Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crap!! Summer is back in Texas!!

We broke record high temperatures for October yesterday.....100 degrees and it's gonna be 95 again today!  We did get to enjoy Fall for 4 days, yippee!! It is almost unbearably warm this morning at 83 at 5 a.m.  I did get to view a bit of the eclipse this morning before some clouds obscured it (after it was complete) and with the moving of the clouds for sunrise, we had a pink/orange glow to everything....sure was pretty, but I was unable to capture it on camera. Of course, with the increase in the southwesterly winds also comes the higher humidity. Yesterday, I just could not stay dry and it seems today is going to be the same....UGH!!  BUT...I thank God for another day of waking up and able to see this glorious day!
I have been busier that a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs....ROFLMAO!!!!  Not only are my "girls" demanding a lot of attention (because of the baby brother and sister I still haven't found a home for), but because of the disruption of their routine (I haven't been at home much except at night) and the jealousy of a couple of friends that are vying for attention!  Sometimes it is nice to know you are so loved....BUT...there are times it is a real distraction (this is one of those times).  LOL!
I am also in the waning days of close out on the purchase of the duplex and more and more "little" details are beginning to crop up...will be so GLAD when this is all over.  I have managed to get the smoke detectors all up and have the "peep" holes for the doors, all the locks required are in, got a reliable yard service finally in place for both sides, and have a couple of small handyman things yet to accomplish, then it will be ready for inspection to get a Certificate of Occupancy and a tenant as soon as the sale is completed (supposedly the 15th)!
I haven't been on Facebook or been able to Blog in over a week....I am beginning to have withdrawals here! LMAO!  I did manage a birthday page for Jayson's 3rd birthday, but did not get an anniversary page for Kathy and Jim (45 years) nor anything for Jeff's birthday today, but I will get a call in to him sometime this evening.   I am so behind in catching up with my blog sisters and friends, but hopefully, things are calming down some and the DRAMAS are over......PLEASE!!!
Here are some pages I got done before it all started...just want to make sure they are posted so they will appear in my Blog2Print book at the end of the year!  LOL!
Christina with her birds....the QP is one from Auntie M Designs, love the photo corners and it is a freebie on her site, give her a visit.
Jade and Ruby's school photos this year in frames from Neli.  She offers 2-3 frames daily for free on her site, you will not be disappointed if you pay her a visit.
Mr. Mustache...Jayson being silly and so fun in a cute QP from Connie Prince's CT...she also offers some cute freebies each week.
Cute little man turned 3 on the 27th of he is a great QP by Brigit from Designs by Brigit at Digital Scrapbooking Studio called Brothers Birthday!
 Here we have cousins....Hayden and Annabeth in a cute pose that Amy got...I put them in a template by Oklahoma Dawn and used her free Indian Summer kit for the colors, she offers some fantastic templates and given so freely y'all. The wordart is by Anna-Jolanta.
Cutie pie Annabeth in a frame by Fecnikek who offers some really terrific frames for free.  Annabeth fell asleep while sitting up playing...according to Mimi Penny, she was afraid to sleep because she might miss something!  LOL!  Such a cute shot Amy!!
Another cute back to school frame for the first day of school photo of Jade and Ruby in a QP by JMC
Well, my dryer has stopped so guess I better fold and hang up clean clothes...will try to be a bit more attentive in days to come...ROFL...y'all have a great "hump" day and have lots of fun making many memories to share...catch ya next time...Hugs!! Mat


  1. So happy for you that soon all that trouble with the house will be done with and you can sit back and relax again.
    Although you almost never seem to have much relax time at all LOL.
    But i mean you can bannish all problems and stuff about the house out of your head and that will be a good feeling
    Can't you send us about 10 degrees of your temperatures to us???
    Try to take it easy as much as you can, okay?

  2. Welcome back stranger,I was wondering if you had left the country. LOL Glad to hear that everything is just about finished with the duplex. And you weather is crazy, I don't want those temps, but we have been just a wee bit to cold here, fall is here for sure. I think we are suppose to be in the mid 50's here for the next few days, but it drops into the 30's at night. I finally had to turn our heat on, I hate that, but it has to happen sooner or later!
    You have a great week, at least what is left of it,
    Hugs Donna

  3. I'll take a few of those degrees off your hands, about ten or fifteen. It's been on the cool side here with rather chilly nights. It's good to hear that you might finally be ready to close and get some new tenants moved in. Your layouts are beautiful. Your book is going to be wonderful once it is printed.

    Now I have to get back to my crocheting. Got things to finish in time for the holidays. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.