Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Karate Cuties and Happy Hayden!!

OK, so Jason is an instructor in karate, Jade is taking classes and Ruby wants to (not old enough yet) and Jayson is just not going to be left out....LOL! Christina took these photos while helping Jason do some painting of the studio. See Jade's new glasses? She picked them out herself (a little large Mommy says, but NO...gotta have these ones)! Ruby is growing and so is Jayson. You can tell they are all siblings, right? I remember Jason when he was Jayson's size and younger! O boy where does the time go? I created the background color with some shading, then used an overlay from Miriam's denimlace kit, the frame and stitches are from the same kit. Christina's photos and word art is from Donna.
I downloaded this QP today from cheyOkota designs and thought I would use it for some recent photos of Miss Hayden that I have received. She is growing in leaps and bounds too! Talks like a grown up at 3 1/2 yrs old. She is Papa's girl and Mimi's pride and joy. Margaret has sent me these photos from her phone or Facebook.
Well, guess I'll hush for this time, chat more with ya later! Have a great day and keep on making those memories to share! Luv, Mat

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