Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are safe!

The spring weather threw a lot of surprises our way yesterday around 1:15 p.m., mostly with tornadoes!!! Like 12 of them I watched touch down on our local TV stations! Scary as could be for a few hours...there were 2 tornado emergencies at the same in Dallas county and one in Tarrant county. We live in Tarrant county sandwiched between those two!!
After a phone alert from the NRHPD to take cover, the "girls" and I took refuge in the bathroom with a cell phone, flashlight, iPad and prayers until it blew over the top of us. All we got was heavy, heavy winds and even heavier rains with only pea sized hail. Others around us were not so lucky. We are very thankful there were no loss of lives, but there were numerous homes destroyed and lots of destruction and only minor injuries unless they find otherwise today. Lots of folks without electricity and even more stories of survival to tell. The most awesome sight of how furious the very forceful storms were was to see 18 wheeler trailers picked up and tossed over 200 ft in the air like they were toys!
The DFW Airport got hit with large hail stones that damaged a lot of airplanes, causing 440 flight cancellations until the planes are checked out. It also dropped the temperatures by 25 degrees and pushed out some of the oppressive humidity!
Well, got lots to do today, so outta here, just wanted everyone to know that we are all okay here and to thank all who took the time to call or e-mail or facebook message me to see if all was okay!
Chat more later....Luv, Mat

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