Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Good Sunday Morning Y'all! Hope all of you are having a blessed weekend and enjoying yourselves! I spent way too many hours at my computer yesterday scrapping pages and enjoying the AC...LOL! Today, I will not do that (yeah right!). I've got all my chores (that I intend to do) done, have taken my shower, changed my bed linens and fed all the animals and birds, watered my hibiscus plants and cleaned all the litter boxes, so after I finish this post...I will be reading until time for the NASCAR races....Lazy right?  After all is it Sunday and that is the day for relaxing....and since my heat threshold is low, I plan to stay out of the 90+ temps outside and enjoy my book and my fur babies all cuddled up around me.
Anyhow, here are some of the photo's I scrapped yesterday and the day before...I am giving my neck, shoulder, butt and hands a rest now. I have linked the designers sites if you want to visit them, just click on the designers name.

My nephew Jeff and his bride Tiff were in Key West, Florida for his work and sent this photo of the sunset from the beach to his mom Kathy.  She, in turn,  sent it to me and asked for a here they are in a pretty QP from Manu Scraps using her kit Smell the Sea.
Sweet Sisters....Annabeth and Eliza in a template by OklahomaDawn.  Amy was trying to get photos of them together...she took the bottle of juice from Annabeth, not a happy camper in the photo on the right, so she gave it back to her, thus the satisfied photo on the left and her giving Eliza her bottle and kisses!
This photo Amy took of Annabeth coloring...the QP is a freebie from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio and is called the Joy of Art so I thought it appropriate and the colors looked good too.  The alpha is from the Shades of Summer collaboration at the Studio.
I created this page from Kyra's Kit Solange at With A Russian Dutch Heart to display sweet Eliza.

These two pages are the same...just one I desaturated the center photo...the photo is of the 50th wedding anniversary (6 years ago) of Christina's grandparents...I created the background using a free texture by HGDesigns and the wordart is by Wordart World.
This is the Sunny QP I created using Miriam's Scraps MK20 and have it for free on her site if you want it.
OK, been in this chair long enough so am off here...y'all have a fantastic Sunday and make lots and lots of memories to more next time.  Hugs, Mat

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you terrific fathers out there...especially mine that went to heaven 17 years ago! I still miss you daddy, every day!  I did a few tribute pages for my family and friends that I put on Facebook to honor them as they are for you to see and for them to make it in my book at the end of the year! LOL!
I created this QP for Father's Day freebie on Miriam's Scraps using her MK 20 kit.  The b/w photo is last photo of us as a family unit in 1957 prior to the divorce.  The colored one is of my dad and Kathy's 2 boys Jason and Jeff, his only grandchildren.
This is my brother-in-law Jim, Kathy's hubby with his grandson Jayson on his shoulders....LOL! The free QP is from Laurrie at CheyOkota Digital Scraps from her Honey Do Collection.  The one below is of his son
This QP I created using the free Down On The Farm kit from Auntie M Designs as my brother-in-law Weymond (Penny's hubby) who is a farmer in south Georgia and one of his crops is corn....LOL The smaller photos are his 3 children, Lance & Lamar (twins) and Amy,  and the 4 larger are his grandchildren, Hayden, Calvin, Annabeth and Eliza...(Chase on the way).
This is his son Lance (Margaret's hubby) with his two, Hayden and Calvin at the beach. He and Margaret are expecting a second son (Chase) in October. I used a free QP from Linda (aka Miss Boots) at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place.
This is Amy's hubby, Michael, with his 2 girls, Annabeth and a free QP from Pixel Scrapper.
And finally this is father of my friend, Jannette in a free QP from Miriam's Scraps.

Thanks to all the generous designers who offer their work to make scrapping so much easier for us and again, Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out their or that have gone on to heaven.  Y'all make lots and lots of memories to share cause none of us are promised tomorrow and today may be all we have.  Chat more with you later.  Hugs, Mat

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wow...Bill wreaked havoc!

OK...enough with the rain already.  Tropical Storm Bill came ashore on the south Texas coast dropping about 11 inches of rain...during the night it was down graded to a tropical depression and by the time it got to us in north Texas we only got between 3-6 inches of house 3.23 my flooding was only a small river running through the back yard!  Thank goodness I had a little bit of notice as I got the shovel out and did some clean up from the flooding in May.   We are still experiencing some flooding as the depression moves on north into Oklahoma.  We got quite a bit of wind damage and power it created havoc with my TV and internet service.  I did some scrapping to pass the time of being indoors....LOL...I will use any excuse right? ROFLMAO!!!! Anyhow, here are some of the pages I did.
Is this sweet or what? Just another version of same photo for Amy with both girls info on the "bracelets" This QP was assembled using freebies from the Pixel Scrapper Baby Oh Baby Blog Train
This is a request from Jade of her Brownie Troop.  I used freebie from Auntie M Designs for her page and a photo of her sash and her troop from Christina's Facebook page.
This was Ruby receiving her certificate to become a Daisy with her vest with all her patches and the small photo of Christina with her patch as she will become a Daisy leader this fall.  This, too, was created using free kits from Auntie M. Designs and Christina's photos.
Earlier this month poor Jayson had to go to Emergency to have his foot xrayed, thankfully he only sprained it, but he looked so tiny in this big wheelchair and so proud of his "boo-boo" wrapped, that I just had to create a page for him too.  This is a combination of Auntie M background and a long ago cluster from Just So Scrappy.
And last but not least I created this using freebies from Pixel Scrapper to place where my immediate line of family resides...I am the oldest on the Adkins side now and my cousin Nancy on the Bowlin side, we are 6 months apart in age, neither of us have children either! These are my 2 sisters and their families, my brother's daughter and my first cousins. I live the farthest west....LOL!

And here are a couple of creations I did as freebies on Miriam's Scraps if you are interested in them....
Well, off here for a bit, got some things that must be taking the trash out for pickup, the recycle bin too and washing feeding bowls to get ready for the afternoon feeding of the fur babies....also, I think I should eat a bite too! Y'all have a great day and will chat with you again real soon.  Make lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another HOT day

We are to hit 100f today....a little early for this time of the year, but with the humidity and no air movement, the air quality, this chickadee is staying inside in the cool air conditioning.  After today the high pressure sitting over us is supposed to move on out and the temps will drop back to normal low 90's with a chance of some precipitation over the weekend....! Yep, even after 17 inches of rain last month and with all the lakes and rivers full, we do need a bit of rain as these high temps for a week have really drawn up a lot of it. My flowers seem to be doing a bit better with heat though...LOL!See how large the blooms are on the hibiscus?
on my side of the duplex it is hot pink
the other side is the red colored one
on my side, 4 opened at once with 3 to open the next day.  Today there are 2 blooms on each open.
I also got to do a little scrapping in between cleaning and washing clothes, watching the races and running errands over the weekend.  LMBO....I just wanted to sit here all day and scrap, but...gotta get up once in awhile so my behind doesn't become permanently glued to the chair...RIGHT?  ROFL!!!!
Amy sent some photos she wanted scrapped and put on Facebook as she is experiencing problems with her system (and she has no time cause if the "girls" are sleeping, so is she) here's what I did for her and Maggie.
Miss Hayden on last day of kindergarten at the pool party in a cute frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli
Sweet Calvin riding with his daddy also in a frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli
This is sweet photo of Annabeth and her Hayden in the same chair, frame also by Neli
Miss Annabeth after her bath...looking so very sweet in another frame by Neli
This awesome photo of Annabeth kissing her baby on the forehead and the close up of Eliza was perfect for this gorgeous QP by Linda at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place
Sweet sweet sweet little sisters asleep at the same time also in a frame by Neli
And this one I added this morning of cutie Eliza in a QP that has no info with it, so do not know who the designer is....sorry, I have had it awhile.  I love all the freebies I get from these designers as it makes for a "faster" way to make the pages....but, I do get creative on my own at times and make some QPs and Clusters to give as freebies on Miriam's Scraps if you want some....visit her site.  Here are a couple I've done recently....
I even put a photo of my sister Penny in a QP using this cluster....and the same photo in the QP!
The generosity of these designers is so amazing and if you enjoy scrapping, but don't have a lot of time, visit their websites and download some wonderful gifts.  You can hover over their names for the links or you can find them on my list to the won't be disappointed.  Thanks ladies for all you share with me.
Okay, guess I have blabbered enough today, got to get up and move around some, besides it is now lunch time and my fur babies and I need a little sustenance....ROFL!!! Y'all have a great rest of the week and make lots and lots of memories to share....I have a lot more I need to scrap of Kathy's grandchildren so will chat with you again soon.  Hugs, Mat

Thursday, June 4, 2015

R.I.P. Aunt Ruby

I received news yesterday that my sweet Aunt Ruby passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90!  She had a large roll in my early years of growing up with being shuffled back and forth between my separated parents and my grandmother.  Her children were born around the same time as my sister, Kathy and I.  We all lived in the same housing project in Johnson City, TN.  She is the last one of my father's generation, leaving us now the older generation. She was always sweet to me and corresponded with me via letters and cards up until about a year ago.  I was distressed when I got a card at Christmas from her granddaughter that she had to be placed in a home with constant care.  I will certainly miss her lively and chatty letters that always came with the quotation "Life is Fragile-Handle with Prayer".  I know she is rejoicing in heaven at the wonderful reunion with her loved ones up there.  She was a great mother of four,  grandmother of seven, great grandmother of eight, aunt to several and will be greatly missed, but lives on in our hearts! Rest in Peace sweet Aunt Ruby, you deserve it! Love you dearly!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Awesome bright clear sky with a lot of gorgeous sunshine this morning....first time in 12 days! At least we have a chance this week of drying out a little...YIPPEE!  I hope I can get to some of my plants by tomorrow and see if any are salvageable....I know my little shed under the carport will need some cleaning out as the water was at least 3-4 inches deep in it! Maybe the river in the back yard will be dry enough that the mowers can do something back there on Wednesday!  LOL!  Anyhow, we (my kitties and I) have survived the month of May with the official total of 16.9 inches of rain (we got more than that unofficially) the good thing is all the lakes are full (overfull really) the trees and grass are all very green and the humidity and mosquitoes are on the rise! Now my phone can stop sending me emergency texts about the threats of severe thunderstorms, high winds, tornadoes, lightning and flash flooding and I can get back on my computer without worrying about a strike of lightning and/or loss of electricity!  Please pray for all the lives lost (and property damage and loss) during all the Spring weather events in Oklahoma and Texas during the month of May.
I did manage to create a few freebies for Miriam's Scraps earlier in the month using her MK20 and had uploaded them to Mediafire to be able to offer them on her site.  Here is what you might have missed. Click on her site to download any you might like.

I also did a birthday page for my sister Kathy on the 27th and got it on Facebook, but not able to stay on long enough to post here and I want it in my blog book at the end of the year....LOL! So here it is using a border from CheyOkota Digital Scraps and a flower frame from Neli at Lugar Encatado da Neli, Kathy, Jim with Jayson on his shoulders, Jason, Christina, Jayson, Jade and Ruby and Tiff & Jeff (Kat's family).
Also want these 2 Mother's Day pages I made for my dear friends Nina in a QP from Neli and Kaye in a QP by Miriam...LMBO!
I had my 3 month check up on my cataract was all super, still 20-20 in both eyes and don't have to go back for another year, now to get my teeth cleaned and my well woman check up in July and I will be through with any appointments that are scheduled.  I need some rest from the first 5 months of this year....LOL!  I am still working on a wedding album for Jannette and Mike and of course with the brand new Eliza Jane and her big sister Annabeth.  Oh, Maggie just found out Friday she is going to have another son in October....she says this is her last!  (Remember Calvin was almost 11 pounds when he was born) I am so looking forward to being able to scrap as soon as I finish cleaning up from all this rain.  I need to redo all my floors, but think I will wait for a couple more days of drying out....LMBO! ( I've grown lazy and getting used to napping each day since having to stay inside so much) !!!
Okay, about time for my NASCAR races so will close for this session...hoping all of you make lots and lots and lots of memories to share!  Chat more with you next time! Hugs, Mat

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Meet my newest great niece!

My great niece, Annabeth, has a baby sister....Meet Eliza Jane....she was born yesterday afternoon about 4:11 p.m. weighing in at a big 8.8 pounds and is 20 1/2 inches long.  Baby, Mama and Daddy all doing well! Amy went into labor on my birthday (20th) but....they induced her yesterday!  My May calendar is filling up....Mother's Day, Amy & Michael's anniversary (8th), Michael's birthday (13th), Lance & Margaret's anniversary (17th), Christina's birthday (18th), my birthday (20th), Eliza's birthday (22nd), Kathy's birthday (27th)...see what I mean? Plus I have several friends with birthdays throughout the month too!

Not much else to talk about since the weather has been so crappy! Just rain, rain, rain and more rain.  We should not complain as we have had so many years of drought and need to be thankful for all we have gotten, we just don't need it all at one has rained this whole month and lots of flash flooding and folks having to evacuate their homes and/or be rescued from the high waters!  The good thing is the weather has been running 10-20 degrees cooler than normal, but the humidity is astronomical and the mosquitoes are in abundance.
My friends, Jannette & Mike, got married last Monday and another of my friends officiated at the ceremony.  Nice little service, he did a fantastic job.  Here is one of the photos, I will share more later as I am working on putting an album together for their gift....LOL!
Okay, guess I need to get off here, the thunder is beginning to roll again and I need to shut down my computer. Y'all have a fantastic holiday weekend making lots and lots of memories to share!  I thank all military personnel for all they do and ask that God Bless all of them and keep them safe.  Chat more later...when the weather clears some...LOL! Hugs, Mat!

p.s. the top photo was created using freebies from Raspberry Road Designs and the lower QP is from Feli Designs.  Thanks designers I appreciate all you share!