Saturday, May 23, 2015

Meet my newest great niece!

My great niece, Annabeth, has a baby sister....Meet Eliza Jane....she was born yesterday afternoon about 4:11 p.m. weighing in at a big 8.8 pounds and is 20 1/2 inches long.  Baby, Mama and Daddy all doing well! Amy went into labor on my birthday (20th) but....they induced her yesterday!  My May calendar is filling up....Mother's Day, Amy & Michael's anniversary (8th), Michael's birthday (13th), Lance & Margaret's anniversary (17th), Christina's birthday (18th), my birthday (20th), Eliza's birthday (22nd), Kathy's birthday (27th)...see what I mean? Plus I have several friends with birthdays throughout the month too!

Not much else to talk about since the weather has been so crappy! Just rain, rain, rain and more rain.  We should not complain as we have had so many years of drought and need to be thankful for all we have gotten, we just don't need it all at one has rained this whole month and lots of flash flooding and folks having to evacuate their homes and/or be rescued from the high waters!  The good thing is the weather has been running 10-20 degrees cooler than normal, but the humidity is astronomical and the mosquitoes are in abundance.
My friends, Jannette & Mike, got married last Monday and another of my friends officiated at the ceremony.  Nice little service, he did a fantastic job.  Here is one of the photos, I will share more later as I am working on putting an album together for their gift....LOL!
Okay, guess I need to get off here, the thunder is beginning to roll again and I need to shut down my computer. Y'all have a fantastic holiday weekend making lots and lots of memories to share!  I thank all military personnel for all they do and ask that God Bless all of them and keep them safe.  Chat more later...when the weather clears some...LOL! Hugs, Mat!

p.s. the top photo was created using freebies from Raspberry Road Designs and the lower QP is from Feli Designs.  Thanks designers I appreciate all you share!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

From Drought to Flash Floods

We've been in a 4 year drought with little to no rain, now we are in flash flood alerts, all lakes are full and beginning to  release the overflow waters...last year this time we had experienced 5 inches of rain in 5 months...this year in same 5 months....20+ inches and rain in the forecast for the next 7 days.  We haven't seen the lakes over full and closed because of flooding since 2007....WOW!  The tornadoes, hail, wind and lightning strikes have been awful too, so much so that I haven't been able to be on my computer much! Finally got my AC unit repaired on Sunday afternoon after all the torrential to close all the windows and get the humidity out...! Here is what my little island looked like this past Sunday....all my flowers are suffering too from too much watering....LOL!
At my front door.....kitty igloo in lower left not affected (nor the kitty inside it)!
Down my driveway up past my ankles.....and about 1/3 way up the wheels of the Tahoe.
At my back door and close to my kitty condos....but they all stayed dry inside the condos....LOL!
Back corner to the left of my back door....Nice lake, huh? Had to wait for some of it to recede for the repairman to fix the burnt wire in the relay of my AC unit just outside my door to the left. Soggy job!

Today, there is still water in the back and on my front sidewalk, not as much, but still enough to wade in....we only got another inch of rain yesterday!  Still enough to get out and play in though and since I could do nothing else (or want to) I played in the water....lots of fun!  My neighbors now know I am crazy....LMBO!
Okay, today we only have 20% chance this morning and 40% this afternoon, so I am off here to go run a few errands before hand....I have to take my too youngest fur babies in for spay and neuter tomorrow and all their, fun, fun...I hate driving in the rain, but....! 

So I am off...whatever you do today make it fun and crammed full of great memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Friday, May 8, 2015

Home Again!

Wow, that was a fast and furious trip!  Just home from Panama City Beach, FL to attend Dave's funeral! It was a very nice service, with a lovely eulogy by his daughter Lea Anne! Debbie needed the support of her family as well as Dave's, thus the mad dash over there.  The company he worked for treated all of us as family while there....enough delicious food to feed (and did) an army! The trip was just a really rushed and very short one!  I got back in time for the nasty weather to hit...(Hello Spring)...3 tornadoes touched down just northwest of us last evening, lots of wind, 17 cars on the train coming south jumped the tracks from the wind and high water,  lots of lightning strikes causing at least 2 fires (one a gas refinery)  and hail in some places big as softballs.  There were power outages and flash flooding everywhere, including DFW Airport.  We got a lot of heavy rain....I have mud in my driveway and all my plants were lying in mud this morning, all the hanging ones were sitting on the ground.  Today is still kind of overcast and calling for more severe weather tonight, and tomorrow and Sunday! But, no loss of lives and we still haven't had it as bad as Oklahoma! I so feel for all those folks up there.  The good thing from all this weather is it cooled off some, which is nice since my AC needs some TLC and is not cooling at the moment (repair will happen this weekend) and I have open windows...the breeze is not too bad, but the humidity is at 100%...very sticky!

Before I left on Monday, I created a page for Maggie of a photo she sent me of Calvin and Hayden walking in the cornfield....isn't this adorable?
I used some Easter freebies that I got from CheyOkota Scraps and some Wordart that I have had for a very long time.  I had started my Mother's Day pages for my sisters, my nieces and one for my mother and one from me to all of you, so here they are....
This was a double page I did for Mama's book....Top is the right side and is filled with Kathy's family, the bottom one is Penny's family and the left side of the book.  I created this as a QP for Miriam's Scraps that I will be putting up in a few minutes if you want the QP...LOL!
This is my sister-in-law, Myrl with her daughter Sebrina in a creation using Kyra's kit Fréderique and clusters by Arlene!
This is Miss Amy Jo and her family.  She is about to deliver her second daughter this month. This, too, is from Kyra at With a Russian-Dutch Heart. and cluster by Florence.
This is Margaret (Maggie) and her family in a QP by Miriam's Scraps MK20 
And this is Christina's family in a lovely frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli
This is my Mama with her 4 kids back in 1982 first and last time the 4 of us were together as adults! Now Mama and my brother are deceased...Kathy, Penny and I try to see each other often, but we live so far apart.... :(  This QP I created using CheyOkota freebies from her Believe Kit.
And here I sit in a field of bluebonnets with my family tree....LOL....I used a thumbnail of all the pages I just put on here...this frame is also one of Neli's Mother's Day Frames...!  Thanks to all the super talented designers for so generously sharing your work that makes our scrapping so much easier.  You can find a link to these designers either in the list on the right here or by placing your mouse over their names in this post.
I wish for all of you to have a FANTASTIC Mother's Day, enjoy your family and friends, make lots and lots of memories to share.  Chat more with you later, the weather is turning the sky kind of dark, so will have to get off this computer...Hugs! Mat

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tragic Loss

My ex brother in law (for 24 years) was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash on his way to work yesterday morning in Panama City, Florida.  He leaves behind his wife of 25+ years, Debbie, one daughter Lea Anne and her husband Adam and their 6 children, his mother Theresa, his brother James, his 2 sisters in law Jannette & Sandy and 2 brothers in law Mike & Michael.  I am so saddened for this family and their loss, I send you my sincerest condolences and deepest sympathy....May Dave forever Rest in Peace in the arms of our Lord and may HE Bless those of us left behind. We will all miss you Dave!
Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class of 1965!!

Time sure does fly....I just can't believe I've been graduated from high school 50 years already! (I'm not old enough...LOL) I thought this was a real I bit the bullet and went to this reunion. The last one I went to was my 20th.  I'm really glad I went this time, I saw some that I had not seen in the 50 years since graduation and others that I have not seen in the thirty years since the last one I went to.  It's a good thing we all had name tags, cause there were some I would never have known otherwise.  I am the one that moved away and they all grew old together....still the same "clicks" too....ROFLMAO!! Here is a copy of all of us that attended...I think we had 131 in our graduating class, 26 has passed on and some are in nursing homes and some were just not able to attend, but there were about 90 people (with the spouses and guests) that attended the dinner and dance on Saturday night.  Not a very good photo quality, but the lighting was poor! This is classmates only, I am first one standing in front row...LOL
There was a sock hop for all of us on Friday night, but I didn't make that as my niece Amy had a baby shower that night at the same time and I chose to go to that instead...I did a little Thank You for Lindsey the young lady that hosted it....we had a great time. The QP is by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli
It rained the whole time I was in south Georgia and from what I hear we had lots of storms and strong winds here too, I know I had turbulence on the way over and back and the trip back was delayed an hour and a half and it is attempting to cloud over now. Supposedly we are to have some really rough weather this afternoon and evening.  We need the rain, we just don't need the bad stuff like hail and tornadoes.  But, we have to take what Mother Nature gives us, right?  I am going to close this early and get my "room" ready for the bad weather, get my cell phone and both iPads charged fully, change batteries in my flashlight, get some bottled water, etc and put in there and get my fur babies prepared to get in there if we need too!  Chat more with you next time....I really have a lot of scrapping to catch up with.  Y'all be safe and make lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs! Mat

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whew...I'm tired!

Man this week at work was so very, very hectic...I came home each evening just pooped...I fed my critters and my fur babies, put on my night gown to watch a little TV only to fall asleep (thank goodness for DVRs) to not awaken until morning and then start the day all over again! Well, only 3 more days until no more filing time...we are doing extensions just as fast as I can...LOL!  Then it will be back to a lady of leisure to do my own thing again....YEA!  I have enjoyed this little (3 months) break of working again though. 
Yesterday I spent doing a few things I have cleaning and storing away the heating blankets for the outside kitty condos....washing and drying all their bedding...putting out new boxes for them to sleep/play in...storing away my winter sweats and all litter boxes and putting in all fresh new litter....dusting away the hairballs and dust bunnies....washing and drying all my bedding and remaking the bed....getting a haircut....buying some new plants and potting soil...spreading weed & feed on the lawn....and of course feeding all of them and wonder when I put on my gown to stretch out and watch the NASCAR race (was here this week) I fell asleep after about 105 laps, but awoke before the end and got to see my JJ (Jimmie Johnson # 48) win it...then I went back to sleep until 4:30 this morning.  Today is a finish up the wash day and try to catch up on my friend's blogs....but....Sideways has other ideas....he wants to sleep on my mouse and my hand trying to prevent me from typing....LOL!  See...
Every time I try to remove my hand, he grabs it with his claws to bring it back.  I think I have created a little stinker, he follows me around everywhere just like a puppy and he cries for me to pick him up and snuggles with me at night...and is sooooooo sweet! I guess he is really thankful for rescuing him.  He doesn't wobble as much on his legs now, but his eyesight has not improved nor has the development of his teeth, he still only has the 4 eye teeth and he is constantly biting his tongue....poor baby, but I love him to death and he is the man of this harem around here....ROFLMAO!
I am so far behind on my scrapping, have so many photos of the great nieces and great nephews to scrap, that I will probably have enough to keep me busy for a couple of months after this job ends.  I did manage to create another QP for Miriam's Scraps that you might want to's what it looks like. If you would like it, just drop by her site and pick it up.  I used her MK19 kit to create it.
Well, I need to stand up for a bit and it is about time for the dryer to stop, so need to hang up my clothes and get ready for tomorrow...will chat more next time with y'all and hopefully I can catch up on everyone's lives that I have missed.  I think Facebook misses many messages...LOL! I think I will try to pot or replant some of the plants I bought yesterday before the rains hit this afternoon.  Y'all have a great week ahead and make lots and lots of memories to share with us....Hugs until next post! Mat

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Blessed and Happy Easter Y'all!

He is Risen!  Hallelujah!
Here I am a pretty Easter QP by Laurrie at CheyOkota Digital Scraps using her Painted Easter kit. Isn't it lovely? This is my wish for all my family and friends this Easter Sunday!
Here are a few more pages I've created for the great nieces and great nephews too....thank goodness for QP freebies as I have been too busy to create them this year.  First is Hayden in her pretty dress that Maggie sent to me yesterday....Hayden had been hunting eggs at school. I used a couple of freebie clusters from CheyOkota CT Arlene and a background from Laurrie's kit Sweet Sister Spring.
Next is her baby brother Calvin in a great Easter frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli. She has some awesome frames for Easter this year as well as some lovely cards and Easter scenes. Don't ya love the bunny?
Here's another frame by Neli this time Miss Annabeth is posing for her mommy in her Hello Kitty bed.  She is just growing up way too fast, but is simply adorable in this shot.
The Hill gang went to an Easter Egg Hunt and all got their faces painted like Neli's frames were just perfect for them's Jade's
And Ruby's.....
And handsome little Jayson...just look at those "killer" eyes!
And then I created a QP for Easter to give away on Miriam's Scraps using her clusters and I just had to use this terrific new photo of my niece Sebrina...doesn't she look lovely in can find the QP on Miriam's page.
I hope all of you enjoy your family and friends with good food and lots of eggs and chocolate and remember the reason for this holiday. Again may it be a much BLESSED one for all! Chat more with you next time.
Hugs, Mat