Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Spender~

Nina and I decided to check out some garage sales early yesterday before the temperatures heated up. Now, I HATE these things, but decided to go with Nina and get out of the house for a bit as I was up and going since 4:30 a.m. already had my house cleaned, floors swept, mopped and had dusted. All I had to do was vacuum, so off we went.  We found a shelf unit she bought and told them we would come back for after getting my Tahoe as it was too large for her car....on the way out, we saw another sale and checked it out...I bought a dresser and told the lady was going for the Tahoe and be right back.  We came back to my house, traded vehicles and off we went, since the shelf was closer to her house, we delivered it before going for my dresser. I had to put the seats down and it took 2 grannies and 2 helpers to put it in the was solid wood.  Finally, off we go to check out a couple more...getting warm now so trying to finish up! Found nothing else, so dropped by Big Lots for some bird seed and a few other items.  Then we stopped in at Second Glance and found some more treasures and decided we were hungry (it was already past noon now), so we tried a new little place on the corner and were really surprised at the good food and EXCELLENT prices.  Full and tired and ready to head home and try unloading the dresser, we took off, saw another garage sale on the way, stopped and I bought a cute little wooden table. We really filled up my vehicle now, NO MORE STOPS, no more room.  It took us a bit, but we stood the dresser up as we were sliding it out the back and took all the drawers out, then put it on a moving dolly and brought it in the the table out and the seats put back to rights, Nina headed home and we were ready to call it a day...big spenders.  Nina spent $2 for her shelf (all wood too) and I spent a whopping $18 ($10 for dresser and $8 for table)!
Well, I spent the afternoon and early evening, cleaning, using Old English scratch cover to all of it and each and every drawer inside and it on sliders and moved the dresser to my bedroom.  Then I moved the bookcases out (after clearing them), moved the little fireplace over and put the dresser in behind my reading corner...looks so good there. Lined all the drawers and started emptying boxes that I had stashed. Next I put one of the bookshelves by the bed for the new cat to rest on and put baskets for storage in the shelves.  That took a while, but was so worth it when finished.  I put the table by the end of the couch (put one of the "girls'" houses under it)...a great storage space for all those controls for the TV and media! Moved the smaller table to between the couch and chair.  Hoovered the rugs, took a hot shower to relax and went to bed. Worn completely out.
Today, still tired, but am rested and plan to just relax today...well maybe to go get a new faucet for my kitchen as this one just quit working.  O well, when I get that done, I will relax and watch the Rangers and Astros play! Y'all have a great day of making memories and I hope your weekend is wonderful. Chat more later! Luv, Mat

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