Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary Rhett N Scarlett

Another year has gone by, but your love just keeps on going. Happy Anniversary you two. Just dropped in at the veranda, had a lovely cool julep and entertained by Elvis no less. Now, I know what keeps you two going! Great juleps, great music and fabulous friends! Many wishes for more blessed years together! I snitched this family photo off your facebook account and put in a QP I had made a while back using some of Miriam's Scraps kits...I even offered it as a freebie on her site..y'all look good in it! Happy Anniversary you two, have a beautiful day together! Luv ya! Mat

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rangers Won!!

We had so much fun at the Rangers game on Wednesday! We beat the Yankees 7-3! This was my first visit to the Rangers Ballpark, but am hoping it will not be my last. Here are a few photos that I took there!

I used a template by mturnridge from her Tuesday Template collection, changing some of the coloring!

Here's another of her templates with a photo of Mike & Jannette battling the winds from the top of the stadium.

Here's us girls in front of the stadium...used a QP by Angel-flight called Strawberry and word art by Ginger

Here's Jannette, Mike and Annie in a QP by Raspberry Road Designs from the Heartstrings kit and the word art is by Linda at Random Thoughts.  I am sure I will use others I took later, but for now, this is all I have had time to scrap.
O here is a page I made using a cluster I made that you can find on Miriam's Scraps. I made the background paper as well. The word art is Linda's from Random Thoughts. You can find links on the right side of my blog of my favorite blogs to visit. Check them out and of course, leave a thank you for any you might download. These artists are so very generous to share their work! I thank them all for making my digiscrapping experience so much more enjoyable.

Have a blessed Sunday and hope you make many, many memories to share! I'll chat more with y'all later! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

We have been having the most marvelous springtime weather. Lovely days seem to be getting a little warmer each day, but with the lower humidity and the light breezes, it is very pleasant. I have been super busy, got my new bedroom furniture, so had to redo everything. I have rearranged and purged out some stuff, still not through, but down to the little decorative stuff mostly and carting off the stuff that I am purging! My friend Nina and I had to do a little shopping and preparing for Elizabeth's Baby Shower. My friend Jill also came over for a catch up visit that I really enjoyed on Friday. Waited on my niece Sebrina to call on Saturday as she was in Dallas on business, but she had no time. Sunday was the baby shower. Now a friend is visiting from Amarillo that I am trying to spend some time with, but I do NEED to stop going out to eat each day! LOL!! Tomorrow night we are going to the Texas Rangers baseball game, can't wait! Gonna save calories so I can have a ballpark hotdog! Yum...Yum!
I got a few new photos of the great nieces and great nephew so thought I would put them on here so you can see how much they have grown. This is Jayson, doesn't he have a great smile? The page is created using Zirconium Scraps Boy kit and Miss Linda (Random Thoughts) wordart.
Here is Ruby and Jade really going over a Six Flags map on Easter Sunday! They really do enjoy this place. The QP is by Arlene using a Springtime kit by Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart. The frame is one by Miriam at Miriam's Scraps. I did this wordart.
And last but not least, here is Hayden in a kit called Fairy Magical Time by Kyra and a cluster by Arlene! Miss Linda also did this wordart. You can find all the freebies by visiting their sites. Check my list on the right and it will take you to them.
Well, almost time to feed all my animals and get ready for the DWTS results, Biggest Loser and The Voice results, so I will put myself on my new bed to watch TV for a while tonight...LOL! Y'all have a great time, making your memories and I will chat with you more later. Luv, Mat

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been Creating today!

Been a tiring morning, did all my floors, from sweeping, dusting up "girl hair", vacuuming and steam mopping them ALL! Got all the windows and doors open and all three ceiling fans going as there is no breeze at all and it's about 83 degrees in here now. Too early for this time of year for this kind of heat!
Anyhow, needed to take a rest, so decided to make a few pages using some new techniques I am learning to use. Thanx to Lanell for her textures and directions for using them. Thanx to Miriam for her lovely overlays that have me trying to make a few of my own.
The page of Pumpkin came about because of a post on Facebook by one of my friends that loves cats too! This photo looked so much like my Pumpkin I decided to make an overlay of it to use with a photo of Pumpkin. I created the overlay using one of Lanell's wood grains, then rippled it, then curled the page back to reveal Pumpkin, cute huh?Next with MzKitty, I created the page, blended it with the screen of the window she is looking through to show a photo of her outside that same window trying to get inside....LOL!Then on Oreo I used a flower overlay of Miriam's plus a pink rose and curled it back to show her all curled on her back. Pretty good feat for such a large cat, but so cute right?Well, guess I need to get up from here, finish some more cleaning and get a cooling off shower! Ha, better close all the windows first, because it is so humid, I would never dry off! ROFL!! Anyhow, will chat more next time, y'all just have a great time making more memories to share! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are safe!

The spring weather threw a lot of surprises our way yesterday around 1:15 p.m., mostly with tornadoes!!! Like 12 of them I watched touch down on our local TV stations! Scary as could be for a few hours...there were 2 tornado emergencies at the same in Dallas county and one in Tarrant county. We live in Tarrant county sandwiched between those two!!
After a phone alert from the NRHPD to take cover, the "girls" and I took refuge in the bathroom with a cell phone, flashlight, iPad and prayers until it blew over the top of us. All we got was heavy, heavy winds and even heavier rains with only pea sized hail. Others around us were not so lucky. We are very thankful there were no loss of lives, but there were numerous homes destroyed and lots of destruction and only minor injuries unless they find otherwise today. Lots of folks without electricity and even more stories of survival to tell. The most awesome sight of how furious the very forceful storms were was to see 18 wheeler trailers picked up and tossed over 200 ft in the air like they were toys!
The DFW Airport got hit with large hail stones that damaged a lot of airplanes, causing 440 flight cancellations until the planes are checked out. It also dropped the temperatures by 25 degrees and pushed out some of the oppressive humidity!
Well, got lots to do today, so outta here, just wanted everyone to know that we are all okay here and to thank all who took the time to call or e-mail or facebook message me to see if all was okay!
Chat more later....Luv, Mat

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Today is my friend, Chris', birthday! Have a happy, happy day Chris! Hope you are surrounded by loved ones and enjoy a memory making time together. (I used a QP by Linda at Random Thoughts and one of her fav photos she sent me awhile back!) Chat more later y'all! Luv, Mat

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello April!

It's more like summer here already with temps way up into the mid 80's yesterday! Sat here with all my windows open and all my ceiling fans going full blast, thought I was gonna have to break down and turn on the AC, but a tall, cold glass of iced coffee helped me through...LOL! Nascar races did not end as I would have liked, but then, that's how it goes sometimes. Happy for Ryan Newman, the winner, but very unhappy for Gordon and Johnson and Junior that it ended for them the way it did after such a great race.
The weather here is really great for my little "pot" garden! Since I am unable to get down and dig in the ground, I use my "potted" plants to dress up my garden...LOL! Just look at the size of the blooms on this hibiscus that Nina gave me (she even planted it in the ground for me)! The geraniums have an abundance of blooms and so does the hibiscus plant.I surely enjoyed the ACM awards last evening, so happy that Eli Young Band, Lady Antebellum, Scotty McCrearie, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert Shelton, and Blake Shelton all won! Happy for Taylor Swift too, but would have preferred that Jason Aldean had won as entertainer of the year!
Well, got work to do, so gonna hush for now, chat more with y'all later! Have a terrific week ahead making lots of memories to share! Luv, Mat