light rain and 48F.  By Monday morning we are to be in the 20's again. So many people are sick with the flu and colds.  I know we could be worse, like the storms that have hit the Northeast....but this is just so out of the realm of winter, even for Texas! Just WEIRD...WEIRD...WEIRD!!
Well, another week of working for my CPA...beginning to get a little busier now that most all have received their W2's, 1099's, 1095A's....etc! His office will be cracking the whip for this month!  I have an appointment with my Ophthalmologist on the 4th to do pre-op and give me all the low down  for my first cataract surgery on the 13th. Then if all goes well will do the second one on the 27th.  Will be glad when it is all over with, tired of closing one eye to focus...! I keep telling people I am not winking at you!! LOL!
Got all my grocery shopping done for the month, cat food and bird seed all stocked up...just need to pick up some litter and all my critters will be taken care of.  I've washed, dried and put away 4 loads of clothes, cleaned the bathrooms, and vacuumed, but not dusted "bunnies" are still playing until tomorrow!  I wanted to sit and do some scrapping using Miriam's awesome "Mini Kit" 18 that she shared this week. If you haven't seen it, go take a is a huge, huge kit with overlays, elements, clusters, papers, frames and QPs as well as bookmarks, cards, envelopes and boxes.  I made a couple ploppers (clusters with frames to plop onto a background) some QPs too that I will be sharing on her site next week, but you get to view a couple now with some photos of mine. Meet my newest fur babies...Misty & Sideways.  I made a double page layout for my Fur Baby Scrapbook. Sideways is the only male in my house...LOL....he had really weak back legs when I brought him in and is so uncoordinated and walks/runs sideways, thus his name.  He has a sight problem too, but Misty helps him a lot, I can't separate them so it was hard to find a home for both of them...they are mine now.
Here's another QP I created with the kit....I used a photo from the internet of hunky Craig Wayne Boyd, the singer that won The Voice-Season 7 pushing Blake Shelton to win over Adam Levine again.  Can't wait for the new season.
Are you ready for the Super Bowl?  I am really looking forward to it since we are supposed to have rain all night and into tomorrow morning...I am hoping to sleep in a bit.  Then I think I will make a good meal so I will not do my normal snacking during the game...ROFLMBO! Well, Sideways is telling me he is hungry so I think I will stop for now, go feed my babies, put on my pjs and watch a couple of things I DVR'd during the week....y'all have a marvelous week ahead making lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hello All!

It has been awhile since I have been here to blog...can't believe it is already the 24th of January either!  Time is passing so fast!  I am hoping you haven't had a lot of really bad weather where you are.  We have had more than usual cold, cold, cold days with lots of high winds that cuts like a knife, but we have been rather dry too! We normally have a day or two of cold then a warm up, then cold a couple of days and back to a warm up all winter, but this year the cold, gray, windy days come and stayed about 6 days before a warm up of a day then another attack of cold.  This past Wednesday evening and all day Thursday brought us some very much needed soaking was very nice (except I had my car washed on Tuesday...LOL!).
I started a job on Monday the 19th....just a fill in receptionist answering phones and scheduling appointments...for my CPA's office for 3 months (minus the days I need off for my cataract surgeries) for some extra cash and to help them out. I am enjoying it for the most part, but sure was hard this week getting up and getting dressed and out the door on a schedule....LOL! Being retired and going at your own pace can make you lazy...ROFL!  My fur babies had a rough time adjusting to me being gone each day too!
I slept in a bit this morning and then decided to read and clear out e-mails and of course I had to make a few pages to share here.  I just sent my blog for 2014 to be got to make sure I have some posts to start on my 2014 book.  If you have never had your blog printed, you should try is a terrific way to journal your memories to leave behind...I love looking back through mine and remembering the scrapped pages and events from 2008 until now. I also have had many nice comments from friends that have looked through them. Well, here's what I've been doing while washing clothes today!
Mr. Calvin was driving with his daddy in the John Deere so when I found this QP by AuntyM Designs I just HAD to put the photo in it....thanks Maggie for posting the photo. My sister Penny's grandchildren.
This is pretty Miss "Glamour Girl" Hayden in a page I created using several different designers...the frame is by Neli at Lugar Encatado da Neli the background paper (recolored) is by my friend Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart and the wordart is by sweet Miss Boots at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place  Check out some of these very generous designers as they give away lots of gorgeous freebies for scrapbooking!
My niece Amy's little "Star" Annabeth in her sun shades...the QP is one I had used before in it's original color and I decided to change the color and use again...this one is by Linda at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place too!
This is my brother's only child...My sweet niece Sebrina in a pretty frame created by my friend Neli at Lugar Encatado da Neli.  She has at least 2 and sometimes 3 frames each and every day that she gives us!
This page I created from a free Thank You kit by Arlene at Baby Bear Digital Scrap  This is Jason & Christina with their 3 kids, Jade, Ruby and Jayson (Bud), my sister Kathy's oldest son!
This is a free QP I made using some kits by Miriam that you can grab at Miriam's Scraps. She has a new AWESOME kit for free at her site if you want to visit her.
Well, guess I have rambled long enough...I think my dryer just stopped so must go fold or hang up some clothes and put another load more with you next time...OK! Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead making lots and lots of memories to share.  Hugs, Mat

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Again!!

Here it is, Monday again!  I surely had a very relaxed and lazy games Saturday and Sunday and the Golden o body was nice and relaxed...until I got up this morning chasing dust bunnies with the broom and then the vacuum came out to run the cats off so I could mop the whole house without little paw prints...really got my blood flowing and warmed me up real quickly....LOL! You goof off a couple of days and you have to pay for it later!
The game Saturday with the Patriots was a fantastic game right to the last minute and then the Packers/Cowboy game on Sunday was a nail biter right to the beloved Boys lost, but was happy the Pack won (they are my second favorite team so I didn't lose...LOL). We had a better team this year and can look forward to a good one next year. Sorry Peyton lost too, but I've had a feeling for awhile it would be Seattle vs New England in the Super Bowl. Next week will tell if I am right! Tonight we are hosting the College playoff between Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks at AT&T Stadium.
We've had some really chilly weather along with the rest of the unusual for us! I have been trying my best to stay inside, away from crowds and sick folks...but I still think I am trying to catch a cold. Been sneezing and blowing my nose all day! Don't have time for this!  BTW, I will be having these pesky cataracts removed next month...that will help a lot I hope.  It is hard to drive when you have to close one eye to be able to focus and that really screws up the depth perception.  If I sit too long in front of the computer screen or on my iPad or iPhone I really have trouble seeing....the TV is not as bad as it is further away I guess!
I did turn the computer on for a few minutes on Saturday before the games started and downloaded 2 really cute QPs that must have come from the same kit as they are similar, but by totally different designers. I just had to make a couple of pages, I think I will use them as a double page layout in my book. The first is of my sister Kathy and her grandkids in the page made by Miss Boots at Random Thoughts and the second one is by Fecnikek of Penny's grandkids (With them in December and the other with Papa last January...haven't they grown?)
Got a photo sent to me this morning by Amy of Annabeth after the sonogram....the photo says it all....! I used a QP by Neli at Lugar Encantado with Alpha by Granny Enchanted
Well, all my news is gone, the Ace Cannon album I had playing in the background is over and it's time for me to rest my will stop for more with ya next time. Y'all have a good week and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share.  Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015 Y'all!

Hi y'all! Just wanted to pop in and say I fervently wish that you have a safe, happy, healthy, peaceful, loving,  prosperous and much blessed 2015. I hope you spend this day reflecting on 2014 and all it brought us to and through. We are so blessed to live in a free country (largely because of our military personnel) and have freedom of speech and religion. I, for one, am very happy that I have been blessed to witness so many growths and changes (some good, some not) and to have been blessed with this many years to share all the things I have shared with family and loved ones (both those that have gone on before me and those that are still here sharing with me).  I cherish each and every memory made, even the not so pleasant ones as they taught me things I needed. I am a very fortunate woman to have LOVED and LIVED a lot! I have great caring friends and a most wonderful loving family that I am so proud to have in my life! I am retired, fairly healthy, and surrounded by my awesome fur babies and able to do as I want and like I want, so I am a very happy lady! I look forward to a remarkable 2015 for me and for all of you! Remember to cherish each day with your loved ones and let them know you are happy they are in your life, as we never know when it may be the last time we see or get to tell them. Let's all make 2015 the most memorable year ever! Love and hugs is sent to each and everyone of you! Until next time...God Bless us all! Mat

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Merry CHRISTmas from the fur babies and me.  We have been so very, very busy and with the problems I am experiencing with the double and cloudy vision...I have not been a very good blogger or been on the computer much.  It gets very tiresome trying to focus with one eye shut....LOL! Anyhow, that will be taken care of in February!
I finally got this home level again and now, all my pictures on the walls need to be rehung and straightened...ROFLMBO here! They came in one day and dug all the holes and put all 18 piers in, then came back next morning and filled all the holes with dirt and gone.  I am happy to have it done and over with, but my bank account is so tired of me asking it for more money....LOL!
I have tenants moving in on the first. A nice young couple.  Of course they had to like cats and the Dallas Cowboys as number one and two priorities...!  They just love the duplex and are very anxious to move closer to their jobs. I am happy also to have passed inspection and have some rental income coming in for that complaining bank account!
I have finished with the baking and house is clean, last load of clothes in the washer waiting to be placed in the dryer and my favorite movie just came on...."It's A Wonderful Life", so think I will make a very short post and go watch it again.  I wish all of you a very, very, very Merry CHRISTmas spent with family and/or loved ones and that you have a very safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2015.  Make lots and lots and lots of great memories to share and to look back on. Love to all of you for now, chat more a little later. Hugs, Mat

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Goodbye my friend....

My friend Carol Cook Rodgers passed away this week....shocking everyone! I created this tribute for her on Facebook using a photo from a Halloween party a few years back and a gorgeous QP by Linda at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place.  Carol and her husband Ken joined the motorcycle riding chapter that I belonged to in 1997 after they purchased a Pearl White Goldwing.  She always told everyone to not breathe a word of it to her mother if we met or saw her, because they had not told her about the motorcycle.  Ken and Carol were very active for the first few years of joining, even fixing breakfast at their home for the chapter, cooking jalapeno poppers at one of many Halloween parties, inviting us the their new home when they moved to another city, being an escort in the Hotter than Hell 100 for bicyclist, escorting the Toy Runs, becoming staff members promoting motorcycle safety, planning rides and participating in all the various events the chapter supported.  Their teenage daughter, Krystal, was always included in these events as we watched her become a beautiful young lady. Their son Kraig was away at school, married and gave them their first grandson Micah that we have seen grow up, then Chase and Cami came along!  Carol always had a big smile and kind word for everyone. She was a "throwback hippie" kind of laid back, but when she got "started" she was so hard to stop.  She had wonderful and kookie ideas (which is very important at some of the events we attended). She loved Ken and her family to paraphrase "more than life and to the moon and back again".  She lost her beloved Ken in 2004 and asked the chapter to ride their motorcycles to the National Cemetery in full chapter dress, then afterwards we gathered at a restaurant to celebrate his life...very memorable event.  Carol and Krystal stayed as active with the chapter as they could with them being so far away, we didn't get to see them as often as we would like, but we had e-mails and Facebook to stay in touch. Carol had recently gotten her real estate license and worked with an agency in Granbury.  She had been fighting a case of Acute Bronchitis when God decided he needed this special lady to come live with Him and Ken to ride on their Wings of Gold.  Her funeral will be this coming Wednesday, a sad day for sure, but as with Ken, we will all gather to celebrate her zest for life and what she meant to all of us!  My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Krystal and Kraig and his family! Remember all the good times and be comforted that Dad and Mom are together again, watching over all of you!  .Goodbye my friend, I love you, my life was enriched and blessed for knowing you! Mat

Friday, November 21, 2014

Miss Me?

The roller coaster weather around here has been playing havoc with my arthritis and also my, I have been taking it kind of lazy and easy for a spell...ROFL. We had 78F one day and next morning it was 38F and steadily went downhill and stayed there for 5 all my plants inside (thank goodness for the empty duplex, put them all inside there) and all the hoses inside and pipes covered as we had 5 mornings of hard freeze temps in the 20's with wind chills in the teens and even a dusting of snow (that lasted about 6-8 hours before it all melted).  I know, I know, it isn't nearly as bad as some of the northern states...but, for us, it was a real shocker especially the 40 degree drop overnight! Yesterday, we were back with lots of sunshine and 71F and today is to be about as warm, although we have another front on the way that is to bring us some rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. We so need the rain, just not the hail that is a possibility!
With the 4 year drought we have had, my duplex (my side to be exact) is really shifting and beginning to leave cracks around the windows and doors that do not want to close....REAL BUMMER!....but I have already sought out some expert advice and gotten 2 good estimates with 3 more inspections scheduled. I have too much invested to not repair it before some real structural damage is done. There goes a big chunk of change...ROFL...hey, it is only money, right?  Sheezzz! The joys of property ownership!!
Speaking of ownership...I still have not leased it yet, but several prospects have filled out forms for me to check their references. I have mailed my first payment on the loan and made my insurance payment for the year. So far, pretty good and lots of phone calls on it! Very popular area because of the excellent school district and the price range is nice.  I'm looking for someone long term though! 
I am also experiencing some problems with a pesky appointment is the 19th of December and am hoping we can solve this soon. You know I read a lot and right now, I am having to close one eye to be able to focus....not fun at all, but one of the joys of growing older I suppose! I am just frustrated that it is impinging on my computer....iPad....Kindle....TV time....sound like a old person don't I?  Just got to B*%&$ about something!!  ROFLMAO!!
I have been creating a little all along on something for my family for CHRISTmas and am about ready to have it printed so I can get it mailed in time!  Plus, I need to check with Linda at Random Thoughts for my CHRISTmas card this year (last year's was really great) so I can get my cards out just after, it is here already! Next week!! Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends and have a lot to give THANKS for! I know I do!
Yesterday was my sister Penny's birthday so I created a card for her of her gorgeous grandchildren (Hayden, Calvin and Annabeth) to put on Facebook wishing her a very happy day! I used a background from Neli, a frame from Fecnikek and a frame from Miriam too. The photos are from Margaret's FB and the other one is by Amy! I like all the pretty colors in it. You can find links to all these wonderful designers on the right side of this blog.
Well, it has taken a couple of hours to type this, think I will hush and get busy....need to put out the trash, the recycle bins and fill the bird feeders....also got to pick up and wash all the outside cat food bowls and refill them, water my flowers, and run the vacuum cleaner. All the inside kitties have been fed and bathed and are all sleeping.  I also need to do a little shopping to refill the cupboards with cat food....I don't need anything for me...LOL! Y'all all have a fabulous weekend making lots of memories to share and say a little prayer for all those poor folks in upstate New York with their weather tragedy! Hugs, Mat