Monday, December 29, 2008

If we could only read their minds....

I got snap happy with my camera yesterday, got some pretty cool photos of the girls, thought I would make a page of each one with what I thought they might be thinking. I used no kits this time, just the photos and some captions. They were all on some level of their stand looking out the front window. Later y'all!!

Oreo asks...

Pumpkin looks...

MzKitty spies it....

This is what they see....

This is Navy, the neighborhood cat that was sitting on the divider of our drive right in front of the window. She is such a friendly and lovable little thing, but sure likes to tease my girls because they can't come out. Hope you enjoy these photos!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jade is 2 today!

My little great niece is 2 today! Look what an adorable little dolly! I just got this photo today (and had to make a page with it) from my sister Kathy. Jade is her first grandbaby. She sure looks like her daddy did at this age. I hope you enjoy your day sweetheart.
My boss' daughter, Lakshmi, is in labor today. We will have another little girl to add to our family before this day is through. Got a lot of work today so will close and wish all of you a great day and week ahead. Chat with you more later!
I used CJS Celebrates 100 kit for my page today. All the kits from CJS are always free, check out the site by clicking on the blinkie at the right. Luv, Mat

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Me Naturally

Hi y'all!

Just had a little time on my hands and wanted to make a page using CJS' beautiful Naturally Neutral kit. This is a photo from 2 years ago at the Texas District Rally in Kerrville (way south from here!). It is cold here this morning, but supposed to warm up some this afternoon. Our wind chill yesterday was 14 degrees (after 70 degrees the day before) and very cutting and biting, it even burst a water pipe in the back of the house, causing a small flood. This morning we awoke to no power in the master bedroom...ah, the joys of owning an older foreclosed home. Mike could not find any breakers thrown so....he thinks we may have critters in the attic eating the wires. Yikes!! Probably more like squirrels than mice (too many cats around), so this weekend he will be filling up any spots in the attic where a squirrel could get in AND finding the problem with the wiring. At least we still have the warming fireplace and lots of other rooms with lights so come on over for a spell. We have a Christmas party to attend on Saturday night that should be a lot of fun. Have a terrific weekend. Later.....Mat

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Judy

I want to wish a very dear friend of mine a very happy day! Today is Judy Too's birthday. I met Judy on ScrapFlair in Oct of 2006. She is the kindest lady you will ever meet and so very helpful. She helped me find my way around the digiscrapping world and I totally bless her for the assistance. She comes up with the themes's for the freebie kits for Carol to make at CJS Creations. AND THEY ALWAYS GIVE THEIR TALENTS FREELY TO OTHERS!! Judy is a great wife, mother, grandmother, sister and FRIEND. She is also a cancer survivor and a former military person that I thank every day for her service to her country. I am genuinely honored that she has chosen to befriend me. Thank you so much Judy for everything and I hope you have a most blessed birthday. I pinched the photo off your blogspot and the kit I used is one of CJS's but for the life of me I do not remember which one (I have all 100 of them...LOL!) Enjoy your day doing what you love most, being with your loving family at the park taking photos to make more awesome layouts!! Luv Ya! Mat

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Carol

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Carol, Happy Birthday to you! Can't you just hear me singing all the way from Texas to Canada??? You will be glad it got lost somewhere along the way with the way I sing. LOL! I just wanted to wish you a happy day my FRIEND. You always take the time to help with setting up blog pages, making new backgrounds and selflessly creating awesome kits to gift all of us so that we can scrap and have fun with our pages and spaces. I know you are a hard worker, wife, mother, grandmother and TERRIFIC FRIEND and I want to thank you so much for your friendship. Carol, I hope it is a beautiful day filled with all your heart desires and you create many more awesome memories. Love ya bunches and sending many Texas sized hugs your way for another fun filled year.
I used a kit called Mariposa Bonita by Creative Victorian. Hope you enjoy your day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Slumber Time

Wow, what a weekend of chaos! Friday I cleaned the fireplace while waiting for the half cord of wood to be delivered and stacked. Saturday I ran my errands and did the shopping. We went looking for a bedroom set for the guest room returning home just at dusk. It was in the 50's all day with lots of wind so he was really chilled when we got home. He decided to build our first fire while we ate dinner. The house began to fill with smoke, he tried to find the damper to see if it was closed and could not find it. (We have a blower that has been added to the fireplace and it was covering the lever). Needless to say the house continued to fill with smoke and really clouded up when he used the fire extinguisher to put the fire out so he could search for the damper control. We had to open all the windows and doors and watch for the "girls" to make sure they were okay and did not get out. Well, to make a long story short, he finally found the damper and opened it, helped clean the fireplace glass doors and dusted while I vacuumed the rug and mopped the floors again. Our leather furniture had a thin film of gray all over it. I thought surely our neighbors would call the fire department as our smoke detector was going full blast and smoke was really rolling out the windows and doors. Now all we can smell is SMOKE. Hopefully it will all be gone before Thanksgiving. We started another fire after the cleaning and it helped to suck some of the lingering smoke out. When we checked on the "girls" this is what we found...they were piled up on the bed together SLEEPING!!!! I just had to take their photo and make a page with CJS newest kit called So Naturally Neutral. Thanx Carol for sharing this great kit. If you would like her FREE kits you can find a link to CJS' site on the right.

Mike had to work on Sunday, so when he got his coffee he found that we had no microwave and the lights were not working in the kitchen or the laundry room, however the stove, oven, coffeemaker and referigerator were all working. He could not find the problem before he left, so I cleaned at the smoke smells again and kept on painting woodwork and doors with the windows open. The temps were back in the middle 60's yesterday. When he got home, he changed a few of the electrical fuses, with no positive results. We have called our home warranty folks to send us an electrician. They will try to find the problems on Wednesday. It never ends, but we still love our new home even though we are both soooooooo ready for a break from repairing, cleaning, unpacking and definitely from painting. That's all for now. Later....Mat
PS I want to thank Carol for the awesome job she did of my new Betty Boop Background and for putting Betty Boop on my new header. Love ya lady!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remember and say Thank You

I just want to say THANK YOU to all our veterans, past-present-future for the freedoms I enjoy. There have been many that have touched my life personally and there is no way I could name them all, but here are a few. I love you all.
Pete Tate
Jim Hill
Jeff Hill
Marvin Barchers
Mike Moreno
Carl Adkins
James Adkins
Charles Adkins
Bill Barnett
Jerry Bennett
Breezy Hoadley
Ken Rodgers
Mike Needham
Jerry Andrews
Joe Levengood
Judy Deaver
Janet & Scotty Williams
I created this page using freebies I got from a collaboration kit I found called Poppies to Remember by Snowraven, Kyra and Miss Edna! Thanx for sharing and again a big THANK YOU to all our veterans. Later....Mat

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog Award I Created

I created this blog award for some of the most amazing sites I visit. I used several kits by CJS! Later...Mat

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thanx Carol!!

What a wonderful friend we have in Angelscrapper (Ms Carol)!! Look at my new blog header she made for me with all my precious furbabies and my man! I just adore it. Nice surprise this morning so I took the time to make a quick Thank you page for her. The "girls" helped me so I had to put a furbaby twist to it. Thanx a million Friend, I love you. Mat

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Still Here

Man, I took off a week to move in and get all the utilities, etc transferred. What a rushed time, yet I felt so distanced from all with no internet for a week. When I finally got back to work to my computer there, I had 194 messages to weed through. LOL!
We are still not finished emptying CRAP out of the duplex, but are a lot closer than we were. The temperature is finally beginning to cooperate a little too. We are pretty much settled into a routine now at the new house. It is finally beginning to look like home. Still have 2 rooms to unpack and set up, but finally got my computer all set up last evening. Got one of the new garage doors installed. After the other one is replaced, we can start looking for a house painter for the outside. Finished the flooring except for 2 closets and the 2 baths. We have not EVEN thought about starting on the 4th bedroom or the 3rd bath.
The "girls" are loving all the space and all the new and exciting places to hide. They sure do "talk" a lot more now (I think they are trying to find each other!) They have toys in each and every room now!!!
I took some photos along and hopefully will be able to make a few more pages later, but put this one together this morning using CJS' Goodbye Summer kit. I adore the frames, makes a great quickpage for popping in photos. Thanx a lot Carol for your generosity in sharing your talent.
Well, over to the duplex now, finished with what I wanted to do here today, you know, made the bed, vacuumed the rugs, mopped the floors, took my shower and made a scrap page. Now to bring over a couple more loads to stack into a room to unpack during the evenings this coming week. LOL!
Thanx a lot for the visits friends and leaving all the encouraging words and most of all the hugs, love and the Mint Juleps. Love you all....Later, Mat

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike is Visiting

Good morning all, Ike is trying to invade our area as I type this. We are experiencing some much needed rain right now, nothing really heavy yet or windy, but "they" are predicting a lot more is on our way. We have battened down the hatches and just enjoying a lazy wet day for now. Plans for moving in are on hold until the rains cease. So after much loving from the girls this morning (amongst all the family phone calls) I decided to make a couple of pages of the babies with a cute freebie overlay from TeriMayo. Hope you enjoy them. Thanx for visiting and I will be checking in later if we do not lose power later on today. Have a terrific weekend, later...Luv, Mat

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sandra Marie

Stopped long enough to make a quick page to wish my Aussie friend, Sandra Marie a very happy day. We are still trying to decide on flooring. Hopefully it will go in this weekend. I will be moving over the kitchen stuff as that part of the house is finished. Have a terrific weekend and I promise to keep in touch and VISIT with all you wonderful ladies when this is finished. I so miss my relaxation time of scrapping pages. I used a freebie called Hibiscus by Jayaprem for this page. Happy Birthday Sandra Marie. Luv y'all!! Mat

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get Well Katlin

I just had to slow down long enough to send my best wishes to Katlin. She is the 7 year old granddaughter of my friend Donna, the niece of my friend Tina, and daughter of my friend Renee. She just had a brain tumor removed and is recovering in the hospital in NJ. I wanted to scrap a page for her to show my support and to let her know that she and her family are all in my prayers for a positive outcome on the results and a speedy recovery for Katlin. Love to all of you. I used Carol's kit she made especially for this brave little angel. You can find it at CJS' site and it's called Patience Kit for Katlin. Thanx Carol for your generosity and caring for Katlin!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Gerri

Taking time before work to wish a friend a very happy birthday. Hope it is a wonderful one filled with all the mint juleps you desire. Love and hugs Ms Gerri and may you have many more to come. Luv, Mat O the kit is called Warmnelegant by ScrappyCat.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


They got married on 5-17-08 and I finally got some photos. Sorry they are small (sent by e-mail) but thought I would show you how lovely they looked on their wedding day. They married outside on a beautiful bright clear day. What a lovely couple they make. I used only the photo and CJS Overlay # 5. Margaret made a beautiful bride and Lance looked handsome as ever. So sorry I had to miss this happy occasion. Luv, Mat

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another lazy Saturday afternoon, I am through with shopping and my house chores (or all that I plan to do anyway!) so thought I would use a kit I downloaded some time ago and forgot about. Of course, too lazy to take new photos so using some of the thousands of them that I have....I created another page each for the girls. The kit came without a TOU so I do not know who to give credit to. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know. The first is Pumpkin, then I did one of silly Oreo in the tree picking her teeth with a small limb and then MzKitty just trying to take the camera away from me while I was snapping photos. Whatever you do today, have fun. Chat more later! Luv, Mat

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday....

I got to work to face problems, the phone system was not working, we have been having problems with power outages and I think it finally fried the whole system. I took an old phone to plug in so I would have service for phone calls. Then about mid day while printing statements, my printer decided to spit out blank pages, changed ink cartridges, still blank, but sure got lots of ink on my pretty white nails...UGH!!
Then, we got a message from the realtor where we had put a bid in for a house that had been foreclosed on, that they want us to counter with a higher bid...10k more than what they were advertising it for...I guess you know what WE told them...LOL!!!
Anyhow, ran across the photos I took of the flowers my sister sent for my birthday last month and decided to make a pretty cheerful page to cheer things up around here. Going to go watch Nashville Star and go to bed early since I don't have to fix dinner. Yippee! Y'all have a great week and will chat again later. Luv, Mat
O I used CJS's kit In the Mood to Scrap for this page. It is a great freebie and you can find the link on the right. Thanx ladies for the kit.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love your Blog sites Ladies

I got this sweet Award from Ms Carol and want to be kind and pass it on to the sites I view regularly too. Thanx to all of you for your inspiration. So to:

Carol-Doodlebug-Angelscrapper....thanx so very much for your encouragement, inspiration, setup and assistance with my blog and especially your awesome freebie kits that you share. Thanx so much for the honor of your friendship.

Judy-you were my first FRIEND to assist me with my SBF pages and shared your love to a total stranger I will never forget. I absolutely love seeing your beautiful grandchildren through your eyes. Thanx for your friendship and daily blogs.

Gerri-your site just warms me all the way through your humor is absolutely adorable. I love your site, and treasure your visits to my blog and my visits to yours. Thanx for your friendship.

Linda-I met on Digiscrappers and absolutely fell in love with her site, her humorous blogs, her outlook on life and of course her fabulous page layouts, I love reading about your daily escapades. Thanx for your friendship.

Jude-Miss Scarlett-Thanx so much for your support and love on SBF, Digiscrappers and on my blog. I so enjoying visiting you as you are so close to home and you make some great Mint Juleps. Thanx for your friendship.

Donna-Donna was the first to ask me to design pages using her free kits for her blog site. I am so honored that she asked. I am very honored that she is my friend and shares her freebies too. Thanx for your friendship.

SherryC-We became fast friends fast on SBF and I adore her blog, her kits and her friendship. Thanx Sherry.

Tina-I love visiting Tina's blog as I can keep up with her and her gorgeous girls. I love her free kits and her friendship. Thanx Tina.

Sooze-I adore your blog spot, your awesome kits and your goregoues layouts, I visit her site often and want to say Thanx for the friendship.

Pascale-Pelin I adore you and your kits, your freebies that you share and your site, I have been friends since I first joined SBF and you were still in Turkey. I am honored to call you a friend. Thanx.

I love you all and you really deserve this award. Mat!!

Cat Eyes

Since it is a lazy WARM Saturday afternoon and I am at loose ends for an hour or so I thought I would make a couple of scrap pages. There is a challenge on Scrapbook Flair of freckles and eyes sooooooo...why not a page of our darling baby girls' eyes. They are so trusting, loving and all seeing, Right? MzKitty has the golden yellow eyes, Oreo the gorgeous green and Pumpkin has orange eyes like her fur. Just thought this would be a cute page. Did not do it for the challenge, just for me and to share with you. There are 3 different kits used here, the background, black cat and frames are from Caw Paws but I do not know the author of the kit. The cat alpha is from Dog/Cat Alpha kit, but again I have no idea who created this kit. The quote is from Cat Bits by LLL Creations. Thanx for viewing this page. Later, Mat.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Caught in the Act

I wasn't very busy at work today other than making quick pages so I put this page together of the "girls" caught at different times doing their thing. MzKitty was standing in a chair at the dining table eating off the placemat. Pumpkin was sleeping in the bathroom sink basin. And last but by no means least, Oreo laying in front of my computer keyboard trying to help me....causes me to have to do a lot of editing when I type something. LOL! They are such a joy in our lives. Anyway, just wanted to say have a great week y'all! The kit I used for this quickpage was by PascaleA, a freebie called Belita! You can find a link to her site on the right under Pelins Designs. Thanx Pascale for sharing your work. Later, Mat

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Purrfect Lazy Day

Today is the purrfect lazy day, too hot to go outside, too boring to watch TV and Mom is too busy to play, so we decided to rest, sleep and relax today. That is the GIRLS talking to ya! As you can see from this page, they are just snoring away. I am baking a pan of brownies for later and sorting photos I want to scrap and finding some new info on my ancestry search. Mainly, I am relaxing and scrapping...LOL! Whatever you are doing today enjoy it and the coming week. I used CJS' newest freebie kit called Just Scrap It. Later, Mat

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today They Become One

Congratulations Lance and Margaret, as I post this page you are dressing for your big day. Margaret will be walking down the aisle in about 40 minutes to become Mrs. Lance Hawthorne. I am so very sorry I could not be there to witness this joyous occasion, but my prayers and wishes for a very happy life together are sent your way. Just wanted you to know that I love you and was thinking about all of you today! Aunt Neenie!!
(This layout was made using freebie kit by PascaleA (Pelin-s link on right), thanx Pascale for the beautiful kit. The photo is from Thanksgiving 2007 that I took in the front yard)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I give up to the Girls

I was just sitting here going through my e-mails and answering them, viewing, voting and commenting on pages on SBF and Digiscrappers Online, but the 3 terrors came in to demand their share of the attention. I got purrs, rolling around on my lap and my keyboard, walking on my shoulders, slapping my hands as I typed and rubbing on my face, so I gave in and give them some attention. So I decided to make a page with all three of them on it before I made dinner. This is the result. Now to clean up the kitchen, fix the coffee pot and get my shower and get ready for bed. Later and thanx for stopping by. Luv, Mat

I used a tutorial by KB called tear-papers by Kimb's Designs, the frames are by littlemammasdigiscrap from a kit called A Little Plaid, the felt tag is by Calico Designs and the cats are from a kit called Cat Paws that had no TOU so am not sure who did them, but all the kits were freebies.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Have a great week ahead

Hope this is a terrific week ahead for all of you. Can't believe that May is here already, but the flowers are sure proof that spring is here to stay. After the rain that came through yesterday, it turned a little chilly, 42 here this morning...LOL! Well got to get dressed and out of here so as not to be late. Have a terrific week. Here's a couple of Get Well Wishes for some very dear scrapping Friends. The first is for Miss Scarlett's hubby Rhett and the other for Judy who is having surgery this morning. My best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you and hugs for you and your families. Prayers are being said for all of you. Later, Mat

This is a freebie kit by PascaleA called Blessed Secret.

This is a freebie kit by Creative Victorian Designs called Inherit Blessings.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Administrative Professional Day

Today is the day that employers show appreciation for their administrative assistants (secretary, etc.).I just made a quick page to share using the freebie kit by Miss Carol (CJS's Angelscrapper) called Sunshine and Springtime. Have a good day all of you. My boss shows appreciation to me all the time that I make her life and work a lot easier. We have shared 19 years together and I wish everyone had a job like mine. Later, Mat

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Congratulations Lance & Margaret.

Here's a page I did for my nephew Lance and his fiancee Margaret! Yep, they made it official last month and the date is May 17th. Three days before my birthday. Not sure I will be able to make the wedding, but am going to try my best to be in south Georgia then. With this delay on the closing of the new house, it may just not be a realistic adventure for us, but I wish them both all the happiness in the world. I love you both very much. Later, Aunt Neenie.

This page was made using photo I took at Thanksgiving while there in 2007 and using the freebie Champagne and Red Wine by Donna. You can find a link blinkie to her site on here as well as a link to CJS Scrapbooking With Attitude where she has the kit as well. Thanx Donna for the kit, I hear the colors of the wedding are "Apple" and white. "Apple" being this years color of burgandy so the kit fit in perfectly.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Sebrina

My niece Sebrina is celebrating a birthday today so I made her a card, thought I would share it with all of you. Sebrina is a first grade teacher in the Jasper ISD in Jasper, TX. I am so very proud of her. Happy Birthday sweetheart and many, many more. Love you, Aunt Maryanne.

The kit I used is called A New Spring by Carol (Angelscrapper) at CJS Scrapbooking With An Attitude that you can find a link blinkie or her blog site on the right. Thanx for the fabulous kit Carol.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunshine and Springtime

Okay so I had some free time (lunchtime) I made three awesome pages with Carol's (CJS Angelscrapper)kit Sunshine and Springtime. This kit is so versatile I just had to make a totally different page for each "girl". You can find a blinkie link to Carol's blog or to the CJS Scrapbooking With Attitude to the right, all her kits are free. Thanx loads for this kit Carol. Later, Luv, Mat

The prima donna, MzKitty watches over all.

Shy Oreo was lying atop the refrigerator and trying to hide from the camera.

Pumpkin was sound asleep so I let her dream of butterflies.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris

This is my scrapbooking friend Chris from Greenwood, LA. She is the master at heritage pages, thus the theme. We made surprise birthday pages for her with a special kit Ms Carol at CJS'Scrapbooking with Attitude made for her. I think we pulled off a terrific surprise. Anyhow, Happy Birthday Chris and best wishes for many, many more. Love ya, Mat

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter to All

Happy and Blessed Easter Greetings to all my family and friends. It is a gloriously beautiful day here today, sun is really shining bright, got all my windows open to do my dusting...LOL! (the best way to dust in Texas, let the wind do it!) Tomorrow is supposed to drop to the mid thirties and have a cold rain all day. Will be great for scrapping, but I will probably be too busy packing. Anyhow, I put this page together for digiscrappersonline and then I got a message from Tina's Creations as to how to animate it, so thought I would put the animation up for all to see my sparkling sister and I on Easter day 1957. Our dresses were blue gingham checked and black patent leather mary janes and purses, our first ever store bought brand new dresses. The kit is a freebie from Jannidee (jsd) called Country Charm Blue(that I changed the color to a more true blue)and the lace on the frame I got from my friend Clara Sue. Hope all remember what Easter is all about and that you have a terrific day with your families after church. Until next time....Luv, Mat

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St Paddy's Day to all

Just a little break in my "family tree" flow here to wish all of you the Luck of the Irish be with you all and hope you find that rainbow with the pot of gold at it's end. I saw this terrific kit and just had to do a page. The kit is a freebie called St. Patrick's Day by Scrapping 'Til Dawn and can be found on her blog that you can find a link to on the right here. As you can see I already have my green ale to toast to your good day! Have a great week ahead!

Just so happens that tomorrow I will celebrate 19 years at my employment. This photo was taken with my boss, Radha P. Nair, MD, in 2006 while in India for her daughter's wedding. Since becoming her employee, we have also become very good friends and I wanted to do a little memory page. This kit was also a freebie from SBF by the designer Nayyan! More later....Luv, Mat

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heeerree's Baby Sister and Family!

Snow is over and gone, sun is shining bright, but while it was cold and dreary, I was busy with the rest of my family photos, so here goes.

My mother and father had 2 girls, Me (1947) and Kathy (1949), they divorced, both remarrying in 1957. My mother and stepfather had Edward (1958) and Penny (1960). Since I was 13 yrs and 6 mos (to the day) when Penny was born, she was my responsibility! It was almost like she was mine except I did not give birth. Needless to say she is rather special to me. Not that I do not love my other 2 siblings, just that she and I are the closest I guess. So here's the baby and her family. This photo was taken in 1962 after we had moved from Detroit, MI to Cairo, GA. I used a combination of kits by CJS that you can find a link blinkie to here. The kits are Winter Dream and Spring is just about here.

This kit is Inherit Blessing QP by Creative Victorian Designs, the photo is the last known photo taken of Mama and her 4 children all together at her house (GA) in 1983. Mama passed away in 1992, Edward in 1996. Kathy and her family were headed to Germany for a couple of years, Penny was getting ready to marry and I lived in Texas.

These photos were made at Penny's apartment in 1983 as I was leaving to return to TX after the family reunion. This is her now husband of 23 years, Weymond. This is CJS's Valentine QP, you can find the link blinkie on the right.

Penny and Weymond's first were twin boys. Lance (on my right knee) born a couple minutes before Lamar (on the left knee). The kit I used is a freebie called Red Thingy by Jenny, you can find her blog blinkie on the right or at CJS scrapbooking with attitude that is also on the right.

This freebie quickpage is by PascaleA and it is called Glorious you can find a link to her blog on the right as Pelin-s-Designs. The photo is of the whole family that I took I think in 2004.

This is Lance and Lamar, both are 21 now. This was taken in 2007 at Thanksgiving. This freebie quickpage is by PascaleA and it is called Glorious you can find a link to her blog on the right as Pelin-s-Designs.

This is the baby of the family, Ms Amy Jo, she just graduated from high school. This was taken also at Thanksgiving in 2007. This freebie quickpage is by PascaleA and it is called Glorious you can find a link to her blog on the right as Pelin-s-Designs.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my precious family. I do not get to see them as much as I would like, but we do call and e-mail often. Kathy and her family all reside in south Illinois, Penny and her family are in south Georgia and Sebrina and her mother live in south Texas. Mike and I are in north Texas. Next I will be introducing you to Mike's family. Have a great Sunday. Luv, Mat

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winter has finally arrived in N. Texas

We are getting some really HUGE snowflakes and very HEAVY snow right now. Time for spring break and winter has finally gotten here. I came home a little after noon because the temperatures were dropping and the sleet was very heavy. Now at 2:45 the snow started and is not supposed to stop until around 6 a.m. I haven't seen this in a very long time, not snowflakes this large or falling this heavily. I think all those folks up north are tired of it and pushed it this way. Of course, this is all the news around here, offices and schools closing early and talks already of cancelling classes for tomorrow. It has finally dropped to 32 in Ft. Worth, so am going out to take a couple photos to put up on here. Will be back shortly! Luv, Mat
This is supposed to be when it first started, check the time (1 hour off as I did not reprogram my camera at time change)!

Look how large the flakes are against my Tahoe wheels.

This is the last one I took before downloading them and it is still snowing really heavy!