Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

The heat wave has surely got lots of folks in it's grips, huh? It was 96 degrees here yesterday and supposed to be even hotter today.....but a cold front is supposed to come through tomorrow night and bring us some rain and some cooler temps.  For the month of May...we have received maybe an inch of rain...however, we did get a smidgen last evening as the storms out west of us held on until it reached here with lots of lightning and really high winds, but most of the rain dissipated by the time it reached us, we might have gotten maybe a quarter of an inch....LOL!  I think we would all like to see some cooler temps though, it is 79 when we start the day and the humidity has also been climbing, even though I water my plants, they are just dying because of the excessive heat and the heavy, heavy winds we have been having daily.
I so enjoyed watching racing all day Sunday....LOL! Really enjoyed the Indy 500 this year and that Francetti won again. The Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte was pretty good too, none of my favorite drivers won, but at least Kyle Bush DIDN'T win...yippee!!
I made a Happy Birthday page for my sister on her birthday the 27th and posted it on Facebook, but never got to here with it...so here is Kathy and I in Florida about 37 years ago...ROFLMBO!! She loved it though, brought back some good memories. I used a QP by Miriam (Miriam's Scraps) of Birthflowers for the month of May.

I also made a page the day before for my "niece" Tammy (my "sister" Nina's daughter) for her birthday on the 26th and it too was on Facebook. I created the page using kit by Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart called My Hiding Spot. You can find links to both sites on the right side of this blog, Go visit for some lovely freebies from both ladies.
Well, got caught up with my housework yesterday, my errands all run this morning, caught up with my work for my boss, so I think I will fix something to eat and get in front of the fans and sit and read a bit.  Chat with y'all more next time. Whatever you do, make lots of memories doing it! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Karate Cuties and Happy Hayden!!

OK, so Jason is an instructor in karate, Jade is taking classes and Ruby wants to (not old enough yet) and Jayson is just not going to be left out....LOL! Christina took these photos while helping Jason do some painting of the studio. See Jade's new glasses? She picked them out herself (a little large Mommy says, but NO...gotta have these ones)! Ruby is growing and so is Jayson. You can tell they are all siblings, right? I remember Jason when he was Jayson's size and younger! O boy where does the time go? I created the background color with some shading, then used an overlay from Miriam's denimlace kit, the frame and stitches are from the same kit. Christina's photos and word art is from Donna.
I downloaded this QP today from cheyOkota designs and thought I would use it for some recent photos of Miss Hayden that I have received. She is growing in leaps and bounds too! Talks like a grown up at 3 1/2 yrs old. She is Papa's girl and Mimi's pride and joy. Margaret has sent me these photos from her phone or Facebook.
Well, guess I'll hush for this time, chat more with ya later! Have a great day and keep on making those memories to share! Luv, Mat

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Spender~

Nina and I decided to check out some garage sales early yesterday before the temperatures heated up. Now, I HATE these things, but decided to go with Nina and get out of the house for a bit as I was up and going since 4:30 a.m. already had my house cleaned, floors swept, mopped and had dusted. All I had to do was vacuum, so off we went.  We found a shelf unit she bought and told them we would come back for after getting my Tahoe as it was too large for her car....on the way out, we saw another sale and checked it out...I bought a dresser and told the lady was going for the Tahoe and be right back.  We came back to my house, traded vehicles and off we went, since the shelf was closer to her house, we delivered it before going for my dresser. I had to put the seats down and it took 2 grannies and 2 helpers to put it in the Tahoe...it was solid wood.  Finally, off we go to check out a couple more...getting warm now so trying to finish up! Found nothing else, so dropped by Big Lots for some bird seed and a few other items.  Then we stopped in at Second Glance and found some more treasures and decided we were hungry (it was already past noon now), so we tried a new little place on the corner and were really surprised at the good food and EXCELLENT prices.  Full and tired and ready to head home and try unloading the dresser, we took off, saw another garage sale on the way, stopped and I bought a cute little wooden table. We really filled up my vehicle now, NO MORE STOPS, no more room.  It took us a bit, but we stood the dresser up as we were sliding it out the back and took all the drawers out, then put it on a moving dolly and brought it in the house...got the table out and the seats put back to rights, Nina headed home and we were ready to call it a day...big spenders.  Nina spent $2 for her shelf (all wood too) and I spent a whopping $18 ($10 for dresser and $8 for table)!
Well, I spent the afternoon and early evening, cleaning, using Old English scratch cover to all of it and each and every drawer inside and out....got it on sliders and moved the dresser to my bedroom.  Then I moved the bookcases out (after clearing them), moved the little fireplace over and put the dresser in behind my reading corner...looks so good there. Lined all the drawers and started emptying boxes that I had stashed. Next I put one of the bookshelves by the bed for the new cat to rest on and put baskets for storage in the shelves.  That took a while, but was so worth it when finished.  I put the table by the end of the couch (put one of the "girls'" houses under it)...a great storage space for all those controls for the TV and media! Moved the smaller table to between the couch and chair.  Hoovered the rugs, took a hot shower to relax and went to bed. Worn completely out.
Today, still tired, but am rested and plan to just relax today...well maybe not...got to go get a new faucet for my kitchen as this one just quit working.  O well, when I get that done, I will relax and watch the Rangers and Astros play! Y'all have a great day of making memories and I hope your weekend is wonderful. Chat more later! Luv, Mat

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all of YOU!

I made a few pages for family members and "extended family members" as well. Hope all of you enjoy your Mother's Day Weekend and create many memories to share. I wish to thank all the designers that share their talent so that I can make these pages...I appreciate all of you! Chat with y'all more next time. Luv, Mat
This is my mother who left us in 1992. I used Forever in Our Heart by Raspberry Road Designs for this one.
This kit is from Lesley Mason at Scrapiness Down Under lm050612 and word art is by TLC, this is my sister Kathy with Mama.
 Here's a page for Christina (Kathy's grandchildren) using a QP I created for Miriam's Scraps using a kit by RDH and the word art is from RRD Forever in our heart.
This is the only photo I have of my sister Penny with her family (it's from a few years back) but I used a background from RRD Forever in Our Heart with flower overlay #8 from Miriam's Scraps and a spray of flowers from Russian Dutch Heart's Mama's Special Day and word art is RRD.
This is Margaret with Hayden (Penny's granddaughter) in a page I created from Raspberry Road Designs kit Circle of Friends and the Cluster Frame is by EK using the same kit.
This is my deceased brother's ex-wife, Myrl (whom I still consider a sister) in a page created using Scrapiness Down Under kit lm051412 and word art is from RRD.
Now for my "extended family" my "sister" Nina in a pretty page from Russian Dutch Heart kit called Mama's Special Day, the cluster frame is from Arlene using RDH kit Embrace your past and the word art is from RRD Forever in Our Heart.
This is Nina's daughter Tammy also in the RDH kit Mama's Special Day, the cluster frame is by Arlene using RDH Embrace your Past and word art is from RRD Forever in Our Heart.
Here's Elizabeth (Tammy's daughter) who is expecting her daughter Emorie next month, this too, is from the RDH kit Mama's Special Day, the word art is from RRD and the cluster frame is from Margit.
Tressa is Nina's sister and my friend as well. I used a background from RDH MSD kit, cluster frame is by Margit, word art I have no clue as there was not a TOU with it.
Nina & Tressa's baby sis, Beverly, in my QP #55 (at Miriam's Scraps) and word art by RRD
Nina's mother Elsie in a QP by Linda at Random Thoughts using the RDH kit Mama's Special Day!
 My friend Jannette's mother Denise in a lovely QP also by Linda at Random Thoughts. She passed on in 1999.
And last but not least, Jannette's partner Mike's mother Anne. She is my friend that we went to the ball game with...lovely lady! I used a QP by Lanell at Never Forget Memories called Just Daisies.
This should be all 14 that I've done today...so relaxing...while it was raining outside....Y'all have a great weekend! Hugs!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

May is here already!

Where did April go? Can't believe May is here already except the weather is telling me it is hot like May! LOL! We've already had several days of 90+ degrees F already! Supposedly a cold front is coming through now and is to drop the temps a few degrees. Some storms tonight and tomorrow could be severe because of the colder temps meeting this hot and very HUMID stuff we have now!
I have been busy and neglecting my blog...sorry! Here are a couple of pages I made today that I thought I would share. I snitched a pic of Hayden sitting in her Papa's cornfield so I made a page using Kyra's kit called Squirrel Nutkin and a cluster by Arlene made from the same kit. Isn't she cute?
This is Jade and Ruby that I got off FB as well, used a background from a Granny Enchanted kit called Pink Sage and then a cluster frame from Arlene using Kyra's kit Ecstasy of Color and some other elements from the kit to dress it up some. You can find these freebies on With a Russian Dutch Heart blog. See a link on the right?

And last but not least here is a photo of my best friend from high school with her grandchildren. I used a freebie kit called Afternoon Tea ( I made a QP) by Aimeeh.  I thank all these generous designers for sharing their beautiful work. Sorry do not know who the word art is by...have had it for a long time.
I have been making freebies for Miriam's Scraps and taking care of the blog as she is on a much deserved holiday with her hubby Rene. I hope they are having a great time and relaxing. If you want some lovely freebies, go check out her site. (See the link on the right).
Well, off to watch The Voice and Dancing With the Stars and Castle....my favorite nights of TV is Monday and Tuesday. Tonight is the final singing on The Voice...tomorrow night announces the winner. Go team BS!
Will sign off for now...chat more with ya later, have a good evening and make some memories to share!
Luv, Mat