Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween and FallBack Weekend!

I have been too busy updating and making ready the other duplex so that it is ready for lease by this weekend that I have neglected my computer and family and, to those birthdays I missed and the phone calls and the blog notes....I am sorry, but sometimes life just takes over my fun times.
My fun times have been filled with repairs, cleaning fireplace and stove and refrigerator, and putting in new sinks and faucets, updating bathrooms and cleaning windows and blinds, oiling cabinets and gel glossing countertops, painting, adding smoke detectors, adding deadbolts, adding peepholes in the doors and yardwork....all I have left is adding light bulbs, steam cleaning bathrooms, running vacuum and mopping floors. I don't think I could have gotten all this done without help from Teri and Liz...they have been a tremendous help to me.
I have had several phone calls with a couple of good possibilities to pick up applications for it.  I still have to have the city inspector come by and issue a certificate of occupancy (quite a few things I had to do to comply with this new law).  I will be very happy when it is rented and I can slow down and do some much neglected scrapping......but the holidays are just around the corner....never ends does it? I am happy that I am doing something other than sitting on my fat fanny in front of the computer daily, though I do miss the contact with family and friends...ROFLMAO!!
I missed my BIL Jim's birthday (no call and no card to him, so sorry), I missed the twins birthday too (Sorry Lance and Lamar, love you both), but I do have a good excuse...just busy, busy, busy and the days just seem to get shorter and shorter.
I haven't been on Facebook and I am over a week behind in blogging with some of my "sisters" and I know I have a lot of photos to "snitch" from FB pages of the great nieces and nephews and some terrific QPs, kits, clusters and wordart that I have missed from some fantastic designers that need to be downloaded and I do need to design a couple of things that have been clogging up my thinking and......on and on and on! Time needs to slow down some, right?
We still haven't really had Fall weather yet...been rather warm in the upper 80's and low 90's, however, they are promising another front to bring us into the 50's at night and 70's in the day for this weekend and maybe, MAYBE, maybe some desperately needed rain by the first of the week, but then back to the 80's for the rest of the next week.  Wish Mother Nature would make up her mind....LOL!
Halloween is tomorrow, but will see no trick or treaters, kids don't do much of that around here even though we live in a pretty safe neighborhood, all the local churches (and they are VERY numerous) have Trunk or Treat activities for the kids with lots of things to do besides collect candy (which they have trunkfuls of) and the mall merchants always have lots of candy for them as well.  This is much safer for the kids to be in well lit places and much supervision, however, if you want to see the costumes, you have to go to where the activities are...not as much fun as in our days I think, but they get lots more loot than we ever did!
I need to get appointment to take in the brother (Sideways) and sister (Misty) kittens that I acquired in July (after a family moved, no mommy around and they were so tiny) to have them their shots and "fixed". I have tried finding them a home...want them to stay together as he is a bit handicapped (legs weak in back and his teeth are not developing) and she is so good with him.  I have been trying to massage his legs a lot and he seems to be getting stronger with his climbing and running (but still runs into walls, thus his name) and he is the sweetest thing. I am still fostering them for now though.
Okay, I have rambled on enough, best get up from here and start the day...y'all have a good weekend and remember to turn your clocks back and enjoy that extra hour of sleep or play! Chat more with you next time!  Hugs, Mat

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a done deal!!!!

All the papers have been signed on my end....the other party is signing theirs now in Minnesota....when all is completed and sent this way (about 2 more days) the funds will all be distributed and by the end of the week it will all be mine...I am so very happy for it to all be over with...can't tell you what a relief it I can get back to my life....ROFLMAO.......!
Tomorrow is little Miss Hayden's 6th birthday so I took a few minutes to make her a Happy Birthday page to post on Facebook (she likes seeing herself on there)! I used a template (6) from Laurrie at cheyOkota  Digital Scrapbooking Designs and the background, flowers and tag are from Oklahomadawn's Autumn Art free kit. I used an assortment of photos of her with her mama, her daddy, her brother, her cousin and some friends to complete the collage.
I also got a chance to make a couple more Autumn pages that I want to share for my book!

Ruby, Jayson and Jade in an Autumn QP by Fecnikek
This one of Hayden and Calvin is also a free QP by Fecnikek
This page was created with freebies by Arlene from Baby Bear Digital Scraps. Another shot of Hayden with Calvin.
Just adore this photo that Amy took of Calvin and Annabeth playing together so put it in a gorgeous QP by Linda at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place
And this one is by Eudora Designs of my friend Liz that I did for her birthday on the 12th.

We had a cold front drop in and leave us some rain and lots and lots and lots of wind...around 1:15 a.m. the winds were at 60-65 mph and blinding blowing rain (lots of electric lines and trees downed)....the temps never got out of the 60's for 2 days and after the rain left we had 40 mph winds (with gusts to 50 mph) all day yesterday and still not out of the 60's, it was 53 this morning, but the sun is shining, the winds are down to 20 mph and it is heating up to mid 70's. I love these temps, cut the AC off and opened windows, however, back to the upper 70's and low to mid 80's for the rest of the week, so I know I will have to put the AC back on, but I do like the lower humidity and now that the SALE is over, I can do something else and really enjoy the Fall weather again.
Okay, off to do some celebrating that this ordeal is over, just wanted to let everyone know about it and to share a few quick pages with you.  Have a fantastic rest of the week and make sure to make lots and lots and lots of memories to share.  Hugs to all of you! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crap!! Summer is back in Texas!!

We broke record high temperatures for October yesterday.....100 degrees and it's gonna be 95 again today!  We did get to enjoy Fall for 4 days, yippee!! It is almost unbearably warm this morning at 83 at 5 a.m.  I did get to view a bit of the eclipse this morning before some clouds obscured it (after it was complete) and with the moving of the clouds for sunrise, we had a pink/orange glow to everything....sure was pretty, but I was unable to capture it on camera. Of course, with the increase in the southwesterly winds also comes the higher humidity. Yesterday, I just could not stay dry and it seems today is going to be the same....UGH!!  BUT...I thank God for another day of waking up and able to see this glorious day!
I have been busier that a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs....ROFLMAO!!!!  Not only are my "girls" demanding a lot of attention (because of the baby brother and sister I still haven't found a home for), but because of the disruption of their routine (I haven't been at home much except at night) and the jealousy of a couple of friends that are vying for attention!  Sometimes it is nice to know you are so loved....BUT...there are times it is a real distraction (this is one of those times).  LOL!
I am also in the waning days of close out on the purchase of the duplex and more and more "little" details are beginning to crop up...will be so GLAD when this is all over.  I have managed to get the smoke detectors all up and have the "peep" holes for the doors, all the locks required are in, got a reliable yard service finally in place for both sides, and have a couple of small handyman things yet to accomplish, then it will be ready for inspection to get a Certificate of Occupancy and a tenant as soon as the sale is completed (supposedly the 15th)!
I haven't been on Facebook or been able to Blog in over a week....I am beginning to have withdrawals here! LMAO!  I did manage a birthday page for Jayson's 3rd birthday, but did not get an anniversary page for Kathy and Jim (45 years) nor anything for Jeff's birthday today, but I will get a call in to him sometime this evening.   I am so behind in catching up with my blog sisters and friends, but hopefully, things are calming down some and the DRAMAS are over......PLEASE!!!
Here are some pages I got done before it all started...just want to make sure they are posted so they will appear in my Blog2Print book at the end of the year!  LOL!
Christina with her birds....the QP is one from Auntie M Designs, love the photo corners and it is a freebie on her site, give her a visit.
Jade and Ruby's school photos this year in frames from Neli.  She offers 2-3 frames daily for free on her site, you will not be disappointed if you pay her a visit.
Mr. Mustache...Jayson being silly and so fun in a cute QP from Connie Prince's CT...she also offers some cute freebies each week.
Cute little man turned 3 on the 27th of he is a great QP by Brigit from Designs by Brigit at Digital Scrapbooking Studio called Brothers Birthday!
 Here we have cousins....Hayden and Annabeth in a cute pose that Amy got...I put them in a template by Oklahoma Dawn and used her free Indian Summer kit for the colors, she offers some fantastic templates and given so freely y'all. The wordart is by Anna-Jolanta.
Cutie pie Annabeth in a frame by Fecnikek who offers some really terrific frames for free.  Annabeth fell asleep while sitting up playing...according to Mimi Penny, she was afraid to sleep because she might miss something!  LOL!  Such a cute shot Amy!!
Another cute back to school frame for the first day of school photo of Jade and Ruby in a QP by JMC
Well, my dryer has stopped so guess I better fold and hang up clean clothes...will try to be a bit more attentive in days to come...ROFL...y'all have a great "hump" day and have lots of fun making many memories to share...catch ya next time...Hugs!! Mat