Monday, February 21, 2011

Love these fur babies~

We, meaning the "girls" and I spent a wonderfully relaxing day yesterday. Did nothing all day long but lounge on the couch, windows open, enjoying the Daytona 500 and the gorgeous weather. I snacked way too much engrossed in the races. New style, but was very intriguing. Afterwards, decided to use the PS on my sloooooooow laptop and create these photos of my fur babies. Thought these described each ones personality so well. MzKitty is the diva (only attentive on her terms), Oreo the constant companion (has to be near me or on me at all times) and Pumpkin just relaxed (she is always calm). We are having another great day weatherwise today, so think I will get out and enjoy it. I hope all of you will do the same and for those that are hindered with the snow, come on down to sunny Texas, thaw out and have some early springtime fun with us. Chat more next time, luv ya! Mat

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Morning Ladies!!

Wow, 82 degrees in February? Unbelievable, but that is what we had yesterday! Had all my windows open and even had to turn the ceiling fans on. 82 was the official temp at the airport, but my thermostat read 85. The "girls" just loved lying on the window sills in the sunshine. However, they did jockey for the sills a lot. I got MzKitty at the back door wanting out, but...not today young lady! Oreo bothered me while I was at the computer working and Pumpkin just finally went to the bed and took her nap. I met my boss for lunch yesterday at the Souper Salad and had a most enjoyable gab fest. I then got into a creative mood. Since I can't seem to get my Photoshop back on (guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy the latest upgrade) I downloaded a program from HP called ARC, but the templates and freebies are very limited. I decided to use one of them called SMILE. Since, I do that a lot and all my photos prove that, I created a 20 page scrapbook of just me and my many smiling faces....LOL! Sure was fun trying to narrow down the photos to use. There is a page of me as a toddler, first grade, 10th and 12th grades; one of my 3 loves and I, ones of my when young, skinny and with flat; also some of my many travels. All pages are just of me (except the one of my 3 loves). Talk about conceited...yep, that was me yesterday! Probably no one will ever see it (I printed it out in 8x10 format)...but I surely enjoyed working on it especially all the memories it invoked. I have my housework finished, my laundry is caught up, and the "girls" have all been fed and bathed (they are sleeping again now) and the day is supposed to be up in the 70's again, so think I will call Nina to see if she would like a walk in the park. It is supposed to be windy, but hey, isn't March on it's way? Got to run for now, chat more with all of you later, hope you have a marvelous weekend making many memories to treasure and share later. I created this page using several different designer kits. Some I changed the coloring on to match. Thanx to all who so selfishly share their work to make my life happy! I appreciate all of you! Luv, Mat

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow and Ice is gone!!

Hello Ladies! All the snow and ice is finally gone. Two weeks of it is totally ENOUGH for this chickadee!! Finally, got out of this house other than to the post office, bank or the empty shelves of WalMart! I guess the ice was so bad in the HIGH ramps of our multilayered highways, the truckers hauling supplies were unable to make their deliveries. But, thankfully, all is gone now and the weather is back to spring like now. Today, have had the doors open and all the shades up, the "girls" are loving lying around in the sunshine too! To be in the upper 60's lower 70's all week with no rain in sight. So, if you need to thaw out and see a little sunshine, come on down to Texas and leave all that white stuff and icy temperatures behind. Maybe could even coax Scarlett to come down and make some of her juleps for all of us.
I have been very busy sorting and rearranging to make all the things I need to run my office from home fit in the extra bedroom. I have a few more boxes to unload, but am really seeing daylight here now! Really am enjoying not having to go to the office and have that nightmare of closing it down behind me. Thank goodness for my best friend Nina, she made the nightmare so much more fun...she helped me all along the way! To celebrate, we took yesterday off! We headed up to Krum...picked up her daughter Tammy, then back into Denton where we met our friend Carolyn at the Olive Garden for lunch and some much needed "catch up". We sure did laugh a lot and really enjoyed ourselves with no one around rushing us. We ate lots of salad, soup and those yummy breadsticks! LOL!Frome left to right, Tammy, Nina, Carolyn and Me
We had one of the wait staff take this photo of us. Thought I would make a quick page using the Sisters kit from SBF. I still can't get SBF to work with Windows 7. Made this on my slooooow laptop. Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday and are making lots of memories to share. Off now to blog hop and see what has gone on this week, sure will be glad when things gets back to normal (?) around here! LMAO...whatever normal is!! Chat more with y'all later. Luv, Mat

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice and Snow and SuperBowl GO AWAY!!

I think those northern football teams coming to Texas for the SuperBowl wanted to bring their own weather with them! Well, they can just take it back! We don't want or need it!! No one knows how to drive on the roads, we don't have the equipment nor supplies necessary to keep all these roads clear. Do you know how many highways exist in this state???? and the number of high overpasses??? DOT is giving it a valiant try....but, cannot keep up with mother nature! We have not seen above 20 degrees since Tuesday morning early and the wind has been merciless on us with windchills down below zero. Nope, sunshines most of the time in Texas, but NOT superbowl week! Must be the double whammy of the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show (which always experiences rain and cold) and those yankee teams homesick for their weather. (just kidding folks, keep your shirts on)! I have only opened my door twice since Monday and both times was to take a photo of first the ice storm (that looked like snow because it was sleet) and this morning because of real snow. We got lucky in Ft. Worth with only 2 inches on top of the inch of ice...Dallas on the other hand has 6 inches and it is still snowing on top of the 2 inches of ice they got! But, thankfully, tomorrow it is supposed to get above freezing and hopefully by Sunday's big game some melting will have taken place and the airports will be back in full operation and those teams can take their weather back with them. GO PACKERS!! Luv, Mat