Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday....

I got to work to face problems, the phone system was not working, we have been having problems with power outages and I think it finally fried the whole system. I took an old phone to plug in so I would have service for phone calls. Then about mid day while printing statements, my printer decided to spit out blank pages, changed ink cartridges, still blank, but sure got lots of ink on my pretty white nails...UGH!!
Then, we got a message from the realtor where we had put a bid in for a house that had been foreclosed on, that they want us to counter with a higher bid...10k more than what they were advertising it for...I guess you know what WE told them...LOL!!!
Anyhow, ran across the photos I took of the flowers my sister sent for my birthday last month and decided to make a pretty cheerful page to cheer things up around here. Going to go watch Nashville Star and go to bed early since I don't have to fix dinner. Yippee! Y'all have a great week and will chat again later. Luv, Mat
O I used CJS's kit In the Mood to Scrap for this page. It is a great freebie and you can find the link on the right. Thanx ladies for the kit.

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