Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whew...I'm tired!

Man this week at work was so very, very hectic...I came home each evening just pooped...I fed my critters and my fur babies, put on my night gown to watch a little TV only to fall asleep (thank goodness for DVRs) to not awaken until morning and then start the day all over again! Well, only 3 more days until no more filing time...we are doing extensions just as fast as I can...LOL!  Then it will be back to a lady of leisure to do my own thing again....YEA!  I have enjoyed this little (3 months) break of working again though. 
Yesterday I spent doing a few things I have cleaning and storing away the heating blankets for the outside kitty condos....washing and drying all their bedding...putting out new boxes for them to sleep/play in...storing away my winter sweats and all litter boxes and putting in all fresh new litter....dusting away the hairballs and dust bunnies....washing and drying all my bedding and remaking the bed....getting a haircut....buying some new plants and potting soil...spreading weed & feed on the lawn....and of course feeding all of them and wonder when I put on my gown to stretch out and watch the NASCAR race (was here this week) I fell asleep after about 105 laps, but awoke before the end and got to see my JJ (Jimmie Johnson # 48) win it...then I went back to sleep until 4:30 this morning.  Today is a finish up the wash day and try to catch up on my friend's blogs....but....Sideways has other ideas....he wants to sleep on my mouse and my hand trying to prevent me from typing....LOL!  See...
Every time I try to remove my hand, he grabs it with his claws to bring it back.  I think I have created a little stinker, he follows me around everywhere just like a puppy and he cries for me to pick him up and snuggles with me at night...and is sooooooo sweet! I guess he is really thankful for rescuing him.  He doesn't wobble as much on his legs now, but his eyesight has not improved nor has the development of his teeth, he still only has the 4 eye teeth and he is constantly biting his tongue....poor baby, but I love him to death and he is the man of this harem around here....ROFLMAO!
I am so far behind on my scrapping, have so many photos of the great nieces and great nephews to scrap, that I will probably have enough to keep me busy for a couple of months after this job ends.  I did manage to create another QP for Miriam's Scraps that you might want to's what it looks like. If you would like it, just drop by her site and pick it up.  I used her MK19 kit to create it.
Well, I need to stand up for a bit and it is about time for the dryer to stop, so need to hang up my clothes and get ready for tomorrow...will chat more next time with y'all and hopefully I can catch up on everyone's lives that I have missed.  I think Facebook misses many messages...LOL! I think I will try to pot or replant some of the plants I bought yesterday before the rains hit this afternoon.  Y'all have a great week ahead and make lots and lots of memories to share with us....Hugs until next post! Mat

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Blessed and Happy Easter Y'all!

He is Risen!  Hallelujah!
Here I am a pretty Easter QP by Laurrie at CheyOkota Digital Scraps using her Painted Easter kit. Isn't it lovely? This is my wish for all my family and friends this Easter Sunday!
Here are a few more pages I've created for the great nieces and great nephews too....thank goodness for QP freebies as I have been too busy to create them this year.  First is Hayden in her pretty dress that Maggie sent to me yesterday....Hayden had been hunting eggs at school. I used a couple of freebie clusters from CheyOkota CT Arlene and a background from Laurrie's kit Sweet Sister Spring.
Next is her baby brother Calvin in a great Easter frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli. She has some awesome frames for Easter this year as well as some lovely cards and Easter scenes. Don't ya love the bunny?
Here's another frame by Neli this time Miss Annabeth is posing for her mommy in her Hello Kitty bed.  She is just growing up way too fast, but is simply adorable in this shot.
The Hill gang went to an Easter Egg Hunt and all got their faces painted like Neli's frames were just perfect for them's Jade's
And Ruby's.....
And handsome little Jayson...just look at those "killer" eyes!
And then I created a QP for Easter to give away on Miriam's Scraps using her clusters and I just had to use this terrific new photo of my niece Sebrina...doesn't she look lovely in can find the QP on Miriam's page.
I hope all of you enjoy your family and friends with good food and lots of eggs and chocolate and remember the reason for this holiday. Again may it be a much BLESSED one for all! Chat more with you next time.
Hugs, Mat

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning...!!

Hello y'all!  First day of spring and I am spring cleaning....and very taking a break to chat!  We've had rain again...for 15 days out of 21 in March....but not too much at one time, just soft gentle rains mostly, the kind that sinks in....we so desperately need it, the lakes and water sheds are beginning to resupply! It is raining again today, thus the cleaning mood.....LOL! All the trees and weeds are so green and growing so fast!  I have been so busy with this temporary job and the taking care of the eyes...etc...that I have not had time to clean properly.  This morning my bathroom, bedroom and the kitchen and dining area got steam cleaned, even the floors and re-shined! It is in the low 50's, cloudy and gloomy outside, but the inside is glowing (well, half of it anyway)! I've worked up a sweat so time to take a coffee break...I got some Southern Pecan flavored coffee and is so yummy and tastes like a real treat.
I've got my bed changed and the sheets and spread washed...the couch cover has been changed and washed all I need is a small load of towels and whites and a medium sized load of shirts/tops and one of jeans...then I will be all ready for next week. 
Sure is getting hectic at the accounting office, everyone just insists their taxes be done before the deadline of April 15, but it ain't gonna happen, some will have to file extensions...we have over 115 that have been dropped off to date and that doesn't count the 20-25 that are done each day! I have been trying to plug in some of the forms and correcting addresses or adding new information so that it will not take as long to finish the returns, but some of them are just way too complicated and the new laws with the Affordable HealthCare Act means more forms and takes longer to file, so at the end of the day I am too tired when I get home to clean or do laundry.  I barely get litter boxes cleaned and all the fur babies fed before I am in my jammies and on the bed watching TV....ROFL!  Getting older don't ya know?  (Actually, The Voice, American Idol and Dancing With the Stars and some others that I have to DVR, are for me to fall asleep to)! LMBO!!!
I think I did manage to do a page for Calvin last week and I did a couple of QPs to give away at Miriam's Scraps this week using her MK19.  The QP of Calvin is a gorgeous gift from Dawn at OklahomaDawn, that girl sure makes some awesome papers and elements, then gives them away and her templates are the greatest. This entire page is her template and her kit called Rustic Charm (you can find it on her blog)! The photos are a series that Margaret took of Calvin playing in the dirt with his trucks.  Isn't he adorable?
The QPs I've made (5 so far, but not all uploaded yet) for Miriam's Scraps were so fun to make,  her MK19 is supposed to be a mini kit, but is an awesome MAXI kit that she is generously sharing with all of you on her blog! Check it out you will love it! Here are the first 2 QPs I've made if you are interested...I've even made a page of Ms Annabeth in the #2 QP. Thanks Dawn and Miriam for all you share with me!

I think I have bored y'all coffee is gone and I still have 3 loads of clothes, another bathroom and the living room to clean and then I MIGHT THINK ABOUT cleaning this office up....maybe later....or not!  LOL! Well, whatever you do to make memories this weekend, make lots of them and then share with us! Have a fantastic one. Hugs, Mat

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Time to Spring Forward

Boy O Boy!! We have had a very weird winter and I for one, hope it is over! I am so ready for Spring to arrive! I am anxious to see how the trees, flowers and grass do this year.  They all started budding and blooming and then "Whammo" we got a quarter inch of sleet and freezing rain and 3-7 inches of snow (4 inches at my house) on top of that with really howling winds that made drifts last Wednesday night.  Now this may not seem so strange to my northern friends.....but, for us here in brought us to another standstill. Broke records for most snow in March ever and most snow period in 5 years in this area.  Best thing, we all got to stay home on Thursday and watch the sun melt the most of it...that's the only good thing with the weather, it doesn't last forever down here! I know I can hear you laughing "sistas", but when you are not used to it, it is strange and unnerving as no one ( poor 18 wheelers) knows how to drive on it...especially all those 5 high overpasses and bridges cause we don't have enough sand trucks to accommodate all of them. Me, I don't know how to drive on ice and will not put myself or any other driver in jeopardy because of it. However, my outside fur babies just loved playing in it...look!
At least they have warm "condos" with heating blankets where they can warm up....LOL! I felt so sorry for them having to be out in the cold, but it looks like they were having fun. I had a hard time opening the back screen door as it was frozen shut (it faces the north) and was covered in ice.
Their food and water bowls were frozen to the ground (good thing they get clean ones each meal)! This is the 3 little ones out in my back yard, the two with the longer fur are boys, the little one is the only girl and they are sweet as can be. Well, enough about the is over and we have some slow soaking in kind of rain, but the ground is really saturated so I will probably have another river running in the back later today.  I have to get someone out to see where the back up is....I think it is behind my back fence at the businesses back of me...I have checked all along my fence line and it all seems to be clear!

OK, since I had Thursday off, as I was washing and drying laundry, (and waiting for the slush so I could sweep off my drive) I decided to create some scrap pages...I did a couple for my sisters-in-law, Jannette and Debbie, on the beach at Panama City, FL.
 I created this page with a freebie by Arlene at Baby Bear Digital Scrap, she really has some pretty gifts, you should visit her and her Etsy Shop too! I'm sorry I can't seem to find who the wordart is from, I got it a while back with no TOU with it.
This one of Debbie is by Vero called is also a free QP.  Vero is a designer at Digital Scrapbooking Studio where they give away stuff at least 3 times a week in the newsletter and if you get newsletters from the designers you get even more freebies. 
But this is my favorite scrap for awhile now....Margaret sent this adorable photo to me on Facebook of Hayden and Calvin being so sweet and I just had to make a memory page with it.  The kit is another freebie called Fading Hours by Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart.  This lady also gives freebies at least 3 times a week and some awesome gifts by her CTs Arlene and Florence.  The word art is by Miss Boots at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place that I picked up a while back also.  She has awesome QPs and some fantastic word art for you all free too! Stop by some of these very talented designers and snag a few (or a lot) of the fabulous freebies.  Visit all of them listed on the right of this blog...they are so GENEROUS!

I had my final post surgery check up last Wednesday afternoon, YIPPEE I have 20/20 in both eyes now. It is so strange to not put on glasses each morning or take them off each night.  I still try to out of habit especially getting into the shower...ROFL! I do use some reading glasses for working at the computer, to not have much eye strain until all the drops are stopped and all the healing is finished.  Afterwards I will have to make a trip to the DMV to have my drivers license changed with not restrictions for wearing eye glasses...LOL!  Yesterday after work, I came in and cleaned litter boxes, swept the whole house, then vacuumed  the area rugs, then mopped the whole house as I couldn't stand the tracks nice to be able to do all that again...and Monday I can wear my makeup again! (No more post surgery restrictions)

Hope you didn't forget to set your clocks forward last evening...I did, but then I had to rewind my grandfather clocks this morning so I set them as I did that.  The only other clocks are the microwave and the stove, those are done too, the phone and computer and IPads change automatically.  I am all caught up with this springing forward and ready to go for the real Spring to get here!  My coffee is gone so need to make another cup and get my hiney out of this chair for a bit...have a FABULOUS week ahead and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more next time.  Hugs, Mat

Monday, February 23, 2015

This is Sleet!

Winter has finally found Texas! This is not snow!
Out my front door this morning! We had much needed rain yesterday and then the freezing rain and sleet and thunder sleet (sleet showers) this morning. No going to work today! My driveway is a skating rink and this is the back yard.  I think some of my blog sisters up north left the door open again!! LOL!
Anyhow....the outside kitties all have containers to get into that have heating pads and blankets for them, and they are all full too. It was brutal when I fed them this morning, that sleet hurts when it hits your face! We are still luckier than most with the winter weather....ours will only last about 36-48 hours and then we will heat up again.  I really feel for those in the frozen tundra as they are way below zero, howling winds and lots of snow, especially my friends in the Boston area! Praying for all that it ends soon.  We do need the moisture here, just not in the form of ice and sleet!
Here's a photo I was sent of Miss Annabeth...she is certainly growing and cute as a button.  I think she looks terrific in this free QP by Fecnikek. And this one I did for my friend Teri of her brother, his son and new grandson.  I used a couple of kits by Raspberry Road Designs to create this one...the footprints are by Aunty M Designs recolored.
I haven't been on my computer much because of the focusing problems, but the second eye will be done this Friday and then watch out! If it does as well as the first one, I will have no problems at all with seeing and scrapping and visiting blogs again.
Well, since I have an unexpected day off, I think I will do some "catchup" chores around here.  Y'all stay warm and safe and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Have a terrific week and I will chat more with you later! Hugs, Mat

Sunday, February 15, 2015

One done, one to go!

First eye done on Friday, all went extremely well! I can see, but still have to close one eye to read as one needs glasses and one doesn't....LOL! No problems, no pain, just have to give time to heal properly! Best way to heal is to I did lots of that on Friday afternoon, night and most of Saturday afternoon and night.  Feel great, just restricted to no lifting, nothing strenuous...blah, blah, blah!  The fur babies are loving all this "sleeping" time! ROFL!
Anyhow, I have not been on the computer much, just long enough to post on Facebook, this page I did for Penny and Weymond to celebrate their anniversary yesterday. I used the free Valentine's Day gift from Arlene at Baby Bear Creations. Thanks so much Arlene for the lovely gift.
Well, not on too long so will chat more with you later, hope all had a lovely Valentine's Day and got to create lots of lovely memories to share. Hugs to all until next time. Mat

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Week Gone

Another week has flown by! I am enjoying the little break of working now that I am in a routine again...LOL!  The fur babies are getting okay with me being gone for the day too!  I ran around this house like a mad woman yesterday getting things done that I normally accomplish during the week.  I am all caught up now, so thought I would post a little note to all!
I downloaded some really cute photos of Jade & Ruby that Jason took when he escorted them to the Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance...they are both at the same school now making it a little easier on him...LOL! More pages to follow later.  The one Margaret took of Hayden & Calvin is priceless, I just love her wind whipped hair and his cute little backwards cap.
I created this page using a frame from Neli and a background (recolored) by Miriam. I used "Pearple" since it is Ruby's favoritest color...ROFL! That is daddy Jason looking on!
This one is the same background recolored yet again (I love the burst of it), with the frame just 4 sizes and the lace and roses and teddy bear are all from different kits by Miriam. I am giving this one as a Valentine QP at Miriam's Scraps if you would like to use it.
Well time is finally here for the first cataract removal this Friday, then if all goes well on the last Friday of the month, they will remove the other one.  Will be glad when it is all finished and I can get back to my digiscrapping...LOL!
I hope your week has been a great one and that you will have a wonderful one next week as well making lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more next time...Hugs, Mat