Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice and Snow and SuperBowl GO AWAY!!

I think those northern football teams coming to Texas for the SuperBowl wanted to bring their own weather with them! Well, they can just take it back! We don't want or need it!! No one knows how to drive on the roads, we don't have the equipment nor supplies necessary to keep all these roads clear. Do you know how many highways exist in this state???? and the number of high overpasses??? DOT is giving it a valiant try....but, cannot keep up with mother nature! We have not seen above 20 degrees since Tuesday morning early and the wind has been merciless on us with windchills down below zero. Nope, sunshines most of the time in Texas, but NOT superbowl week! Must be the double whammy of the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show (which always experiences rain and cold) and those yankee teams homesick for their weather. (just kidding folks, keep your shirts on)! I have only opened my door twice since Monday and both times was to take a photo of first the ice storm (that looked like snow because it was sleet) and this morning because of real snow. We got lucky in Ft. Worth with only 2 inches on top of the inch of ice...Dallas on the other hand has 6 inches and it is still snowing on top of the 2 inches of ice they got! But, thankfully, tomorrow it is supposed to get above freezing and hopefully by Sunday's big game some melting will have taken place and the airports will be back in full operation and those teams can take their weather back with them. GO PACKERS!! Luv, Mat

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