Sunday, June 8, 2008

Purrfect Lazy Day

Today is the purrfect lazy day, too hot to go outside, too boring to watch TV and Mom is too busy to play, so we decided to rest, sleep and relax today. That is the GIRLS talking to ya! As you can see from this page, they are just snoring away. I am baking a pan of brownies for later and sorting photos I want to scrap and finding some new info on my ancestry search. Mainly, I am relaxing and scrapping...LOL! Whatever you are doing today enjoy it and the coming week. I used CJS' newest freebie kit called Just Scrap It. Later, Mat

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  1. Hi Mat,
    Grt LO as usual
    and here's a news:
    YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! I couldn’t resist!

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