Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last year of my 60's

Interesting title, huh? Yep, this past Friday (20th) I started the last year of my year will hit the big 70's era! It was a fairly nice day...of course, I have been enjoying a week of celebrating with eating out with friends, opening cards and surprise gifts and so many phone calls that were nice long conversations with my sisters, my nieces and long time friends....then all the wishes on Facebook... I really thank all of you for them, it has been memorable! Especially my gift to myself...Blake Shelton's new album that was released on my usual!
I've done very little scrapping as I was occupied so much of the time! I did manage a few pages of congratulations for Jannette & Mike's Anniversary on the 18th and Christina's birthday also on the 18th. A nice vacation family photo of Lance & Margaret who also celebrated an anniversary on the 17th, a happy first birthday for Eliza today and a QP for Miriam's Scraps.  I missed so very many this month though I left messages on their FB pages...I'm slowing down way too much...LMBO!  Anyhow, here is what I did...
Happy 1st Anniversary to the Begert's in a frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli
Happy Birthday to Christina in a QP by Designs by Brigit from Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
One gorgeous family on vacation....and celebrating their anniversary in a page by Raspberry Road Designs.
Miss Eliza turns one today in a frame by Neli and the rest is from Wilma4Ever's birthday kit.
And last, my heart, my fur babies in a QP I created using Miriam's Scraps Black & Gold kit and is free on her blog site.
Yes, I have been rather busy, but I have also been extremely lazy...I have really been giving my hands a rest, but I have so many ideas for pages running around in my head, I think I am going to have to remedy it soon by scrapping some....LOL! Anyhow, with this next week to be a rather rainy one (as long as not storms with lightning) I think I will try catching up a bit.  Well, enough chatter for today, catch y'all again later...hope all have a fantastic week ahead and a fabulous long weekend coming up...see you then...meantime, make lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to All of You!

Okay, so I've been lax in blogging, but I am trying to get caught up with my gardening and clean up of the yards as well as the things that got neglected while I was working, but I've also been battling a real problem with my hands (the right one especially), I think my carpal tunnel problems have returned.  Too, we have been heavily inundated with storms with lots and lots of lightning, as a matter of fact it hit the U-Verse hub closest to me, frying my router and messing up 3 other units in the cul-de-sac.  I was without internet and TV for a whole was certainly quiet! LMBO! Just look at my gorgeous Hibiscus this year...lots of blooms and I got a gardenia plant hiding behind to get them all re-potted in larger vessels is a big job. add to all the other kitties....5 more were born on April 29th in the little igloo house just outside my front door...they are so cute, but as soon as "mama" is not feeding, she is going to TCAP to be fixed! She has gifted me with 10 now!
I have also been fighting with the Tarrant Appraisal District regarding my taxes for date....I have received 6 different statements....none of them correct! Since I purchased the equity in the other side of my duplex...they have wiped my side out and took away all my exemptions....I am too honest I suppose! I called to ask them for the amount owed on my side of the duplex since all the statements were for the new side...they informed me I had moved so...WAIT, WHAT???? I have not moved, been in this spot since December 1990.  Oh...well then, they will send out corrected statement with my homestead and over 65 exemptions.  WRONG AGAIN...they put the exemptions on the wrong side, but I paid them $3200 so I would not be delinquent.  They made the change and it created an overage on my side and not enough for the other, had to go down again and ask them to transfer it...had to write a letter requesting it to be done, finally done and all was well and paid in full for both!  NOT...they sent another statement in March for another $1129 due by April 30th.  I called, they don't know why?  I went down there, they copied all my forms...will call you tomorrow....wrong, they did not call a week later so I went down there again and sat there for 4 1/2 hours while they tried to figure out what/why happened...then I went to the Tax office and told them I was not paying this statement nor would I pay any penalties as NO ONE could tell me WHY I OWED MORE! I am writing the tax assessor and the commissioners court regarding the fiasco! Still waiting too as the TAD says it will take them a month to resend info to tax office! It simply makes my blood boil at the incompetency of the employees and how they cannot understand simple English and things in black and white!
Okay, enough of that...just kinda explains why I haven't been online much lately, however, I have taken time to create Mother's Day pages for my family (only took me about a full week)...LOL! I just posted them to Facebook, so thought I would sit here long enough to post them on the blog so they will be in my book.
My mother passed in 1992, so the first page is for her using BooLand Designs kits with all 4 of her children, Me, Kathy, Pepper (Edward) & Penny. 
This one is Kathy's using freebies from Kimeric Kreations...of her children, Jason (wife Chris, kids Jade, Ruby & Jayson) and Jeff (wife, Tiff)!
Kathy's DIL Christina with her children Jade, Ruby & Jayson in a QP by April the Scrapaholic! I just adore the kooky photos of Chris & her kids!
This is my brother's (who passed on in 1996) ex-wife and child in a page I created using kits by Diane at ADB Designs. This is Myrl with Sebrina and her beau and his son.
Here's Penny's of her children and grandchildren in a page I created using BooLand Designs kits! Penny's twins, Lamar & Lance (wife, Maggie, kids Hayden Calvin & Wayne) Amy (hubby Michael, kids Annabeth & Eliza).  Just love Penny's lap full of all 5 of them!
Here's her DIL Maggie's page of her children, Hayden, Calvin & Wayne! Her page is created from freebies from Kimeric Kreations.
And Penny's baby girl Amy with her husband and daughters Annabeth & Eliza (at hubby's graduation from Law Enforcement Academy in a QP by Kopie at DDR called Vintage Treasury. 
So for me...I just had to put all these lovelies in one page (quilt style) so I can use it for my screen saver on my computer (that way I can look at them whenever I want to). I added 2 Flower cards from Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli for the journaling info.
This weekend is iNSD there will be lots of freebies and great sales of digiscrapping elements, kits, papers, quickpages...etc! Check out all the fantastic designers if you would like to create your own pages or use some of the awesome free QPs.  I have a free QP for May on Miriam's Scraps if you want it. Check it out! I thank all the designers I get freebies from, you make my life of scrapping so much easier, plus you inspire me to create my own as well. Happy Mother's Day to all of you (and YES, to the fur babies moms too)! May your days be blessed  and fun filled with your loved ones!
Got to get up from here and feed my fur babies and give y'all a rest from all this yakking! LMBO! Hugs until next time for all of you! Mat

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm off until next year!

That sounds silly, I know, but I am retired again until next tax season! So glad too, because my fur babies didn't like me not at home for such long hours and....the dust bunnies had moved in big time! We have had some really rough weather to deal with as well. That is just one of the reasons I haven't blogged in a while! The closer we got to the tax deadline, the busier we got and the tireder I was when I got home, many nights just feeding the fur kids and putting on my jammies and going to bed. The weekends were spent only doing what HAD to be done to maintain the house, but not any real cleaning! Then when I did feel like turning on the computer....the storms were either raging or approaching, so I would not turn it on! Lots and lots of homes and autos destroyed and/or damaged during the hail stone storms. Lots of rain, rain, rain and high winds too! Many early mornings of being rudely awakened to very loud claps of window rattling thunder (that terrified my fur babies and sent them scattering)!  But, south of us (around Houston) have really had the rain and flooding and 8 lives were lost too! Today the clouds are finally breaking up and we actually have some sun trying to shine through....My driveway needs to dry up so I can get to my car and the river flowing in my back yard needs to disappear as well! LOL!
I have packed up my winter sweats and jammies to store until next year, straightened up my closet, changed out the draperies and comforter on my bed (from winter to summer colors), washed all the little throw rugs (total of 8 loads including the bedding), totally cleaned all the litter boxes with all new and fresh litter, cleaned out my refrigerator and tossed some really expired goods, really scrubbed down the bathrooms and showers and had a dental appointment and did some grocery shopping and visited with a couple of friends in my 2 1/2 days off from I need to do the floors (when the mud dries up) and get some plants out...then I can rest again. The rest I need to do can be done at a slower pace....LMBO!  The dust bunnies have been sent scurrying away for now.
I had occasion to find a special photo and ran upon a few I kept out to do some TBT pages using some QPs I have downloaded.  I did these really quick this morning about 5 a.m. (another rude awakening this morning)!
My friend Nina from a 1994 scrapbook that I created a page for using a cluster from ADB Designs, AH April Showers BT background (lightened and overlaid) with an Overlay from Jilbert and Alpha by LISI.
 This cute frame is from Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli to showcase my friends Maurice & Brenda LeBlanc that are animal lovers to the max!
This lovely QP from (oops forgot to write it down) is holding a photo of Kathryn and Aimee for 1995!
That's all for today folks, still got some things to do yet, but right now, I just want to take a nap and rest. I will chat more with you real soon. Hugs, Mat

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter Blessings to all of you!

Just want to take a moment to wish Easter Blessings to all of you! May all of you know the joy of HIS rebirth and may HIS blessings shine upon you always!

I want to add my prayers and request blessed healing for all those affected by the tragedy in Brussels!

Can you believe April is knocking on the door next week? March came in like a lion this year and the wind has blown hard around here all month....will it go out like a lamb? We've had a bit of everything this month, we've already seen 90F and then had a 25 degree drop the next day, we have also seen lots of rain, wind, hail, lightning and even some funnel clouds. Today was simply gorgeous and I had all my windows open, cleaned like it was springtime, but tonight another front is moving in from the north bringing rain and cooler temps for tomorrow.  The church up the street had a huge egg hunt for the kids with lots of great music playing that I heard....went to lunch with friends and passed the park a couple of miles up the road where another egg hunt with lots of participants was going on.  Then we passed a few soccer fields that were all very active...lots of people out enjoying the lovely weather.  I am waiting until I finish at the tax office to plant flowers...actually I am so tired each week that I don't want to do anything other that what I just HAVE to on the weekends, but I only have 3 more weeks to go.  Then, I can actually get my spring cleaning and planting done (after a day or two of rest).  Surely has been a busy tax season this year.

I managed to sit here long enough tonight to plop some quickpages over photos of the great nieces and great nephews for Easter. I so want to thank all the lovely designers for the QPs, makes it so easy when I can use them. Here is what I got finished....
Annabeth and Eliza in a terrific page by Fecnikek called Brown Rabbit.
Ruby and
Jayson are all in Frames created by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli
Hayden and
Wayne are all in Frames by Neli too!  This one of me is one I created using a frame cluster and paper from Neli and creating the wordart myself.
 Okay, enough of this rambling on for tonight, I am tired and heading to bed...maybe, just maybe the fur kids will let me sleep in to at least 5:30 or 6:00 a.m.! ROFLMBO...Not, they will start on me about 4:30 to get up and feed them, then when I get good and awake, they will be sleeping again.....I may have to join them for another snooze! Y'all enjoy your day with your loved ones...have a blast making lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs to all of you, until next post....Mat

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March, March, March!

Time is surely marching on....faster and faster each and every day. I can't believe how fast! I never seem to have enough hours in the day anymore...LOL! I know that working consumes about 9-10 hours each day (counting driving back and forth) and taking care of my fur babies and their needs, a little light housekeeping, some laundry, some grocery shopping and sleeping and grooming for work for me...but it seems that is all I get to do more fun scrapbooking!  I just finished mopping floors again (2 hours ago) so thought I would catch up on some of my photo Amy has sent, but I still have not checked e-mails or been on Facebook in a week. I am surely slowing down! I managed to scrap a few photos that I want to put on here for my printed book so here, take a look...!
This was the last page I posted to Facebook.  The Frame is from Fecnikek and the photo is Margaret and her sweet little Wayne, isn't he just adorable? I love him clutching that blanket and bottle...he is 4 months old here.
Amy's Michael is in school to become a peace officer and is only home on weekends, so she took a photo of him loving on his princesses before leaving again on Sunday evening. The kit I used is called Thank You Dad by Delicious Scraps.
I have been dying to scrap this one since I got it...Amy and Annabeth had just watched the Sound of Music and she caught Annabeth singing Do-Re-Mi in the mirror....see her looking at herself?  I used a Flower Card from Neli, lace frame from Miriam's Scraps and the sparkly frame is from Raspberry Road's It's A Girl Thing minikit.
This is sweet selfie of a pretty QP by ABDesigns from her On The Farm kit.
And this is a free QP for March that I created and put on Miriam's Scraps if you would like.
Okay, this is all I have achieved in 2 hours, so...I am off here for now. Got too many things to do to sit here any longer.  Chat with all of you more next time. Hugs, Mat

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Holy Cow!

I have really been busy at work and after 8 hours each day of constant telephone and computer, I just am too wiped out to turn my computer on at night....usually, I just feed my fur babies, clean the litter boxes, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on jammies and go to bed....LOL...the life of a retiree...ROFL!
Our weather has really been unusually warm for this time of year....up into the 80's already...all the plants, trees and grass are beginning to awaken.  I hope we do not have a late freeze and stunt all of them, but I do wish we would have one long enough to kill off pollen and bugs....NOT...anytime soon.  We desperately need rain again as we have had some really windy days that seems to have taken a lot of the moisture out.  I am sitting here now with all the windows open and the ceiling fans going...we awoke to the upper 60's, but supposedly, a cold front is coming in to drop us from the 80's to the 60's for highs! We will just have to see. I even washed my car in hopes it would rain...LMBO!
I did manage to get a few pages made, using free QPs, for Valentine's Day, but that is about all.  I have some really cute photos I need to work with, but they will have to wait a bit...hopefully, after the Daytona 500 I will have time to get on here and do some work.  I just did some blog visiting to friends yesterday!  I am happy all are well or on the mend! All my family seems to be doing well except for Kathy, she has had another bout of cellulitis that put her in the hospital for a couple of days! All my fur babies are about to get used to my routine again, not that they LIKE it, but getting adjusted.  They sure stick to me when I get home and on weekends.  Makes me feel guilty to have to go grocery shopping, but hey, it is for them anyway!
Ok, so that these are in my book, here are the pages I created...
 This was Penny and Weymond's 32 anniversary so created this using a frame by Neli and lace by Miriam. I desaturated their wedding photo.
This photo of me was made at Thanksgiving, can you see all the wrinkles?  I used a QP by Mirella at LTH Designs.
This is my "SIL" Inez and her hubby Larry that I used a frame by Neli on a background I created.
Amy's little darlings, Eliza & Annabeth, in a free QP by Fecnikek. Aren't they sweet?
Here's Maggie's sweeties...Hayden, Calvin and Wayne in a heart frame by Neli. They are growing too fast!
And of course, Kathy's 3 adorable grand kids, Jade, Ruby and Jayson in frames of hearts and flowers by Neli on the same background I created to match the colors...had to do something that was fast...I am lucky I got these done, I procrastinated a long time....ROFL!!
These I created before Valentine's Day, but never posted....It's been a long two weeks, y'all!
Sweet Sebrina in a page I created using a Pixel Scrappers Collaboration Kit
This is a kit I received a long time ago by Janniscrap called Embroidery that I pulled out to use with the free cluster from (?) to use on this cute photo Amy sent.
 Sweet, Sweet Wayne spending me time with Daddy, Lance, in a gorgeous freebie from Kimeric Kreations
Little Princess in her own world of  make believe magic in a page by Kyra. You can find links at the names of the designers if you so wish. I thank all of them for the fabulous time saving freebies!
Okay, enough for now...I must get up and get the floors mopped prior to the race starting!  Y'all have a fantastic Sunday and week ahead. Make lots and lots of memories to share. Chat more next time! Hugs Galore for all! Mat

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goodbye January

It's February already!! I began working at the tax office 2 weeks ago, man is it ever hard to get into a routine again....LOL!  I so enjoy my retirement and rising when I want, doing as I want, napping as I want....etc...but I do enjoy this little 10-12 week gig (and the money will pay taxes and insurance on my home) just takes some getting used to! I was so tired the first week I never even turned my computer on and barely touched my iPad.  The second week was a little better, but not much. I am used to getting up when I wake at 3:30 or 4:00 and doing housework, so by 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon I'm ready for a nap...NOT....I work from 9-5. I was going to bed shortly after getting home and all my fur babies fed. Now, I think I am getting a routine down, still up at 5:30 and getting house straightened up and the babies all fed and watered and clean litter boxes before I get dressed to leave. They are getting used to it too...they sleep all day now. I have a throw cover that is heated....I use it sometimes on low on my bed (instead of the heat being on)...they love lying on it....Oreo gets under it...LOL...I took a couple of photos of them so I decided to put them on this cute QP I found on My Memories by Stina...aren't they adorable? The lovely wordart is by TLC Creations.
I did manage to get on Facebook for a bit yesterday, I had so many messages I had to answer and found this new photo of my niece, Sebrina.  I created a page for the photo...the frame and lace is by Terry Maruca. Sebrina is a teacher...she has beautiful, expressive green eyes,  I used wordart by Ginger. The paper (recolored) is by Studio Blagovesta.
I haven't been scrapping, but I did manage to make a page for February to post on Miriam's site...I had created a layout for a special January birthday (based on birthstone) and in the comments (from the downloads) it was mentioned  I should do one for each I am going to's the page for this month, if you want it..pick it up at Miriam's Scraps
Well, I need to get off here, take my shower and get my grocery shopping done.  Got another load of clothes to wash and dry too...everything else got cleaned or done yesterday (including catching up on some TV programs I had DVR'd)...ROFLMAO!  Tomorrow will come soon enough! Y'all have a GREAT week and make lots and lots of memories to share! I'll chat more with you next time! Hugs, Mat