Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

The heat wave has surely got lots of folks in it's grips, huh? It was 96 degrees here yesterday and supposed to be even hotter today.....but a cold front is supposed to come through tomorrow night and bring us some rain and some cooler temps.  For the month of May...we have received maybe an inch of rain...however, we did get a smidgen last evening as the storms out west of us held on until it reached here with lots of lightning and really high winds, but most of the rain dissipated by the time it reached us, we might have gotten maybe a quarter of an inch....LOL!  I think we would all like to see some cooler temps though, it is 79 when we start the day and the humidity has also been climbing, even though I water my plants, they are just dying because of the excessive heat and the heavy, heavy winds we have been having daily.
I so enjoyed watching racing all day Sunday....LOL! Really enjoyed the Indy 500 this year and that Francetti won again. The Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte was pretty good too, none of my favorite drivers won, but at least Kyle Bush DIDN'T win...yippee!!
I made a Happy Birthday page for my sister on her birthday the 27th and posted it on Facebook, but never got to here with it...so here is Kathy and I in Florida about 37 years ago...ROFLMBO!! She loved it though, brought back some good memories. I used a QP by Miriam (Miriam's Scraps) of Birthflowers for the month of May.

I also made a page the day before for my "niece" Tammy (my "sister" Nina's daughter) for her birthday on the 26th and it too was on Facebook. I created the page using kit by Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart called My Hiding Spot. You can find links to both sites on the right side of this blog, Go visit for some lovely freebies from both ladies.
Well, got caught up with my housework yesterday, my errands all run this morning, caught up with my work for my boss, so I think I will fix something to eat and get in front of the fans and sit and read a bit.  Chat with y'all more next time. Whatever you do, make lots of memories doing it! Luv, Mat

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