Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prayer Request for Kathy!

I am requesting prayers for my sister Kathy this morning. She is scheduled for a heart catherization! The middle of heart is not working and they are trying to find the cause. If it is something that can be mended by stents...they will keep her in hospital a couple of days prior to surgery, if not, she will spend the night and go home and find out what will be next. She has been through so much this year and needs help by praying for a good outcome! Thanks y'all! Will keep you informed! Hugs for all! Luv, Mat

Update: They put in one stent and kept overnight, she went home yesterday about 1 p.m. and is resting as comfortably as she can. Thanks to all of you for the prayers! Have a beautiful weekend of making memories to share! Hugs, Mat

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's too HOT & HUMID to be outside (at least for me) so I'm inside soaking up the AC!  Thought I might do a little scrapping and continue on some pages I am doing for Jayson's ABC book. Got to get it finished cause Anabeth will be here soon. Amy says it is definitely a girl with all her fingers and toes from the last ultrasound she had done. Guess all is on schedule for the early part of September. Praying all goes as planned for her and Michael, it is their first. Not sure yet what Maggie and Lance or Kayla and Marcus are expecting! Anyhow, I snitched some photos from this past Sunday off Christina's FB page of Kathy's grandkids and did these 2 using QPs by Neli! Aren't they just adorable?
 Jayson giving his Dad a kiss is just the sweetest I've seen in a while!
Jason took this of Christina and the kids at the Transportation Museum.

Well now, I have to find something else to watch since The Voice is over until fall! Can't believe BS actually did a 3peat and won on his birthday to boot! Happy 38th birthday Blake. Congratulations to Danielle Bradbery (TX) on your win! Blake will have a ball introducing her to Nashville!

Guess I will chat with y'all a little more later, I think I desperately need a nap (just cause I can!)! Y'all have fun making lots of memories to share...get ready for the WEEKEND again! Luv, Mat

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Though you have been gone for 15 years, I still miss you! Thanks for watching over me! I love you! Happy Father's Day to my brother who left us 17 years ago too! Also to both my FANTASTIC brothers-in-law...Weymond and Jim, my nephews Jason & Lance and soon to be daddy, nephew-in-law Mike. I hope y'all have a fabulous day!
This is a plopper I made and offered on Miriam's Scraps. I used a combination of kits and the Father overlay is from a family collection of word art overlays I created a while back. I used a background paper from Miriam's Aged Wedding kit. Don't have too many photos of my dad so this is one I have used before.

It has been a very busy week and weekend so far! I think I will catch a nap, all the girls are asleep and I have been up since 3 a.m.! Did a favor for a dear friend by taking her to Plano this morning for Lasik surgery at 7:30. Lots of traffic coming home and I am tired from the trip over and back as well as the heat and it looks like we might get a couple little showers, so perfect for snoozing. Will catch up with y'all next time! Ladies, wish all your hubbies HFD for me! Enjoy making lots of memories tomorrow! Hugs, Mat

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Stars!!

This was a lazy, lazy, lazy couch potato weekend for me.  Sure needed it too! LMAO!! I did help with some yard work (cleaning up limbs, etc after the storms) so that it could be mowed and edged. I even picked up all the cat toys in the back yard! (You couldn't tell it now though!) My neighbors got their front tilled, graveled and planted! Looks great doesn't it? Their side first, mine is the second photo.
Here's a photo of Mama with her kitties out back eating and playing in the second photo.
These last two were shot through the glass door, but you can see how they are growing and are so very cute and tumbling everywhere when they play in the nice shaded back yard!
We had some storms rumble through on Sunday morning dropping some much needed rain and dropping the humidity too! But, that will not last it is going to steadily climb this week into the triple digits. I have lots of shade for the cats and I usually leave my soaker hose running in the back yard so they have a cool place to lay down if it is too hot and humid.
I downloaded this freebie frame from Neli and decided to put my great nieces and great nephew in it as they are my stars! I do have a few more photos to make pages for, but, like I said before, I have been so very lazy....I did not even turn my computer on all weekend. I watched 4 movies and the Nascar Races and read a book, napped a little too! Now I feel nice and rested! LOL!
Well, will hush for now, try to get myself in gear, I have a few errands to do! Will chat with y'all more later! Hope you have a great memory making week ahead! Hugs to all! Mat

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday my friend!

Today is my friend Linda's birthday. This is my blog fairy that keeps my blog looking so terrific. She is also the friend that offers so many terrific qps and the best word arts so freely.  I wish you a very happy day with all that your heart desires and many blessings for many, many more to come! I created this QP and offered as a freebie on Miriam's Scraps a while back....and I snitched the photo from your Facebook.  Love you! Hugs from me and the "girls"! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All Aboard!!

This past Sunday I went on a vintage train trip with  my "sister" Nina and her 3 granddaughters, Elizabeth, Brittany and Lilly! The train depot is in Grapevine and travels to the Historic Stockyards in Fort Worth! We rode in the open car coach since it was a lovely day with a slight breeze and NO humidity. (A first in several weeks!) This was a first time trip for Lilly and me. We had a blast and were even stopped by "train robbers" on horse back and even the sheriff came on the train to try and catch the "bandits".  There was lots of gun fire and horses and chaos as the sheriff came aboard and "deputized" all the kids including Lilly! Whew what fun we had!! When we got to the Stockyards we ate at Riscky's BBQ, toured the Candy Barrel store (where each girl got a bag of candy of choice)...we watched the cowboys driving LONGhorns down the middle of the street, then it was time to re-board and head back to Grapevine. We took lots of photos and had lots of laughs and fun just being out in the open air. We waved at folks sitting in their cars at crossings until our arms were tired! LOL! Truly a memorable day for all! I created a small brag book for Lilly using a freebie gift from c4m appropriately called Choo Choo! Thought I would post it here also so all could see what fun we had. Gonna hush for now, get some things accomplished and will chat more with you later! Hugs for all! Mat
Lilly is texting her mom (in Georgia) that we are about to get on the train.
Lilly with Brittany and Elizabeth sitting across from us as we are starting to move!
 The "Train Robbers" the one with Lilly gave her money instead of taking it away! :)

Lilly is seeking security from Granny and the sheriff is still searching for the bandit.
Lilly got to scratch this horse's nose and here is her badge and money.
This was after the train robbery and Lilly decided she had fun and was not afraid.
from my seat I could see the front and the rear of the train.
Here's the cowboys driving the longhorns, they sure do have really long horns.
Lilly being silly for Granny and Brittany looking on.
A big Double Thumbs Up from Granny, Lilly and Me! LOL!!