Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Morning Ladies!!

Wow, 82 degrees in February? Unbelievable, but that is what we had yesterday! Had all my windows open and even had to turn the ceiling fans on. 82 was the official temp at the airport, but my thermostat read 85. The "girls" just loved lying on the window sills in the sunshine. However, they did jockey for the sills a lot. I got MzKitty at the back door wanting out, but...not today young lady! Oreo bothered me while I was at the computer working and Pumpkin just finally went to the bed and took her nap. I met my boss for lunch yesterday at the Souper Salad and had a most enjoyable gab fest. I then got into a creative mood. Since I can't seem to get my Photoshop back on (guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy the latest upgrade) I downloaded a program from HP called ARC, but the templates and freebies are very limited. I decided to use one of them called SMILE. Since, I do that a lot and all my photos prove that, I created a 20 page scrapbook of just me and my many smiling faces....LOL! Sure was fun trying to narrow down the photos to use. There is a page of me as a toddler, first grade, 10th and 12th grades; one of my 3 loves and I, ones of my when young, skinny and with flat; also some of my many travels. All pages are just of me (except the one of my 3 loves). Talk about conceited...yep, that was me yesterday! Probably no one will ever see it (I printed it out in 8x10 format)...but I surely enjoyed working on it especially all the memories it invoked. I have my housework finished, my laundry is caught up, and the "girls" have all been fed and bathed (they are sleeping again now) and the day is supposed to be up in the 70's again, so think I will call Nina to see if she would like a walk in the park. It is supposed to be windy, but hey, isn't March on it's way? Got to run for now, chat more with all of you later, hope you have a marvelous weekend making many memories to treasure and share later. I created this page using several different designer kits. Some I changed the coloring on to match. Thanx to all who so selfishly share their work to make my life happy! I appreciate all of you! Luv, Mat

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