Monday, June 10, 2013

My Stars!!

This was a lazy, lazy, lazy couch potato weekend for me.  Sure needed it too! LMAO!! I did help with some yard work (cleaning up limbs, etc after the storms) so that it could be mowed and edged. I even picked up all the cat toys in the back yard! (You couldn't tell it now though!) My neighbors got their front tilled, graveled and planted! Looks great doesn't it? Their side first, mine is the second photo.
Here's a photo of Mama with her kitties out back eating and playing in the second photo.
These last two were shot through the glass door, but you can see how they are growing and are so very cute and tumbling everywhere when they play in the nice shaded back yard!
We had some storms rumble through on Sunday morning dropping some much needed rain and dropping the humidity too! But, that will not last it is going to steadily climb this week into the triple digits. I have lots of shade for the cats and I usually leave my soaker hose running in the back yard so they have a cool place to lay down if it is too hot and humid.
I downloaded this freebie frame from Neli and decided to put my great nieces and great nephew in it as they are my stars! I do have a few more photos to make pages for, but, like I said before, I have been so very lazy....I did not even turn my computer on all weekend. I watched 4 movies and the Nascar Races and read a book, napped a little too! Now I feel nice and rested! LOL!
Well, will hush for now, try to get myself in gear, I have a few errands to do! Will chat with y'all more later! Hope you have a great memory making week ahead! Hugs to all! Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida amiga!
    Mat, suas crianças são lindas, você é uma tia que as ama muito!
    Todos ficaram ótimos nas estrelas.
    Querida amiga Mat, obrigada pela visita e pelas palavras carinhosas!
    Tenha uma semana maravilhosa, querida amiga!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. You were right to take an easy weekend. We do need them from time to time LOL!
    The kitties are adorable!
    Yesterday I had a little infection of house keeping ROFL.
    Did a lot of dusting and vacuum cleaning and then I cleaned a lot of the crystal I have standing and it sure is shining again. No idea yet what I will do today, depends a bit on the weather. May be I will continue re organizing my garden lever arch files. Over the years I had a lot of garden magazines, then one day I cut all the interesting articles out, and made those arch files. Now again I had a pile of magazines, so I have again lots of pages I cut out and now have to put in the right place. It's a bit of work, but it sure pays off! I think I have now 5 A4 lever arch files, filled completely. And it doesn;t matter how often you read all of it, every time again the photos in them are wonderful and always is giving you new ideas.
    Probably need to buy me 2 more A4 levers, we'll see.
    You have a great day, till next time.

  3. It was so nice to see the kitties. It's good to know that you see to their safety for when you are not at home. Leaving the soaker hose on and making sure they have shade. I wish more folks would be as concerned.

    It's good that you took time to give your body lots of rest too. This is so very important. You take care now, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Good afternoon, dear friend!
    Mat, your children are beautiful, you are an aunt who loves them dearly!
    All the stars were great.
    Dear friend Matt, thanks for the visit and the kind words!
    Have a wonderful week, dear friend!
    Hugs, Neli.