Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been Creating today!

Been a tiring morning, did all my floors, from sweeping, dusting up "girl hair", vacuuming and steam mopping them ALL! Got all the windows and doors open and all three ceiling fans going as there is no breeze at all and it's about 83 degrees in here now. Too early for this time of year for this kind of heat!
Anyhow, needed to take a rest, so decided to make a few pages using some new techniques I am learning to use. Thanx to Lanell for her textures and directions for using them. Thanx to Miriam for her lovely overlays that have me trying to make a few of my own.
The page of Pumpkin came about because of a post on Facebook by one of my friends that loves cats too! This photo looked so much like my Pumpkin I decided to make an overlay of it to use with a photo of Pumpkin. I created the overlay using one of Lanell's wood grains, then rippled it, then curled the page back to reveal Pumpkin, cute huh?Next with MzKitty, I created the page, blended it with the screen of the window she is looking through to show a photo of her outside that same window trying to get inside....LOL!Then on Oreo I used a flower overlay of Miriam's plus a pink rose and curled it back to show her all curled on her back. Pretty good feat for such a large cat, but so cute right?Well, guess I need to get up from here, finish some more cleaning and get a cooling off shower! Ha, better close all the windows first, because it is so humid, I would never dry off! ROFL!! Anyhow, will chat more next time, y'all just have a great time making more memories to share! Luv, Mat

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