Friday, December 8, 2017

Hello December!!

Wholly Cow, can computer problems ruin things in a hurry! I think the power supply went out on my PC back in October...tried to no avail to find a replacement for it, but did not find one (I think it is too old)! Thankfully, most of my computer was backed up to DVD's/passports! I finally resorted to an older computer I happened to still have is it ever slow (Windows Vista) and so many of my programs will not work on it...but....I do have a computer to work my scrapbook program with! Trying to locate what I just HAVE to have and transferring, etc has taken forever it seems!  I haven't done a lot of anything else, what with visitors, the holidays, packing boxes, getting the outside of my home winterized, all the outside furbabies taken care of for the cold....etc....etc...etc!  Lots of work for one "old lady" by herself! LOL! (come on, let me hear the pity comments)!!
I've also had to chase down a heating element for my clothes dryer, then wait until my repairman FELT like tackling it...(without a dryer for almost 2 months)....thankfully, it is working like a charm now.  My car also decided to give me a few minor problems (mostly because I don't drive it enough to keep the battery charged, after all it takes me about 6 weeks to use a tank of gas...LOL)
Thanksgiving was pretty lame this year! I went nowhere nor saw anyone until around 5 p.m. when my friends, Janet,Patty and Diana stopped by for about 30 minutes. Not even any phone calls, so I stayed in pajamas and me and the fur babies vegged out on the couch to watch the parade and CHRISTmas movies on the Hallmark Channel!
Unfortunately, I do not have word on this computer and thus, it will not read.doc files, so....I have to reconstruct my renters lease agreement (due Jan 1 for another year), plus getting all my financial stuff completed and properly documented...(taxes, insurance, new lease, repairs, etc)....I've been pretty busy and trying new meds for cholesterol has had me doing lots of phone calls and office visits with my physician and of course, taking it slow when "Arthritis" visits my hands...I have also been collecting things for a couple of months for packages that need to be mailed for CHRISTmas...(gonna be rather slim this year as I did not have that extra side job) But, I am a very blessed human as I am fairly healthy, have a loving family, good friends, not in debt over my head and can pay my own way!
I am trying today to add what few pages I have done since my September post so that they will appear in my blog book, this may take a while to upload them on this slower computer...I have asked Santa to help me find a good deal on a new computer! I do have my very trusty iPad Pro, but....I can't use it for my scrapbooks. To those of you that I have missed visiting your blogs....please forgive me for being so slooooooow, but sometimes things are not in my control!
This was for Ms Hayden's birthday the 15th of October.
My sweet friend Jan's birthday the 20th of October.
A memory page for my first cousin, Delores' (Nokie) birthday, October 26th.
To celebrate the twins, Lamar & Lance on Daddy's lap, on the 27th of October.
This was for my BIL Jim's birthday on the 28th of October.
My first cousin, Nancy,  received this memory for her birthday on November 9th.
Mr. Calvin celebrated his 4th birthday with this memory on the 14th of November.
My sister, Penny's birthday was celebrated on the 20th of November.
This was my Happy Thanksgiving page I posted on FB for this year!
R.I.P. page created for my friend Janet that lost her sister just before Thanksgiving!
Another R.I.P. memory for my ex-husband's twin sister's death as well!
Just because page of Jade and her daddy, Jason, to show their resemblance at about the same age!
Another Just because of Amy and her girls cause I loved the snapshot she sent to me!
Celebrated my SIL, Myrl (my brother's widow & daughter), with this for her birthday the 6th of December. And last, but not least, my CHRISTmas card for 2017 of my immediate family tree!
First row at top: Weymond & Penny-Jim & Kathy
Second row: Myrl, Sebrina, Jeffrey and Thomas-Lance, Margaret, Hayden, Calvin, Wayne-Jason, Christina.
Third Row, Me, Lamar, Ruby, Jayson, Jade
Fourth row: Annabeth, Michael, Amy, Eliza-Jeff, Tiffany!
I have a few more, but they are CHRISTmas gifts, so they will have to be posted later, cause I don't want to ruin the surprise...ROFLMBO!
I am wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2018 and the Merriest of CHRISTmases spent with loved ones making lots of memories to look back on.  Until next time....
Love to all,


  1. Gosh, I was wondering where you were! It's not like you to disappear for so long. I think you might want to invest in a new laptop. It will be worth it. Your scrap pages are beautiful.

    Pogo and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a super New Year! Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Só agora eu entendo porque você ficou tanto tempo sem renovar sua página no seu blog.
    Aconteceram muitas coisas, o seu computador quebrou e você teve muitos problemas para resolver. Eu gosto de ver as suas postagens com as fotos de sua família e as fotos dos seus gatinhos. Aqui em casa eu tenho 2 poodles e elas me fazem companhia.
    Estou adoentada, com uma forte gastrite e esofagite e estou há 3 semanas com tratamento com medicamentos e uma forte dieta.
    Vamos passar e noite de Natal na casa de minha neta. Minha neta e minha bisneta moram mais ou menos perto do nosso apartamento, mas a casa dela é grande e assim podemos reunir a família.
    Querida amiga, bem vinda de volta!
    Desejo a você e aos seus uma ótima semana, cheia de alegria e saúde!
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. translated by Google....
    Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    Only now I understand why you stayed so long without renewing your page on your blog.
    A lot of things happened, your computer broke down and you had many problems to solve. I like to see your posts with the photos of your family and the photos of your kittens. Here at home I have 2 poodles and they keep me company.
    I am sick with a strong gastritis and esophagitis and I have been for 3 weeks with drug treatment and a strong diet.
    Let's spend Christmas Eve at my granddaughter's house. My granddaughter and my great-granddaughter live more or less near our apartment, but her house is big and so we can reunite the family.
    Dear friend, welcome back!
    I wish you and yours a great week, full of joy and health!

  4. Mat, are you not blogging any more? I've missed you for quite a while now. Hope you are well. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.